Truth, Love, and Cocaine

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: True Confessions  |  House: Booksie Classic
This is the story of a boy struggling with honesty, love, conviction, identity, and his own personal demons when confronted with the his love's ever growing drug use. This story is a work-in-progress.

Submitted: October 12, 2011

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Submitted: October 12, 2011




He awoke with a start. He didn't know why though the likely reason was an upsetting but instantly forgotten dream. He had had a lot of those lately. A glance to the side revealed the time to be 5 am. Great, he thought to himself. A nagging bladder made him get up and shuffle to the bathroom.

After relieving himself, he took a long though groggy look at himself in the mirror as he lazily washed his hands. His long dark hair was a tangled mess mostly off to the side he had been sleeping on. The hair wasn't so much a style choice as much as he was too lazy to get it cut. That was a fairly common theme is his life. Below that tangled hair sat two deep green eyes with flecks of amber near the irides, naturally with what time it was and his semi-conscious state they were also blood-shot. Normally he considered them his best feature but they seemed strange and foreign to him right now. He touched his face covered with long stubble. He liked the rugged look and it thought it went well with his general style, or lack there of. In fact, at 20 years old he was confident that this was the best he had looked in his entire life and was proud of his appearance for the first time.

A yawn tore him away from his self examination, and he shuffled out of the bathroom, back into bed, and curled up under his comforter ready for more sleep though a hint of dread over another bad dream sat at the back of his mind.


The electronic sound startled him, and for a flash upset him for interrupting his second attempt at sleep before he remembered who the only person who ever messaged him as this hour was. And that thought elated him. The only person it could be was Brittany, the girl he was madly in love with and had been dating for the last seven months. Then, through the haze of sleepiness he remembered that he had hardly heard anything from her after she stood him up two days ago, and a bitterness crept into his heart. But he loved her and the bitterness faded quickly, replaced with relief that she had contacted him.

Are you awake?” read the waiting message.

Yes, actually. What's up?” he shot back, trying not to seem as eager as he really felt.

Really?? Why?” seemed an odd response to him, but he answered truthfully.

Had to go to the bathroom, lol. And turned off all the lights my roommates left on.” he sent off the message. Waited a beat and then shot off a second, “What are youdoing up so early?

Never went to sleep. The worst thing in the world just happened.” That obviously wasn't good, but Brittany was only 17 and still in high school so things that seemed trivial to him now still felt earth shattering to her.

Oh yeah? What happened, babe?” He replied neutrally. A response didn't come quickly. He sat waiting for a few minutes hovering on the edge of sleep.

V went to jail tonight.” Oh. That shook him out of his sleepy haze in an instant.

The actual fact that this “V” had gone to jail was not at all surprising. “V” was Victoria, Brittany's best friend and also a small time drug dealer. He didn't like V and, in reality, was overjoyed that she had been caught. V was the reason he had been stood up to days ago and no doubt the reason he had heard nothing from Brittany since then was because she was with V partying and getting high. Probably the entire time. Add to that the fact that any time he tried to take Brittany out he either had to wait for V to bring Brittany to him (inevitably delayed and late because of the aforementioned drug use), or brushed off altogether. No, he was glad that V had finally gotten what was coming to her. But he couldn't let Brittany know that.

What for?” the message was as neutral as he could make it.

Everything she had on her” came the response. Again unsurprising and actually excited him. The person who was, in his mind, ruining the one he loved had finally been caught in the act. But again, he suppressed his happiness. Barely.

Ah, damn” he said halfheartedly. Then came the next logical question, “Were you with her or are you just hearing about this?” He had a problem with questions. He needed to know everything all the time. It annoyed everyone he knew, but he always felt he needed to fully understand a situation before acting.

I was with her. This is the worst, Tom. She's going to jail for a long, long time”. Oh shit, he thought. A few months earlier she had been busted at school with marijuana and was in the middle of an intervention program. If she were to get caught with V like this she'd no doubt go down with her. But she was here texting him, so she got out of it somehow. As for the second part of the message his only thought was “No shit. And she deserves it.” But he pressed on with questions, now concerned only about Brittany.

And they let you go? You're lucky” He waited ten minutes for a reply. He grew increasingly worried that maybe she hadn't gotten away. He sent a second, almost desperate message “Are you at least home or somewhere relatively safe?” the reply came a few seconds later.

“I ran. She was out fixing her car because someone bashed in her hood and a cop came by and asked them what was up. Then push come to shove, and V goes to jail for: possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, possession of paraphernalia (including a scale), possession of ecstasy, possession of cocaine and who the fuck knows what else.” His heart exploded when he read “cocaine”. Up until now he had only know that V had peddled weed and pills. Cocaine was a completely different ball game. His chest tightened and he felt bile rising in his throat.

Despite his hippy-ish appearance, he despised drug use. The worst he'd ever gotten into was smoking marijuana. And that was just one time with one of his brothers. For him, it wasn't all it was made out to be and had never bothered with it again, though he wasn't terribly upset that almost everyone else he knew smoked regularly. But cocaine? The thought that Brittany might have done cocaine? It shook him to his core. But no, it was impossible. He had had a conversation with Brittany about how his feelings over anything harder than marijuana and she had said she wasn't interested in doing anything like that. Her frequent use of marijuana and pills aside, Brittany was a good girl. A smart girl. She'd never do that. V must have just been selling it, equally awful but didn't involve Brittany. They didn't actually partake. With the panic washed away by these last thoughts, he replied once more.

You are incredibly lucky. With what you already have on your record, you probably would have gone down with her. I'm glad you're okay at least. Need me to come get you?

I think. If that's okay.

Of course, love.



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