Justice League of America retold Chapter one

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A fan fiction story featuring characters from the DC Comics universe. all characters found within are copyrighted by dc comics. only the story is mine.

Submitted: August 01, 2019

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Submitted: August 01, 2019



  • The Rock of Eternity: A barren mountain sitting at the middle of space and time. Deep within its labyrinth of hallways lays secret chambers. Chambers used to imprison the most dangerous of magic users. The walls to the chambers are smooth as marble and the doors to each cell is invisible to any magic user. All the cells are empty save one. 


  • Sitting in the middle of his cell room floor is Felix Faust. A wizard almost as old as time itself. He sits completely motionless, legs crossed, arms folded in his lap. He stares straight a head his eyes completely black. Searching forever searching. Also long forgotten as he was imprisoned by the wizard Shazam who is now long deceased. 


  • Suddenly Felix Faust's eyes return to normal. Gets up slowly and walks calmly towards the door of his cell. Then in a fit starts pounding his fists on the door. 


Felix Faust: Let me out damn you! Its been two thousand years now let me out of here!......Now! Shazam open the damn doors and let me free!


  • Faust stops pounding on the door, waiting.....


Felix Faust: Shazam?


  • Faust returns to the center of the room and knees down onto the hard marble floor.


Felix Faust: Shazam made these cells magic proof. No matter how hard I work, all that I could get are a couple sparks.


  • Faust begins to bite one of his fingers off


Felix Faust: Only took me a couple thousand years...I think? But I finally figured out a spell that even that old wizards magic couldn't stop.


  • Faust takes his severed finger and using his own blood starts to draw various incantations and symbols onto the floor.


Felix Faust: Blood magics are the most powerful of them all. They also pay the heaviest of prices. With this spell I will be able to send my astral self right to Shazam and gain my freedom, but I only have until I run out of blood then the spell stops working. 


  • Faust stands in the center of the circle he drew on the floor and begins to chant in a language known only to a scant few. With each word spoken the symbols written in blood begin to glow. He begins to float into the air and with a sudden violent jerk his astral self leaves his body which crashes to the floor.


  • With the wave of his hand a portal opens up in front of him. Faust's astral self floats through and disappears. 


  • When Faust reappears he is standing in the living room of someones home. 


Felix Faust: Seems a rather strange setting for the wizard to be found in


  • Faust begins to float around the house searching until he hears the sounds of voices and takes follow. He ends up in the dinning room where Billy Batson is having dinner with his adopted family. None of whom notice Faust's astral self float into the room.


Felix Faust: Even stranger. I can sense magic here but why don't any of them see me?


  • Faust floats right up behind Billy and gives a couple sniffs. 


Felix Faust: This one. This one's magic smells old...it smells like...Shazam?


  • Faust hovers off to the side legs crossed and deep in thought. Billy Batson gives a small shudder as if a breeze of air just brushed the back of his neck. 


Felix Faust: Only magic users would be able to see me. So if the boy has Shazams magics why can't he?....Unless at this moment he's not using them. So many questions so many variables with very little time to deal with them all.


  • Faust floating high up in the sky leaving Fawcett City off in the distance.


Felix Faust: If the boy has the wizards power that means the wizard could be dead. So the odds of the new champion knowing about the Rocks deep dark secrets would be low indeed. Perhaps if I could lure him back, I could convince him to set me free. I mean he's a child after all, should be easy enough to persuade him.


  • Looking around the landscape Faust finds his means to an end. On a grassy null enjoying the days rays with a couple real hotties is Lobo. Bounty hunter, merc, assassin he's been them all and more. a few yards over run train tracks and a incoming train is in the distance heading in their direction.


Felix Faust: That individual seems to be a heroic type. In this state the most I can do is create mirages. But that should be enough to create some chaos and bring the champion calling.


  • With a gesture of his hands Faust creates the living image of a small child playing on the tracks of the oncoming train. On top of the null one of the girls sees the child. Lobo is leaning back against a tree a girl on either side of him.


Girl one: Babe, is that a kid on the tracks?

Girl two: Lobo there's a train coming, go do something!

Lobo: By Amauroses jizz would you two shut up and get back to focusing on the main man. Besides the squishier they are the bigger the pop.

Both girls at once: LOBO!!!!


  • Lobo gets up. With a whistle  his flying space bike shows up from outta no where. Getting on he flies after the child.


Lobo: This is what you get ya stupid bastich. You hang around the ladies long enough and they got ya going out and running errands.


  • Jumping from his bike (which continues flying on its own) he dives for the small child. The distant train not so distant anymore. Then out of no where the child vanishes and leaves a stunned Lobo standing by himself.


Lobo: What the frag?


  • The two girls on the null wench in horror as the train collides with Lobo.


  • The train comes to a blood screeching halt. Not sure what they hit the conductor and other crew jump down and head for the front of the train.? There they find Lobo his back against the front of the train holding on for dear life, a pile of dirt and track dug up by his feet. His one leg has been torn right off.

Conductor: Sir? Are you ok? 

Lobo: I'm the main man i'm always ok. You on the other hand tried to run me over with a train...not so much.


  • Inside one of the passenger cars a young reporter by the name of Jimmy Olsen is starting to get a bit uneasy. He opens the sliding window at his seat and sticks his head out to see what the scoop is. What he see's is Lobo tossing the train crew around like rag dolls and swearing incoherently while hoping on one leg. He's using his severed leg as a make shift bat swinging at who ever is within reach. Jimmy pulls his head back in and sits down. He looks down at his watch and pushes a small button on the side. He brings his wrist up to his mouth and talks into the watch quietly.


Jimmy Olsen: This is Jimmy Olsen calling Batman. Lobo is back and he's trying to destroy a passenger train. I'm on site you can follow my gps.


  • Wayne Manor just outside Gotham City. Deep underground in the Bat-cave, Bruce Wayne billionaire playboy by day and masked vigilante by night sits in front of the bat-computer staring up at a multitude of screens. His faithful guardian and butler Alfred Pennyworth is entering the cave carrying a try of sandwiches.


Alfred: Master Bruce a distress call came in form a certain Jimmy Olsen...

Bruce Wayne: I heard Alfred. Im currently sending out a call to anyone in the area who can assist. Alfred I need you...

Alfred: The Bat-jet is already prepped and ready for you sir. Will you be taking lunch with you?


  • Bruce pulls his cowl up over his face and walks past Alfred in a rush. Grabbing a sandwich as he passes by


Batman: No time Alfred.


  • sitting under a camouflaged hanger behind Wayne Manor sits the sleek black Bat-Jet. Sandwich hanging from his mouth Batman climbs up into the cockpit of the jet and begins to turn it on.


Batman: Doesn't make much sense why Lobo would be back on Earth let alone attack a passenger train for no reason. Jimmy's not one to exaggerate a situation any, but the facts are just not lining up.



  • Star City: Down inside the Arrow Bunker Sara Lance also known as the Black Canary is in the middle of a training session. Ray Palmer also known as The Atom is sitting in an office chair by the computer terminal spinning in circles chattering on non stop about various science topics. With each sentence coming from Rays mouth Sara hits the heavy bag just a little bit harder. Hard enough that the sand is starting to leak from the seams. 


  • Felicity Smoak walks out of the elevator tablet in hand. 


Felicity Smoak: Guys what are you doing? Didn't you get the news report of a meta human attacking a train outside Fawcett City? 


Ray Palmer: Yeah it came over the wire but despite my numerous attempts to convince her we should go...

Sara Lance: A meta human strong enough to stop a speeding train is a little bit out of our league here guys. Doubt a canary cry would do much to stop him.

Felicity Smoak: And did you get the super duper encrypted and coded voice msg from a certain dark knight asking for anyone in the area to lend a hand? 


  • Ray instantly stops spinning in the chair


Ray Palmer: Did you say Batman? 



  • Fawcett City: Supper over, each of the Vesquez family members have gone their separate ways doing their own thing. Billy Batson's own thing was retreating into the basement to play on his hand radio set. It was there that he intercepted Jimmy Olsen's call for help. 


Billy Batson: Holy Moly!


  • The Train Wreckage just outside Fawcett City: After sneaking out of his house and calling the name Shazam, Billy Batson mere mortal was transformed into the super hero called Captain Marvel. Now he's hovering over the wreckage that was the front half of the train. Train crew and the passengers are staring at him in pure awe. Captain Marvel scans the area for clues not with super vision but  more of a magical sense. Lobo is no where to be found.


Capt Marvel: No sign of Lobo but lots of damage, also there was magic here. Lobo is many things but magical is not one of them.


  • On the grassy null hiding behind the tree as best as a floating astral projection can, was Felix Faust. Lobo's two bimbos are no longer around.


Felix Faust: There he is Shazams champion. Now that he is powered up he can sense my magics just as I can sense his. Gotta get his attention focused less on me but more to the Rock of Eternity.


  • With a motion of his hand Faust creates another living image. This time of the wizard Shazam. He moves the image just within Capt Marvels line of sight, then as soon as the Capt saw the image he made it disappear. 


Capt Marvel (thinking to himself): Shazam? How can that?......I was right about the magic and if the wizard is somehow back I need to see him. 


  • The sky suddenly darkened and a gust of wind comes up. Thunder begins to roar and lightning strikes as the passengers and crew make hast back into the train just as the rain blasts down. All that is except for Jimmy Olsen who still out in front of the train getting trenched in the downpour taking pictures of Capt Marvel hovering in the air only higher now. Finally seven strikes of lightning hit Marvel simultaneously and he was gone.


Felix Faust: Excellent he took the bait. The mind of a child so easily confused. Now to return myself before he arrives.


  • Faust's astral self fades away into nothing as he returns to the Rock of Eternity. Arriving back in his cell his astral form reenters his physical body which is laying in a large pool of blood. With a gasp Faust wakes up and instantly started an incantation that caused all the blood to flow back into his body and heal his injured hand.


Felix Faust: Not sure how soon he will get here, that last spell has exhausted my energies. Need to recharge or he will never find me.


  • A few miles out from the train incident The Atom and Black Canary are flying in on Atoms newest jet,


Atom: You haven't said anything about my new baby.

Black Canary: I don't know, you seen one jet you seen them all.

Atom: Oh but she is so much more than a jet. I call her Atom Smasher.....you know because the air is made up of atoms and she smashes through them.

Black Canary: I get it Ray.


  • Swooping in from out of nowhere the Bat-Jet pulls up beside keeping speed perfectly. Batman's gruff voice crackles over the speakers.


Batman: Atom, Canary. Thank you for answering the call

Atom (looking at Black Canary and just mouthing the words): Holy shit that's Batman

Batman: I could still hear that Atom. Now if you are done messing around. My sensors tell me Lobo headed south on foot. You two follow him but don't engage. I'm going down to investigate the scene.


  • The Bat-Jet veers off heading towards the wrecked train as Atom slowly changes course to follow Lobo.


Atom: I know he's got the whole mysterious scary thing going on, but who but him in charge? 

Batman: Because I'm Batman.

Black Canary: Ray you left the line open again!


  • The Train wreck: Batman using the lift thrusters gently sets the Bat-Jet onto the ground a few yards from the train. Even though the freak thunderstorm has come and gone the passengers of the train remain inside looking out their windows as Batman approaches. Jimmy Olsen runs out to greet him and walks with him towards the train conductor. 


Jimmy Olsen: This is the conductor of the train, he says just before Lobo attacked he swore he saw a child on the track.


  • Batman puts his hand to the side of his mask clicking on a micro headset built into his cowl. 


Batman: Alfred use the jets infrared scanners and see if you can pick up a heat signature no matter how faint. Looking for a small child that may or may not of been on the track at the time Lobo attacked.

Alfred (over the headset): The scans are negative sir.


  • Batman pulls a small device out of his utility belt and begins to the scan around the front of the train. 


Batman: Only signs of blood or trauma are alien in nature.

Jimmy Olsen: So just Lobo was here then and no kid? 

Batman: Exactly. Now the big question is why would Lobo attack the train? 


  • Closing in fast on Lobo, Atom and Black Canary get ready for a confrontation. 


Atom: Ok I'm picking up something on the sensors. Life form for sure so must be Lobo. I'm going to set her down behind that grove of trees and see if we can approach him without getting noticed.


  • Now landed the two make their way to the back of the plane. Canary hits the switch to lower the cargo bay doors as Atom pulls a canvas off a motorcycle. The cycle is sleek and black with yellow trim and a canary symbol on the gas tank.


Atom: I was going to save this as a birthday surprise but then I realized I don't know when it is so guess now is as good of a time as any. 

Black Canary: (moving her hand along the bike taking in every detail) I love it Ray but you really shouldn't have.

Atom: Least I could do after all the times you saved my fat from the fryer. Now let me explain all the perks I installed into it. Will only take a couple minutes. First off it makes no sound at all so great for sneaking up on the bad guys. Now this button on the handlebar that....


  • Black Canary jumps onto the bike and starts it up. Popping a wheelie she exits the cargo hold.


Black Canary: No time Ray now get it in gear.


  • Atom shrinks down to the size of a marble and flies after Canary. A short while later Black Canary pulls the bike up behind some rocks as she spots Lobo in the distance. Atom lands gracefully on her shoulder. With his leg now fully grown back Lobo is marching through the tall grass of a field looking for his flying bike. The two bimbos are following him and complaining the whole time.


Black Canary: Where in blazes is he going?

Atom: Who are the ladies with him? Prisoners? 

Black Canary: You see if you can get them away from him. I'll follow up from the east and see if I can take him by surprise.

Atom: But didn't Batman say not to engage. I really think listening to Batman is always the better choice.

Black Canary: I take orders enough from Ollie. Now move in and lets handle this. 


  • Black Canary watches from cover as Atom flies towards Lobo and the girls. Still miniature Atom stops and hovers in front of the face of one of the girls.


Atom: Excuse me ladies but I really think this is not the place for you at this moment in time.


  • Atom is yanked out of the air as Lobo grabs him with two fingers.


Lobo: And what exactly do we have here? A tiny flying man trying to pick up the main mans main squeeze.

Atom: Pick up your...oh wait no...you got this all wrong I was just trying to warn them

Lobo: of what? 

Canary: Me


  • Leaping the bike into the air Black Canary lets out one of her canary cries and sends Lobo flying backwards across the field at least 20 yards. Landing hard the impact kicks up grass and dirt creating a small cloud of debris. Looking to his right Lobo see his beloved space-hog laying a few feet away.


Lobo: Now that bitch has quite the mouth on her. Oh looky there where have you been ya stinking Maraxian rat.


  • Gabbing a large hook and chain from his ride Lobo heads back in the direction of the heroes. He starts to swing the chain in the air as Black Canary approaches on her bike. Just as Lobo is about to throw his hook and chain he feels a small sting on the back of his neck. Pulling out a small dart he turns to see Batman dropping down out of the sky having ejected from his Bat-Jet hovering overhead.


Lobo: Hey it's Batstich! Come for a second try at the main man? Same result as last time, me on top and you sucking...


  • Atom still miniature flies in hitting Lobo square on the jaw with a bast from his wrist rockets sending him stumbling backwards in surprise.


Atom: Now now there is no need for that type of language. 


  • All three heroes circle around Lobo. Lobo has his chain in hand and starts to spin it in the air. But he is getting noticeably week in the legs. 


Batman: Just a little something I cooked up after our last encounter. There is enough sedative in that dart to put a whale to sleep. Don't fight it Lobo it will be over soon enough.

Lobo: Apparently you don't know me very well. They don't call me the main man for nothing. Ask the girls, nothing slows me down.



  • The Rock of Eternity. Captain Marvel walks down the long entrance way towards the wizards throne. Torches line both sides sending shadows onto seven giant statues standing on the one side of the walkway. The flickering torches cause the statues to come to life as the shadows dance about. But Marvel knows the 7 deadly sins are trapped safely forever inside them and the rest is just an optical illusion. Arriving at the throne Marvel calls out.


Captain Marvel: Wizard! Wizard are you there


  • From the corner of his eye he see's the Wizard Shazam again walking away and down a dark hallway. Captain Marvel chases after him and soon finds himself in an area of the Rock that he's never seen before. He hears a faint voice from behind one of the walls.


Felix Faust (in a quite desperate voice): Is someone there? Please if you are there can you help me?

Captain Marvel: Who speaks? 

Felix Faust: Just a humble magician. The wizard Shazam hid me here to protect me. But I fear he has long forgotten i'm here.

Captain Marvel (still looking for a way in): And why exactly did the Wizard put you in here. I can't even find the door.

Felix Faust: He was protecting me from some very powerful and evil wizards. A spell was placed to hide me from them if they so happen to make it into the Rock. No magic wielder can find the door and unlock it only a mere mortal can. Please I have been locked in here for so long, can't you help me? 

Captain Marvel (thinking to himself): His story sounds plausible enough, gotta take the chance. (speaking loudly) Shazam!


  • Lightning strikes from out of nowhere hitting Captain Marvel square in the chest. When the smoke clears Billy Batson is standing where Marvel once was. Now without magics Billy can easily see the lock to the door and turns it. The marble slab slides open with a rumble. Before Billy can even look inside the room Felix Faust is leaping through and grabs Billy by the throat. 


Felix Faust: Where is he? Where is that accursed wizard? Why do you have his powers? 

Billy Batson (speaking faintly as Faust is chocking him): Dead. He died years ago.

Felix Faust: Then today you will follow him into the abyss


  • Faust still weak from the blood magic, Billy squirms his way free. Just as he is about to speak out the magic word once more Faust does a simple gesture of his hand and Billy's mouth is sealed shut.


Felix Faust: I have been watching you champion you won't be summoning any magics to save you. Revenge will be mine and soon the world itself.


  • Billy reaches behind him and unclips a small voice recorder from his belt. Hitting the play button Billy's voice can be heard yelling out Shazam! With a strike of lighting that sends Faust scrambling for safety Billy Batson once again becomes every ones favorite immortal Captain Marvel.


Captain Marvel: You really think you are the first super villain to attempt to silence me. Unlike some I learn from my mistakes.


  • At lightning speed Captain Marvel grabs Faust by the neck


Captain Marvel: Rock of Eternity release us!


  • Captain Marvel still holding onto Faust materializes high above Fawcett city. Faust's eyes turn solid black


Felix Faust: Thank you for releasing me from the Rock of Eternity champion. I can already feel my full powers returning to me.


  • With a quick incantation and a wave of his hands. Felix Faust sends a blast of energy hitting Captain Marvel square in the chest sending him flying across the sky with a deafening crack. Down on the ground the three heroes and lobo stop their fighting just long enough at the sound looking upwards, they see Marvel as he struggles to regain his balance.


  • Lobo is distracted for only a fraction of a second. More than enough time for Batman, Black Canary and Atom to lay it in heavy. Canary fires off her loudest canary cry but Lobo plants his feet hard and pushes against the blast. Atom is zipping around Lobo's head at top speed laying in his wrist rockets while Batman tosses a batarang and cable tripping Lobo up causing him to finally get knocked down by Canary's cry.


  • Captain Marvel now refocused flies back towards Faust who is on the ground motioning at the train. With another flick of his wrist all the train cars rise up into the air and fly top speed towards Marvel.


Batman: Atom help the Captain handle those rail cars, protect the passengers!

Atom: On it!


  • Hitting a button on his belt Atom begins to grow and grow until he is 30 feet tall. With a bit of effort and luck he manages to catch the two passenger cars filled with people. Captain Marvel punches the empty rail cars out of the way and continues his flight path towards Faust.


  • On the ground Lobo has broken free from Batman's grappling line. Grabbing the one end he yanks the line hard sending Batman who was holding the other end careening towards him. But before he can throw a punch at the flying bat, Lobo gets hit hard in the face with a giant boot sending him flying miles into the distant.


Atom: Oops a little too hard

Batman: Non the less thanks for the assist


  • Atom shrinks down to his normal human size and whispers to Black Canary.


Atom: Did you hear he said thank you to me. I saved Batman.

Batman: I can still hear you and you didn't save me you gave an assist.

Black Canary: I think he likes you. 


Felix Faust: So your magics are limited to physical feats. This will be easier than I could ever....hope....for....


  • Faust collapses to the ground. Captain Marvel floats down to where Faust is laying unconscious. Batman, Canary and Atom join him. In his hand Batman holds a small dart gun.


Batman: May not of been strong enough to take down Lobo but seems to have done the trick with this one. You have any clue who he is?

Captain Marvel: No idea. He was locked up in the Rock of Eternity. He tricked me into releasing him.

Black Canary: Rock of Eternity? 

Captain Marvel: Its the source of my power. It sits between both space and time.

Atom: Cool. 


  • Atom walks over to the sleeping Felix Faust and gives him a nudge with his foot just to make sure.


Atom: So now what do we do with him, Also Lobo is still out there somewhere

Black Canary: No thanks you.

Atom: Hey I'm on a learning curve here with the growth molecules. 

Captain Marvel: I'll take him to someone I know with more experience in the ancient magics. He will know what to do with him.


  • Captain Marvel picks up Faust with one hand and streaks into the air flying faster than the eye can track.


Atom: Well that went well.

Batman: As well as could be expected considering non of us have worked together before. 

Atom: Hey! lets be a team then. I mean we actually did really well together.

Black Canary: Ray we are already on a team remember.

Atom: But..but its Batman

Batman: Appreciate the thought Atom but I'm not really a team player. If you need me just call and if I can I will be there.

Black Canary: Same goes for us.


  • Batman grabs a line that was dropped down from the hovering Bat-Jet and is pulled up to the craft. Black Canary jumps back on her new bike and takes off back to Atoms jet. Atom is left standing alone in the middle of the field.


Atom: But what about Lobo? And who's going to help clean up this mess?


  • Several miles away deep in the forest Lobo regains consciousness. A large branch is sticking out of his chest and he is stuck high up in a tree. With a powerful chop he breaks off the front part of the branch, and with his legs he pushes himself free. No longer stuck Lobo falls 20 feet to the ground landing with a thick thud face first.


Lobo: Note to self, next time a brat is on the tracks let them go pop. Speaking of making things pop I wonder where the girls ended up.




End of Chapter one































































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