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Evony review

Submitted: September 03, 2009

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Submitted: September 03, 2009



Lord, Ofthisland on server 63.
One day (about two weeks ago) I was searching the Internet for a good online strategy game, and I came across a ad for Evony. The add looked good to me, however the add was not much more than a picture of a sexy woman, but that was enough to get me to try it out. Once I tried playing Evony I realized this game had nothing to do with a sexy woman, but after fifteen minutes of playing I was hooked (good job on the advertising, Evony). There is so much you can do in this game, its crazy. First of all they come out with a new server every now and then, since I started there have been five new servers added. This is good for the new people starting their games, that way they don't have to start out laying against the experienced players of the older servers.
There is almost no limit to how much power you can gain from being in a very strong alliance. I love the way you don't die if you are attacked and beaten, and the way you still get resources even when you're offline is amazing! As you progress through the game you'll build armies and defenses, and eventually be able to attack and plunder other lords. You will also be able to conquer, flats on which you can build additional cities, or valleys that will increase your production of Food, Lumber, Stone and Iron, which are essential for the further development of your cities....but be careful the size of army that is there that you must conquer depend on the level of the valley.
You will be addicted in five minutes, and will stay addicted for a long time. With a never ending list of enemies and an endless supply of friends and sister alliances, this game is both fun and........well just plain AWESOME!
One of the things that I like thee most is that there is no cheats, and no way to make your own cheats. Also if you get lost there is a quest tab on the screen that even tells you how to complete the quest. If that still does not help you there is a world chat box where you can ask questions about the game, find people to join your alliance (or to join an alliance), or you can even just chat with everyone. Did I mention its free! You can spend money to go faster in the game, but that is all it will help you do. So stop reading this and start playing Evony at www.evony.com.

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