Bad Day

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A man wakes up and discovers the world in decaying around him and he is powerless to stop it. - A monlogue for a male

Submitted: May 01, 2008

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Submitted: May 01, 2008




Sits up on stage with a start
Where am I? Oh yes I'm at home in bed. Why are there clothes all over the ground? Why do the sheets smell unwashed and the pillow look like it's stained with sweat? Yesterday they were clean; or was it the day before?
Some people have bad days. Some people have terrible days. Some people think they have bad days, but they don't; not really, not compared to me. It's not like it was just one bad day either, more like a string of bad days. Well when I mean a string of bad days, It's more like a few weeks.
I didn't always have bad days. But lately it seems that life is harder somehow.
When I got up I found that someone had cut off the water to the house. All that was left was the water from the hot water system so having a shower burnt my skin. It would have been great for making a quick coffee though, that's if my milk wasn't off. I don't know why my milk is expired, I haven't touched it for weeks.
Everyday it's the same. The cereal gets less and less, never more and more. Why is everything reducing? I want to wake up in the morning and find clean clothes in the wardrobe, fresh fruit on the table and the dishes stacked neatly in the cupboard. Instead I find that with each new day my house becomes less. Less clean, less food, less new.

I had to go to work today, but found that my car had no petrol. I think last week it had petrol, but I've slowly noticed that the petrol guage has crept closer and closer to empty. Why? I had to find coins for the bus instead. Of course there was no change in the change jar and my wallet was empty. Life is so hard right now and I'm not sure why.
I remember a time when I had good days. Sometimes they would come in rows like cars off a production line. Good day, good day, good day. Occasionally the production line would churn out a really expensive car, a Porsche or a Ferrari. They were the great days. Now each day is an incomplete car; missing lights or tires or a steering wheel. Each new car is missing more and more. How do you sell a car that's missing an engine? How do you go to work without socks or a clean shirt ? It wasn't always like this.
Today I tried to call work, but the phone was cut off. It was cut off and I couldn't tell work that I had no way of coming in. I decided to post letter instead, but found there were no stamps in the drawer. It wasn't like I had never had stamps because there was a stamp book filled with empty places where stamps used to be. Why are there no stamps?
I tried to sit down in the living room and think of a new way to communicate with the office, but there was a strange smell in the room which made it hard to concentrate. The smell was odd, sort of sickly sweet. I wasn't sure what was making the smell, bit it filled me with panic. I got stressed which made my day worse. How can a smell make you panic, It's just a smell?
Why is it that when I try to stop and think at the moment, that my mind doesn't focus. I used to be very focused. I'm an accountant I'm accustomed to living a very focused life. I juggle numbers and dates, credit and debit. I know to save and how to spend. My wallet is empty. Did I put it in the bank? Perhaps i spent the money on a holiday? I like Fiji, perhaps I've booked a holiday to Fiji. That would explain why I have no money. If I spent money on a holiday I would have plane tickets and some kind of proof that I'm staying in a hotel. I don't see any tickets.
I wish my brain worked then I could focus. I wish I could sit down in the living room then I could gather my thoughts, but there;s a strange smell in there which I don;t like. Have I mentioned it before? I'm not sure, probably.
Where am I? Oh yes I'm at home, in bed. Why am I sleeping in my clothes and not in my pajamas? Where are my pajamas? I can't find find anything in this mess. Why doesn't someone clean up? I woke up this morning and someone was knocking at the door. They were knocking at the door and I don't know why. I should answer it, but for some reason I'm afraid. Why should I be afraid to answer the door? Perhaps it's work wondering why I don't come into the office. I should answer the door.
But then I would have to go through the lounge room. I don;t want to go through there because of the smell. It's getting worse and worse every day.
The knocking has gone now. It was probably my boss. He wants to know if I'm sick, or maybe he's going to tell me that I'm fired. I'm not sick, I just can't come into the office today because I don't have any petrol in my car, or any money to catch a bus. He probably thinks I'm not home. I should open the door and ask him for a lift to work.
I'll just go get my suit from the wardrobe. Where's my suit? I seem to remember that my suit always lived inside my wardrobe. Where is it? Why isn't anything where it should be? There are clothes on the ground, perhaps it's there. But if it's there then it would be dirty so I can't wear it. My boss has probably gone. He probably thinks I've already left. I'm too late I think to get a lift with him to work. Or maybe he's waiting for me. I need to get to the front door, maybe if I hold my breath then I can get through the living room.
If I answer the door in my dirty clothes though, he'll think I don;t want to go to work. What should I do?
Where am I Oh yes I'm in bed. The bed has some kind of insects in it. Bed Bugs I think they're called . My body is itchy and covered in a red rash because of the bugs. Someone should wash the sheets. Someone used to wash the sheets and they don't anymore. Why? The house is getting worse and worse, falling into disrepair. The electricity is now cut off and I have to feel my way around the rooms when it's dark. The smell in the lounge room is now so terrible that I can't go in there. What's making that smell? I don't know. I remember that life wasn't always like this. I used to have a normal life. I...
Someone is knocking at the door again. I wish they would go away! Don't they know that I can't answer because I can't go through the living room. I can hear them moving around the side of the house now. They're peeking through the windows, trying to find me. I feel panic again. Why am I scared of being found? I haven't talked to anyone for weeks, or was it months, or years? I can see shadowy figures moving behind the curtains and I'm afraid. I'm afraid that they might find something, but what? I wish my wife would answer the door, she's very good with strangers. My wife, my wife. The smell, the living room, for weeks, or was it months?
Where am I? Oh yes, I'm in hospital. Everything is white and neat in here. There are no clothes on the floor and the sheets feel crisp and new. I like it here. The doctors say I can go as soon as I recover. They say that the loss of a loved one is a very sad thing, especially when someone passes away in the prime of her life. I like it here. Everything smells fresh and clean. Nothing decreases, everything stays the same.
Some people have bad days, some people have terrible days. Some people think they have bad days, but they don't, not really. Not compared to me. But today is not a bad day. Today is a good day.

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