How Video Game Generations Compare to Movie Ones

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Submitted: November 27, 2019

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Submitted: November 27, 2019



How Video Game Generations Compare to Movie Ones:


Gen 1 for Film (1888 to 1911) and Video Games (1947 to 75): first types of both are introduced, but display one dimensional characters and stories.

Eg. 1888 one-minute house film—First film of any kind ; A trip to the moon 1902, Frankenstein 1910, wizard of oz 1910, Dante’s inferno 11, 



Gen 2 for Film (1912 to 1930) and Video Games (76 to 82): still I-D, yet has received more entertaining and character values.

Eg. A thousand leagues under the sea 1916, nosferatu 22, 

Donkey Kong, Pac-Man, Mario bros., mr game and watch games, 


Gen 3 for Movies (1931 to 1961) and Games (83 to 90): a brand new form of both are introduced and finally have fully fleshed out sympathetic characters in intriguing stories. 

Eg. Frankenstein series, Dracula, Dracula’s Daughter, the wizard of oz, wolf man, King Kong, Bambi, Abbott and Costello movies, 

Super Mario Bros trilogy, kid icarus, legend of Zelda, Metroid,


Gen 4: (1962 to 84) and (91 to 95): A LOT MORE color in brought to both medias along with more dazzling types of music and effects.

Eg. The jungle book, young Frankenstein, jaws, original Star Wars trilogy, the aristocats, first three rockys, Rambo: first blood, alien, many adventures of Winnie the Pooh, Robin Hood, Mary poppins, 

Super Mario world I and II, super Mario kart, Star Fox, sonic the hedgehog trilogy and cd, 


Gen 5: 85 to 99 and 96 to 00: high amounts of technology, including computer techniques, were added to show more brilliant capabilities of superb sympathy and entertainment. 

Egs. Back to the future trilogy, Disney renaissance, first two toy stories, a bug’s life, the parent trap, space jam, first two Jurassic Parks, Tim Burton Batman films, the matrix, antz, men in Black, first two Austin Powers’, Wayne's world, Oliver and company, 

Super Mario 64, Star Fox 64, original Mario party trilogy, turok trilogy and rage wars, banjo KAZOOIE and tooie, bomber man n64 trilogy, Mario kart 64, sonic adventure, goldeneye 007, 


Gen 6: 00 to 06 and 01 to 06: digital forms, including DVDs, take over to make film and video game making easier for hardworking filmmakers and game designers, put a unique feel on fine storytelling and humor, horror, fantasy, etc.

Egs. First four Harry Potters, lord of the rings trilogy, Star Wars ii and iii, shrek I and II, Tobey macguire Spider-Man duo-logy, Wallace and gromit the curse of the were rabbit, finding Nemo, cars, lilo and stitch, men in Black II, the ring, saw I to iii, Austin Powers in goldmember, Bambi II, the lion king iii/ I ½, piglet’s big movie, the tigger movie, the spongebob movie, 

Resident evil four, super smash brothers melee, super Mario sunshine, pikmin I and II, Metroid prime I and echoes, Star Wars rogue squadron sequels, empire at war, the clone wars, republic commando, and battlefronts; warioware: mega party games, Mario parties four through seven, sonic heroes, sonic adventure II, 


Gen 7: 07 to 14 and 07 to 12: Hd hits the scene with Blu-ray and iTunes as well.

Egs. Avatar, next four potters, wreck it Ralph, frozen, princess and the frog, iron man, 

Mario kart wii, Warioware smooth moves, kid icarus uprising, wii Mario parties, ssb brawl, sonic black knight, 


Gen 8: 15 to present and 13 to present: hd and and any form to view or play the medias exist everywhere—phones, pads, computers, etc.—all big franchises giving off follow ups to please any fan.

Egs. Jurassic worlds, Star Wars sequel trilogy plus standalones, frozen II, sponge out of water, Kung fu panda iii, 

Super Mario odyssey, maker, land, and world, new Star Wars battlefronts, pikmin iii, kid icarus uprising, super smash brothers 3ds and ultimate, 

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