The music within me

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This is a story i wrote for Booksie's got talent. it's something new and unexpected I tried for the first time. I hope you enjoy :D

Submitted: June 30, 2014

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Submitted: June 30, 2014



She sits all alone, staring at that piano. Her notebook has been empty for far too long. No lyrics, no sound to accompany her anymore.

“Has my time finally come?” Isabella asked herself.

So far she’s been the voice of generations, writing the most beautiful tunes for the entire world to hear. Her years and years of studying have been paying off, until now.

Isabella’s mind has become now an empty shell, a shadow of its former self. She can’t hear the symphonic melodies of her youth, now that all has dried up.

“No, it cannot be! I am far too young to reach my peek” she screamed and fought with her own mind.

The pain it’s causing her, the empty void where once orchestral symphonies were, has been only getting worse and worse as each day passes. Toned down, forever.

She put on her headphones and played the only sounds that could get her out of this treachery she had fallen into.  Symphonic sounds of classical Bach and Mozart weren’t doing their job. The electrifying beats of drums, basses and synthesizer fell on def ears.

Isabella tried to turn to the harsh sounds of electric guitars for any measly inspiration, but nothing comes to mind.

Pop, rock, blues, metal, jazz, classic all genres she had tried only seemed to worsen the state of depression she had fallen into. They all sounded like static, ripping her mind, bringing her closer and closer to the pit of despair.

“Why can’t I hear the soft sound of violins? Why have fallen def to the drums? Where are the beats, where are the note, where is the sound? How could it all have disappeared in just one day?” Isabella cried.

Without music in her life, Isabella had nothing.  

Without inspiration Isabella knew there was only one thing that she could do. She grabbed her coat and went out for a walk. Only one place would give Isabella that serenity that she deserves; the park.

On a sunny and beautiful day like this, Isabella knew it would be perfect. As she walked through the busy streets of New York, Isabella finally came to it; the grand Central Park.

Isabella loved this place for its individuality. It stood out from the cold concrete buildings surrounding. Her piece of heaven amongst the steel prison she called her home.

The gentle chirping of blue jays and sparrows seemed to have put her mind at ease, as the golden rays of sunshine filled her heart with such harmony.

Even as a child she loved this place so much that the first song she ever wrote was called “The Park in my heart”. She couldn’t help but feel so beautiful here.

As she walked, exploring the wondrous beauties she had forgotten for too long, Isabella came to one place.

Even though the park itself was very beautiful, this place was like heaven to Isabella. It was here, on the coast of the Harlem Meer Lake, bonded with her father and came to mourn his death. It was here that she first fell in love and got her first heartbreak. Everything good started for Isabella here and everything ended here.

So she sat down by the sparkling water once more and watched the graceful swan lazily swim across it with her young.

“I don’t know what to do anymore” she cried to the water itself “I wish I knew why is this happening? Why now have I lost my inspiration?” Isabella continued to tell the water her misfortune, suddenly breaking into a silent sob. Isabella was certain that nobody was around, so she continued to cry.

However, Isabella was not alone. As she cried softly, Isabella suddenly felt somebody sitting next to her.

“Now tell me, why is such a beautiful girl like yourself, crying?” a mysterious man asked her with a wide grin on his face.

Isabella quickly checked him out. The man looked like he was in his sixties, and older gent with a wide moustache, crooked yellow teeth and a wrinkled old face. At first she was a bit shocked by this stranger so she just shot him a weird look.

“Umm, sir, I don’t mean to be rude, but who are you?” she asked him, a bit frightened by what the man might respond.

The man just looked at her with his kind, gray eyes and laughed. Isabella was a bit scared at this point.

The man noticed her fear and said “Oh don’t be scared. I was just trying to help you”.

“With what?” Isabella asked, wiping away her tears.

“Well I saw you crying in my fishing spot, so I wanted to see what’s wrong? I hope I didn’t frighten you” the man said and put a worm on his hook.  Isabella still wasn’t convinced, but the old man seemed harmless enough. 

The old man then proceeded to toss the fishing hook into the water.

“So, what’s your name my dear?” the old man asked.

“It’s Isabella. And who might you be?” she asked.

“Oh, I am just a friend, my dear, a lonely soul walking by this life, trying to find his purpose. But you can call me Hans” the man said and laughed heartily.

Even though this man did seem a bit weird to Isabella, she still couldn’t help but find him delightful. He seemed genuinely nice.

“Well, Isabella, you still haven’t answered my question” Hans said.

“Well, Mr. Hans” Isabella said trying not to be rude, which made Hans chuckle “it’s quite hard to tell you. I don’t know if you could understand what I am going through”.

“My darling, Ms. Isabella” Hans replied with same courtesy “I have survived through orphanage, a war and fifty years with my old lady. So you can test me with your issues” he said.

“Wow” Isabella said “You’ve been through quite a lot. Still I don’t know how you can help me. You see for years now I have been successful at what I do”.

“Playing music, am I right?” the old man said with a smile.

“Hey, how did you know?” Isabella asked, surprised that he knew about her music experiences.

“My darling, just because I am old that doesn’t mean I don’t know what the youngsters are listening today” the old man said and gave one of his signature hearty laughs once more.

“I guess so… Well my problem is the following” Isabella spoke freely. All of her fears and suspicions of this man have been lifted by now.

“You see my record label wants me to put out a new song in just a couple days. And what’s worse they have a very picky sense. They want it to be something that will trend quickly and be very catchy to the ear. I had written so many songs for these people, but I can’t write this one. I listened to all the suggested artists they gave me. I tried to force it out of me, but nothing. I think I have lost my talent” Isabella said, falling into depression.

The man suddenly turned serious, and started to caress his moustaches. Isabella looked at the man and almost chuckled. To her he looked ike an ancient thinker.

“That is quite the predicament you got yourself into”, Hans started to speak in a serious tone, “But answer me this question; what does your heart tell you?”

“My heart?” Isabella looked at him in confusion.

“Yes, your heart; your inner thoughts and emotions. What do they tell you?” the man said.

“I don’t know” Isabella replied, still confused.

“That’s the problem right there! You forgot to listen to your heart” Hans said “Let me show you something. You see this lake is a perfect representation of our world. Inside it lives dozens of species of fish. Now they all have one goal in my mind; food.

Now, they get by alright with what they got, but every once in a while a worm comes by. Now when a fish sees that worm they don’t see anything bad with it. They think it’s just a great food resource for them. So they eat it, without ever noticing the hook that is attached with the worm, until it is far too late. Do you understand now?” he asked.

“I think I do. You are saying that the worm is my label. They promised me fame, fortune and enabled me to do what I like, with only one condition” she said.

“Your integrity” Hans finished her sentence “They made you perform and write those ‘easy on the ear’ melodies, which ultimately led to your position now” Hans exclaimed.

“But what do I do now? I don’t want to stop making music” she said.

“And you won’t. You just have to listen to yourself” Hans said.

“But how?” Isabella asked, still unsure of herself.

“Well try it like this” Hans said “Close your eyes and imagine a place and time where you truly felt happy”. Isabella closed her eyes and pictured her first fishing trip with her father on the lake. That was the first time that she truly felt her father loved her and they really bonded over that trip.

The memories suddenly turned into melodies of serenity and happiness. She didn’t even notice, but suddenly Isabella started humming a tune.

“Looks like you found your inspiration” Hans said and laughed again. Just then his fishing rod started to twitch. As Hans reeled in, he pulled out a big bowfin fish.

“It’s the law. Everything you catch here you must release” Hans said and returned the fish back to the lake. With that Hans got up and was ready to leave.

“You are leaving already?” Isabella said, a bit disappointed.

“I don’t want to keep the miss’s waiting” Hans said jokingly “Just remember what I told you; don’t get hooked by the fame and fortune. Follow your own path and if you get rich, well, there’s nothing wrong with that”.

Since that day Isabella wrote a new album named “The Harlem Meer woman”.

In it were songs like “The trip” which was a story of the fishing trip that helped Isabella bond with her father, “The ashes float”, a sad poem about her father’s untimely demise and how his ashes will forever remain in that lake, “The false moonlight”, which was a story about her first love and “Heartbreak by the lakeside” the end of that first romance.

But, there was one song that everybody claimed to be one of her best. The song was titled “The old man and the Meer”. It depicted a tale of a mysterious and wise old man, that comes to aid a woman in her time of need. He song was entirely told from his perspective and it went like this

As I walk past by the lakeside
Strolling down my old fishing lane
I see a girl that cries
her tears have overflowed the lake.

While I sit by her side
I can see the look in her eyes
She’s been silencing her heart
from the very bitter start


So I say with
a smile on my face
Darling you don’t have to fear no more
just let your emotions go”

The song wasn’t good just because of its lyrics, but people could feel the raw emotion that was behind the song. While the label didn’t like this first album of the new and reformed Isabella, she loved it.

As time went by Isabella made her own music and even managed to free herself from the chains that bounded her. Finally she was able to write and perform what she wanted.

Was it the best? Nobody knows, but Isabella knew that the music, now, was her own reflection and her own identity. And nobody could take that away from her.



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