Fate ?

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Would you consider this fate?

Is the "Present" the gift you wanted from your Past?

Submitted: September 05, 2013

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Submitted: September 05, 2013



Do people deny the fact that whatever happened now was because of what you did before?, whether it was years, months, weeks, days, or just few hours ago? But, I’m telling you “what you do now will affect what will happen later.”

Its been almost 20 years now, and I have not once regret marrying this beautiful woman whom I fell in love with and is still in love with. This was the most touching and happiest moment of my life. 

20 years ago, on this exact date April 7th, my depressing, hard-working and lonely life was taking its stroll down a mysterious yet appalling street. The flower blooming in spring, the wind to my face, the sounds of bees humming over flowers. Everything seem so peaceful. As I turned the corner, I found a soccer ball lying there by the sidewalk, this itself looks like it was put there as a representative of me in this fast-paced life filled with nothing but loneliness. I continued walking, kicking the ball around as I take my stroll, until I heard a sob, I turned around realizing a young crying child looking at me with his wide, teary blue-eyes. I stared at him, as he began to walk towards me. He slightly grabbed one part of my Blue striped Tee and asked for his ball back. I looked down to the floor, seeing something that does not belong to me, yet is with me. As I bent to pick the soccer ball up, I heard a voice, a beautiful and melodious voice that just flowed thru the air. The young child turned around and shouted back with his soft child-like voice. I passed the ball to him, and at the corner of my eye I realized a slim figure, with bedazzling long hair. I looked over just to see a beautiful young lady whose eyes were glimmering under the afternoon sun’s rays. I had forgotten about the child that was in front of me as I slowly walked toward that girl.  Her eyes blue as the ocean in middle of summer stared right at me, I asked for her name, and she replied with her shy yet confident voice, with a slight pinch of softness. “Sorry, do I know you?”.. .. My mind was empty, bedazzled by an angel, I replied with my Chinese-American accent “Uhm, no, sorry to bother you” As I turned to walk away I felt a slight pull on my Tee again, “Thank you Mister for my soccer ball” I turned back and looked down to this cute 7 year old child and smiled slightly, which would have been mistaken for a smirk. I shift my gaze to the girl behind the kid, and gave her a slight smile also. She replied me with a smile and “Blithe, my name is Blithe nice to meet you”. A name which meant a carefree spirit, free spirited. I replied “nice to meet you, I’m Jacob ( A coincidental name which meant.. – Blithe)”.

Is this considered fate?.

I looked back at this past and realized how a normal, peaceful stroll on the sidewalk, a muddy second hand soccer ball, would have lead me to a wonderful married life to this beautiful woman whom I loved, am still in love and will love forever.

I’d only thank the Past for this present, which is the future. What happened in the past is this mysterious gift you have today, which when you open it, will be the future…. Hmm, who doesn’t like presents, especially when its one you can never buy.

The Past gave me a present, and inside that gift is the future.


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Fate ?

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