The Elements of Truth, by Jonathan Lysdahl, chpt 6

Book by: Jonathan Lysdahl


This is my forth book which i havent been able to publish yet, but its new and ready and i hope you like it...

Chapter1 (v.1) - The Elements of Truth, by Jonathan Lysdahl, chpt 6

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This is my forth book which i havent been able to publish yet, but its new and ready and i hope you like it...

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 17, 2013

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 17, 2013



The Main Ingredient…. Love…






The Reason to Try

Jesus was different than the religious of other times, He had it all understood instead of the gaining of the parts and making of the light… enlightenment is either begun or complete… I think that He wanted everyone to hear about the graces of blessings that would always give hope, I find sometimes that my hope is built but when it really comes to my need, I cry out for Jesus to help me, even though I cant hear him, I still believe he is the savior… But His teaching of what happens to life after death, is built around Resurrection… To Be Resurrected, your life comes to living again after you have died, sometimes in the hospital people come back after a few minutes, in the future while technology comes for reason to help, it will grow to a greater amount of time, maybe even days… and still the faith that I believe in is that someday the world the nature of life will advance far enough so that mankind will work on the resurrections of the past into the great and wonderful future… still there is a difference between being resurrected in the future and being resurrected into Heaven… Heaven is beyond this world, beyond what time could advance to… but Heaven completely takes care of the resurrections for life, that once was and is then gone, instead of that being the end of it, God made the way for life to live forever… and that is mysterious and true if you can see it with your faith… in the future I believe that with the help of God people will come back to life to live again though space will be much more populated and the world an ancient thing, the advancement of holiness grants the envisionment of the purity of the works of resurrection… and with the coming of the matching between the Heavenly and the worldly that God alone can do… bringing one that was resurrected as a spirit in Heaven after their life, right afterwards, to the new resurrection of their body remade, on the world in the future, God can work with the priests of resurrection and make everyone very pleased with coming back to life again… still if for some reason you cant be resurrected like because of misused graves, or your being was too wrecked (sadly those that are cremated cant be resurrected by the world that I know of…) there will always be Heaven for you… Heaven that God’s Hand guides you to the Gates of Heaven, and The same Heaven that God lives in with all of the angels.. God is far greater in ability and power than even the farthest of futures of the world and space and the universe, He is Completed in more than just the possible… But He can make something special for anyone, and surely the babies that are aborted become princes and princesses in Heaven Forever Above…. There is much about the faith… but the real reason to try is to be able to be worthy of resurrection… God remembers everything and faith can show you that your not that bad, but to be worthy of resurrection Jesus teaches a few things, like giving to someone your share of the good will make you a better person to God truly, and all you really have to do to be able be resurrected into Heaven is to be pure good overall I would say, Jesus says that you have to be a saint or an angel to travel through The Gates of Heaven, but a saint may just be a good person, doing more good than bad and not ever trying to hurt someone on purpose… See to look and think about it did you know that faith says the best will come true, while doubt says that there isn’t much hope, but remember always with faith, God wants the hope to come true… amen.


The True Lord

Jesus is the lord sure, of the whole world yea, but His Father is the True Lord of Heaven and Earth… Jesus has the powers granted from the Father, and those powers are truly unbelievable, but The very creation responds to The Lord, who is God, in such a way of complete ability and obedience.. God has utter control of all of creation… The Lord is magical and mysterious.. Jesus inherits His Powers from His Father, which we have seen on earth, many faithful have called Him Lord and God but Jesus is the Son of the Lord and The Only God… He isn’t the same one… God is the Creator and also God is the Beginner, He began existence and beings… Before was only God and His Power, He created Himself and then started the work on everything else… God is truly the Father also the Father of all of The Life… He stands in the middle and does so care for all of life… God is also the Reason… Because God came from before existence He took with Him the ability to control and create, and with all of His Power He gave forth from His Own that everything else would be… Because of that everything is originally God’s Power, and His Work that everything is too… In Sights like Eternity God entered into Creation (The Truth and The Real) and brought with Him all His Power which He then created everything that is, He kept giving until there was only God in All of Creation Created, still He has power Himself… but someday just like God came, and gave of Himself eventually it can be said that God will gain everything back into His Power in return, until it again is just God and His Power… of course that still implies that Eternity is true which is living forever and ever without an end, somehow though it is still up to God to choose… Because God is the one that created everything He is also the Reason that everything stays real… Reality is perfect and unchanging for the most part, but the strength of this direction from the Center of Existence which is IN HEAVEN, is because of Within God Himself… He is the key that keeps the door unlocked… He is the Reason anything is at all… He is The Most Important and Rightfully The Lord of Lords… amen.


The same is love…

Jesus said once, a debt was owed for one man for 50 dollars, and also another man 500 dollars, the person that they owed the money to came and said, pay me today.. but both of them had no way of paying… so they asked as kindly as they could for the debt to be forgotten for awhile.. He agreed and let them on… now who of the two was more thankful? The priests said the one who owed more… forgiveness is a chance to do a deed for someone else, that helps them with all that they are doing… because it helps them with you, who in need of forgiveness they must have wronged.. Now to forgive for little things is important to try and perhaps practice is simple as remembering again and again the wrong and accepting their doings… Forgiving for what is truly great takes time to heal first… but it also shows you a way that they can still help…

For forgiveness it is always within, but there is another greatness for the thanks of someone… the greatness of Heavenly Help, done by all of the angels, and God and Jesus, for those that do the most there is the most thankfulness towards them… someday we all will change up there… I say this because, even those that do the least of the blessing to you, will be thanked far more than those that are thanked in the beginning who have blessed you the most… because we always will be getting better and better, until the truth becomes magnificent and glory…

Thankfulness usually happens for a reason, someone that trys to help everyone they will be someone more in Heaven above someday…  Forgiveness is meaningful for your side of the story, to make goodness for another (even after they wrong you…)  The Same Is Love… amen.




The world’s own because..

Today I can tell you there are so many differences between living in one land to the next… that is the surface of kingly reason, that everywhere should be as good as can be to every person, reason to conquer and create…

The heart is one thing in each of us, and though we never see it, love is always real.. The heart of a child needs help to grow especially when on one side of the world and not the other, anywhere anytime the children deserve so much more…

In America today I realize that there are too many shadows of creation, unfairness of what is, money itself is the first cause of such a confusion, but it takes the heart to call back from the depths below, to bring the light back to the surface, that every person deserves a wonderful life… it cannot matter how much they do for any number of people or businesses, they start as children the best of all there is on the whole world… And what they transform into is something that much needs to be to help them to be happy in their old age…

For true happiness a child needs, Family, Faith and Friends…

Family is meant to be the greatest of the child for a long time, and one thing I can see is that many parents don’t teach their children enough because they rely on the schools.. but the worst part about that is the schools don’t teach anyone how to truly live… A Mother must teach what is right for her child to do, what she hopes for them, and always revealing her true love… children don’t always know they are loved.. A Father must teach their children what to stay away from and why… the world is full of temptations and obstacles that would totally take apart a person if gone into the wrong way about it…

Without a fathers lessons of morals and wrongs, the child cannot on their own know better than the find out the hard way… Another part of that is the Faith, which should be able to help the parents to help their kids… because a child should be taken to church on Sundays, at church there is the unity of faith, and whether or not they are breaking bread in remembrance, or singing together in the choir, or even just sitting down listening to a faithful person talk about what Jesus means to them… Church gives something that enriches the substance of goodness and light within the children… there is something more good whether it takes forever to find that or they just accept it.. and everyone can use something more good in their life…

Church should follow one rule, that every priest or pastor or rabbi, or anyone that leads the church they have to all together with all of those that work in the temple, they have to take care of every child as teaching and explaining how to live a good life… so that they someday will have hope and healing and heaven…

One thing I know for sure is the bible is a worthy book, for an old person, but for someone just beginning their life, the bible’s teachings have to be mapped out and made into a path of learning for the kids, and even though so many believe so strongly in the Bible, the bible doesn’t have every teaching that is good for someone to have or believe… The bible is a creation but its not everything, to believe in something is meant to be found in the good book, but those beliefs must come to being made within, otherwise the words are just words and don’t have that key that unlocks the doors…

Faith is so important to understand but it’s the farthest reaches of faith that make a difference to the children, the parts about God being Pure Good and Eternal and Heavenly, and The Biggest part Simply Heaven…

I believe that this world is in a new time, it hasn’t grown into the structure and standings of an elder part… what happens is not so guided by wisdom, its more in the chances… so everyone doesn’t know the best, and children don’t always get what they need… but to believe in Heaven you have something that you can truly feel good about, that someday you will live forever and ever, in the Heavenly clouds and light and blessings and love…

One thing for sure about faith is that faith isn’t a rule book, that holds any truth down… what happens in life becomes a greatest of paintings in Heaven and God looks at them in their completion and remakes everyone into something that they eternally love… faith is the power of Jesus Christ, and Faith is the Energy of God… it is faith that makes the baptism holy, it is faith that gives good dreams.. it is always faith that stands in mystery to show the way to forever on… faith to see the greatness even in the cloudy days or dark nights… God Himself can do anything but first He needs the idea of what to do, and His Thoughts are countless for He is Forever Old, but giving Him a prayer, can paint a simple picture that through faith arrives in Heaven above, and through faith the angels write to God in His Majesty, and Faith that eventually in just a little while, God makes a new miracle, because of you… Faith has power within for God creates that power to be, because faith only brings goodness… amen..

The friends of a child, deserve to be there day in and day out… families have to hold dear and true for the friends of each child, it shouldn’t be for good work or better money, it cant be for divorce or broken laws, but a child shouldn’t have to move away from their friends, there should be a class in school all about friends, and that would probably be the favorite class of all the kids… Kids like the good people, and sometimes good people change, but the pitfalls of life out there in the world, needs Guardians and Guides and even God, for each person to help them on their way… there are enough people for this you know… because a friend that falls down a dark pass, will probably be followed by a friend that never wanted to go that way… a parents word can keep the wrong from happening but a child’s choice has to be made, and just seeing the failures of temptation in my past, I say, every day could be another lesson that is there to give the strength of right, righteousness and good, because there is a difference between word and deed, it takes more words to help the choice be wise, for the deeds show themselves to be just what they are, the effort of wisdom knows how much can truly change in a lifetime, because of dark paths, but no child starts out wise…….. if there isn’t family and the schools don’t teach how to live, if there isn’t church that takes every child under the wing, if there isn’t the friends that know how to speak to helping you be one able to speak too, happiness herself, seems to slip away… into regret and only hope comes through another’s heart, when they are there for you… only love can break away the scars of life, and let us always be someone we know we really are, someone we even want to be……. Then there is the truth said of old, but how great is Heaven…? If love lived, love lives on…. Amen.

Children need help, and today there are truly so many people, if by chance there would be an effort to help the kids, in school or in community, it doesn’t have to be for money, it has to be for the good of their lives… amen.. I just hope the help comes in time…



The end or the beginning?

I don’t understand why anyone would choose not to go to Heaven…. Heaven is full of goodness and care for you, love for you, and hope coming true for all…. So maybe there are people confused about the choice so to say, because its very important to try to go the right way and try to Go To Heaven…. So a parable… there were two people, one good and one bad… they each lived in a house on different sides of the block… and one night the good person was standing by the street light, and he saw a person walking near in the shadows… he found out it was the bad person going to do something wrong… the next night the bad person was standing at the street light and someone came walking near in the shadows and it happened to be the good person… so first the good person was standing and walking near was the bad person, it couldn’t be really good because of that, especially to the good person… the second night the bad person was there and the good person was there, and to the bad person that was bad enough, he didn’t want to be stopped doing his wrong, but the difference is if it was any other person the good person would be good in the night and the bad person would still be bad in the night, to the bad person someone good is bad to them, but to the good person someone bad is still bad… there is a difference because if everyone was bad it would only get worse, but if everyone was good it would always get better…  why would you do evil because Jesus said judgement will come from God for those that have done evil to others… but for good people God will do what He does best and give infinite goodness to those that are good people…. Amen.




A secret of the eternity

Let me tell you something, God Almighty is the One that says “I Am” and He says that because all kinds of evil tries to keep Him from existence, because of the goodness that He entirely blesses into being…

God is the best good one there is, He hasn’t really been too much on the world at this time, He is the Giant of the Garden of Edin, and The Whisperer to Noah, He is the sender of all the angels, and the maker of the burning bush… God is the Speaker to the prophets, and the blessing maker for all the judges, He is The Father of Jesus Christ, and The Oldest and Most Wisest…

 God has the hardest time compared to anyone else, because He is so good and evil is always His enemy, He also is the smartest and most capable of defending Himself and Naturally God Lives Forever… God does goodness more so true than any others combined, He created the whole world with His Power and His Voice.. “Let there be Light!”, God always wants everything to be good for all, and for some reason the earth is capable of helping God, but one secret of earth is that The Angels are the servants of God the protectors of the truth, and they serve in a greater kingdom than the current day, of our world, they serve from the beginning to the farthest future there is, and because God is so smart He helps them to travel even through time to help the innocents of the earth… Heaven is more than the farthest future of time for naturally the world and ways advance in goodness, and someday the Heavenly of earth will take shape and be real for everyone but still God’s Heaven that God made is more than our real…

 There is a continual battle against the good which as evil has its ways it has grown strong in some places and ways like WWII, but God doesn’t want there to be a war, He hated the evil that was real for all those innocent people His People the Holy Jews.. They were attacked because of their goodness and loyalty to God, and didn’t stand a chance of defending themselves. The Good needs to rise as Righteousness for salvation to rise the truth to peace.. the thing is the Angels themselves are always trying to defend the goodness of anyone, one thing about this is your prayers, help God in prayer to first know when there is wrong pray for something to be right, and God will help the goodness show to Him in prayer… Next is to try to stand up for Good and stand down the evil, do this with your life your ways, and though we are all made to live, we are currently under a war of times, and though we are better to live good, there is goodness that is like our own that is being damaged by the evil… The next is to Bless God, and help Him in Holy Blessings to hopefully give Him the strength and understanding as HE is at the current biggest battle, God is always in the middle of the most importance, and where the good is mostly in danger God is there protecting something more important than even being The Lord of Lords for all of the whole Earth… another thing is don’t believe in the evil one, there is a power of understanding that gives something for all of our beliefs, believe in Jesus Christ and God Almighty, and even the Holy Spirit… next try to understand what good is, and the difference evil is so that you can try to stop the wrong, and doing so, that is truly righteousness…


One or the other..

If you made it up there, finally after all of your life, and they were there giving out to everyone their blessings they deserved… and it came to you and you got two blessings, and looking onto everyone after receiving a few they would go fly up into the greater parts of Heaven, and you looked over and one person didn’t get a blessing… who knows why but if someone didn’t get a blessing you should give one of yours… are we all so different and important? Couldn’t the reason you were given two be to share with another your blessing? For that is the way in the first place of how your worthy for a blessing… giving when someone else didn’t get anything…


Do onto others the way that you would have done to yourself…

Jesus did something for us we really can only believe in, He said, “I came not to do the worldly but the Heavenly, don’t you understand that I could ask my father and he would send thousands of angels to defend me..” Jesus later went to the cross, and died.. but I believe this did two things, first it made the worthy sacrifice, not for each of us individually but for all of us as a whole, His Innocent Blood was shed not because it had to be but because that is what the Romans were doing… Jesus stood up and stopped that way from happening anymore, and eventually our world changed into something better than it was before… that’s one part, the next is that He completed His Life, and in doing so He shows that man is made to be a creature to live on its own, because He didn’t get help from the angels until after his death, it teaches that man must go through the hardships alone but once completion takes hold we each will find our friends we never knew we had before…. We will surely belong.. amen.





I guess that’s it of this book… it isn’t perfect and it doesn’t teach everything, but it has a few parts that I hope can help your faith… Jesus once said, about all the work that He did what would come to be in faith, and He said, “well as long as its not too much, or too little…” some ways seem too much to me, some ways seem not enough too, but to be true to God and believe in the Truth of Holy, The Truth of Above…. There surely is light in your faith…


© Copyright 2017 Jonathan Lysdahl. All rights reserved.

The Elements of Truth, by Jonathan Lysdahl, chpt 6 The Elements of Truth, by Jonathan Lysdahl, chpt 6

Status: Finished

Genre: Religion and Spirituality



Status: Finished

Genre: Religion and Spirituality



This is my forth book which i havent been able to publish yet, but its new and ready and i hope you like it...
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