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A boy and His dog


The cold winter weather had come to New Jersey and the snow layed on the ground like a blanket over the whole city of Linwood.Tyler walked to school in the freezing weather loooking back to see his dog Holly watching him out the window. Tyler had wanted a dog for along time but his father always rejected the idea .Now his mother finally convinced him to try it for Tyler and his sister Mackenzie. Holly was a pretty special part of the family and Tyler hated to leave him when he went to school. He couldnt wait for school to be over so he could get home to his dog. He didnt know at the time but this would turn out to be a day he would never forget. He would find out what made this dog so special

Tyler was a good student . He got mostly As with a B thrown in once in a while .He was a good kid with a very sensetive personality. He tried alot of different sports and activities but he had not found that one that he could say was his niche. But he never gave up he always tried and as he grew he knew he would find that one thing that felt special to him and he loved to do. He was only ten years old so he had Time to find his place in life and where he would fit .His personality and kindness drew good people to him and other people sometimes tried took advantage of him because of that same kindness. Tyler was smart for his age smart enough to sort this out and hang with the kids that treated each other with respect and kindness and stay away from those people that were out for themselves .

He was almost to school now and the weather had gotten worse. it was snowing again and by the time Tyler arrived at school he was covered with snow. A friend of his named katy that lived near him helped him brush off the snow and told him her mom would give him a ride home after school if it was still snowing. She said meet me here after school. Tyler said thanks I will see you later and went to his first class. When he got to class one of the bullies of the school was pushing a smaller kid around so Tyler went up to him and said knock it off..What are you going to do about it the kid said so Tyler looked him right in the eye and said it must make you feel real big picking on a kid smaller than you it sure dosen"t make you look very big.. Everybody in the class laughed. The bullied looked embarrassed and said just shut up and went and set in his seat.

It was a pretty normal day for Tyler. At lunch time he went to the gym and played volley ball with his friends . He liked volleyball and he seemed to be pretty good at it. After school he got a ride from katy because it was still snowing and it had gotten colder.


When he got home his mother and sister weren"t home .He was glad to see Holly and Holly was glad to see him. They played fetch the ball for a while . Tyler could pretty well keep himself amused during the winter he could find projects to do to keep himself occupied. Now with the dog it was real easy to stay occupied . He also liked to cook so some time he would make appitizers for the family. Holly had to go outside so Tyler put the leash on her and took her for a walk .The snow had let up so they went down to the bike path .Holly liked playing in the snow and Tyler liked watching her.When they got to the bike path Tyler could smell smoke and Holly started to act funny jumping and acting like she wanted to go in a certain direction. So when she went that way Tyler followed her .about two blocks down the bike path Tyler saw smoke coming from a house and Holly kept pulling Tyler toward the House .Tyler thought to himself thats Katys house I wonder if anybodys home.

When they got up to the house Tyler looked in the window and saw someone lying on the floor .The room was filled with smoke so Tyler started yelling to see if he could arouse the person. He tried the front door and it was opened he didnt know if he should go in but as soon as he opened the door Holly pulled away from him and ran into the house. She started licking the mans face. Tyler crawled in because he had heard that in a smoky areas stay low where theres more air the smoke rises.

He crawled over to the man and saw it was katys father he grabbed him by the arms and draged him to the door. As he was getting to the door he heard someone crying out from the back of the house. He pulled Katies father to the front porch and when he turned around holly was gone .He called for her but she didnt come.He ran across the street and knocked on the door and said call the fire department Theres a fire across the street and I think theres people inside .He went back across the street and started calling for Holly but she still didnt come. He started to cry and say please Holly come out .By this time the whole house was full of smoke and he knew he couldnt go back in the house .He wished the fire department would hurry up and get there. He was afraid for Holly. Right as the Fire dept arrived he could here a loud crashing sound like part of the roof had collapsed. Katies father had regained consiousness and said he thought his wife and daughter were in the basement. The fire men looked at each other and the look in there eyes made you feel like they thought if they were in the basement and ther roof colaapsed it would be hard to get to them. Tyler said my dogs in there somewhere please find him. The firemen said they would do the best they could. The fire was in the rear of the house and the fire deptment had it under control now they had to find katie and her mom beneath all the rubble.They started moving averything they could to get to the basement door but when they got to it the stairs were blocked with debris so they could not get through Tyler walked around the house calling for Holly but she didnt come .By this time he was pretty upset.The firemen didnt know where they were located in the basement. They kept cutting holes in the floor listening for sounds but could not here any. Tyler went arond to the window to the basement and called for Holly and he could here her crying.He ran around and told the firemen I heard my dog around the side window. The firemen said Im sorry son but we have two people to find before we can look for your dog.Tyler went back to the window and called again and again he could here Holly crying . He stuck his head in the window it was real dark but there was no smoke he could hear and see something jumping up and down. .It was Holly she was ok. He climbed further through the window and reached down to get her and she jumped into his arms . He pulled her out and gave her a big hug and told her how glad she was ok . When he set her down she went back to the window and ran back and forth and acted like she was going to go back in . Tyler went back to the window and he could here a very faint crying coming from the basement. He yelled down is somebody down there and very faintly he could here katie saying help me . Tyler ran to the fornt of the house and told the fire men he found his dog and he thinks he heard katy through the basement window.The firemen went around to the window and they could here it to but the window was to small for them to get into so they had to find another way. When they left Holly jumped back in the window and started barking .Tyler stuck his head in the window and could see that maybe the firemen were to big for this window but he wasn't he reachedv for holly and when he did he fellin the basement. Holly was jumping up and down when he saw Tyler.He ran in another room in the basement it was dark but Tyler could just see enough of her to follow.When he got in the other room he could see that the debris had fallen on katie and her mother and they were trapped. Even though it was dark and Tyler was scared he started moving the debris away so they could get out . It was hard to breathe and he new that he would have to help them get out of here soon so they could get some fresh air. After moving some of the light debris he found he couldnt move the heavy things. This is when he heard a voice at the window say hey kid are you in there Tyler yelled back yes Ive found them but there pinned in here and I cant move this stuff. Tyler said its hard to breathe down here . The fireman said come over to the window son I will be right back. Tyler went to the window and the fireman handed him a self contained breathing apparatus . Put this on there face son and turn this valve. Then come back and Ill give you another one .Tyler did what he said and got breathing equipment for all three of them. He shared his with Holly.Katies mother had a bad cut on her leg so Tyler found and old sheet in the utility room and wrapped the cut so it would have pressure on it.Now they just had to wait for the firement to cut through the floor and find them and get them out.It took about an hour but Tyler and Holly stayed right there with them making sure they had oxegen .The firemen finally broke through and put a ladder into the basement and got the two girls freed up and carried them out of the basement. Tyler carried Holly up the Ladder. and out into the fresh air.

When Tyler got outside his mother and father were statnding there and grabbed him and hugged him. They told him they were so worried about him .The firemen came up and said Mr and Mrs Farmer you have quite a kid there hes a real hero but tell him he shold stay out of burning building for his own safety. Tyler looked up at the fireman and said im not the hero Holly is shes the one that found them and let me know where they were. Katie and her father came up to thank Tyler Her mother had to go to the hospital. The father said Katy told me how your dog found them and would not leave them until he heard your voice youv"e got quite a dog there son. Tyler said I know it thank you. Tyler his mother and father and Holly went home.

The next day tyler got a call from the Mayor of Llinwood inviting him and his parents to a formal dinner where tyler would get an award. Tyler said what about Holly and the Mayor said whos Holly and Tyler said thats my dog shes the real hero she is the one that found them..The mayor laughed and said sure bring her along too we can probably find award for her too.


Tye next week they all went to a fancy restaurant where Tyler and Holly were given plaques for there bravery . Hollys plaque was madem out of dog bpnes so she really enjoyed it . When they were given the plaques all the people attending gave them a standing ovation. The Mayor said that he was proud Tyler and Holly . Tylers mother and father both got tears in there eyes they were so proud of there son and his dog even the father that didn't want a dog had to amit he was proud of Holly too.


The next day was Saturday and the phone wouldnt quit ringing with kids wanting to talk to Tyler . His picture at the awards dinner was in the paper with Holly in his arms. All of a sudden he was very popular even with kids that never even said hi to him before. Tyler just answered the phone and thanked them for congratulating him but he knew who his friends were the

kids that hung around with him when he was no cosidered a hero. He told his mother he wasn't really a hero he just accidently fell into the basement and Katy and her mother needed help .Anybody would have done the same thing. Holly was really the hero for finding them and not giving up trying to get someones attention.His mother said yes holly was a hero but being a hero isnt always planed sometime its just being in the right place at the right time and doing the right thing ansd even though you fell into the basement when holly showed you were katy and her mother you did the write thing and stayed with them until they could be rescued. Now Im going to tell you his mother saidm from now on stay away from dangerous

situations you had me and your father scared out of our minds.Tyler said I will I promise but Ive got Holly to take care of me . They both looked down at this little black dog and laughed.


When Monday came Tyler went to school and everybody kept staring at him like he was somebody special . They anounced his name over the PA syatem. He was kind of embarrassed.When he went to the class where the bully was picking on people on Friday . The bully came up to him and said Hi my name is Steven and I would like to thank you for helping my aunt and cousin katy in that fire.I knew you were special when you stood up for that little kid the other day.I hope we can be friends .

Tyler stuck out his hand to shake stevens hand and said sure I can always use another friend.

Winter passed and summer came Tyler and Holly spent almost every day running on the beach. Everybody they saw waved to him . They all knew that Tyler and his dog were the ones that helped the little girl and the lady in the fire,Tyler and holly didnt do anymore heroic things but they became inseparable anytime you saw Tyler you saw holly They were know as the boy and his dog on the beach near atlantic city.

This was a life changeing experiance people looked up to Tyler and he did very well in school. After Tyler got a scolarship to play volley ball for the University of Michigan and went on to play on the US olympic team and got an Olympic Gold metal..

He took Holley everywhere with him she was like his good luck charm. He studied to be a vetinarian because of his love for animals and after graduation he open a string of vetinary hospital around the country. He became very succussessful and built a beautiful house on the ocean and him and Holly still ran on the beach everyday. He still remebered the day that Holly was the hero. how after that his life had changed. aroUnd atlantic city he was proud to be called the boy and his dog.

Submitted: July 19, 2007

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