A poem about one of the best family members I have ever had.

Grandma Owl:


My grandma is like an

Owl With a smart and kind soul

Wearing at times a blue cowl

And accomplishing every goal


Over the past nine decades,

She’s owned at least one pet

Who looked like ones she saw in parades

And being the best furry creatures she ever met


Her daughter is now a senior

With an eye for everything for art

Hoping to visit the church of Monsignor

And displaying to her and others a golden heart


When visiting her son’s house

Her mood would always be grand

With or without her charming spouse

And once watched grandchildren play in sand


When she was a youth,

She went straight to college

While knowing some celebs, such as Babe Ruth,

Plus having a huge amount of knowledge


Her husband was a war fighter

Fighting for our country’s rights

To make its reputation brighter

For over thousands of nights


One movie that stood out

Was Boris Karloff’s Frankenstein

Played at the theater on her street route

With family members making everything fine


At 94 years of age,

She is still fine and dandy

With no viruses as phage

And loving to give anyone candy.

Submitted: March 26, 2018

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