My School Subjects and Star Wars

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Submitted: August 21, 2019

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Submitted: August 21, 2019



My School Subjects and Star Wars: 


Sixth Grade:


Math = Skywalker having the knowledge of an elaborate technician for any flying vehicle 


English = The aid and sudden loss of Qui-Gon, still victorious without him in 32 BBY


Social Studies = Anakin learning and curious about every single planet in the galaxy 


Science = Midichlorians


Gym = Running as if you were a pod racer 


Art = Paintings, statues and sculptures on Naboo and Coruscant


Keyboarding = Knowing how to program a cruiser’s or starfighter’s key pad


Applied Technology = Operating a racing pod and Naboo starfighter or droid one and Darth Maul’s Sith Infiltrator 


Resource Room = Anakin receiving accommodations to join the Jedi Order


Focus = Qui-Gon Jinn or any Jedi member teaching Ani crucial force tips, plus “Holes”


Seventh Grade:


Science = Genetically creating thousands to millions of clones 


Resource Room = The motherly and son/ Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin relationship with Mrs. Sabbota


Gym = Kamino clones in training 


Art = Naboo’s and Coruscant’s creativities displayed


Health = Anakin weary of Padme and true love, reflecting mine with Caitlin Conner (a bit of Meghan Hurley as well)


Math = Computing data in Jedi starfighter, technical doors, and access codes


Focus = Chances to read and study Jedi tasks and more private, personal concerns


Social Studies = Discovering what happened within ten years before 22 BBY


English = Geonosis asteroids moving, like pretending a giant glove formed Michigan, “Then Again, Maybe I Won’t,” and made up play “Ms. Mop Saves the Day”


Eighth Grade: 


Resource Room = Being ranked above all, but not promoted best of all or ace in anything 


History = Democracy dying, turning Republic into Galactic Empire: economies and living situations also affected


Science = Anakin’s body burnt to crisp, needing high velocities and warm energy in machinery to live


English = First true exposure to violence and cruelty in literature (“The Contender”), plus writing deeply about Hurley and CC 


Focus = Showing true love devotion to keeping Padme or Caitlin great


Math = Computing all escape pods launched, calculating direct hyperspace courses, and damaging Mustafar panels which rose hot lava levels 


Art = Naboo, Coruscant, Felucia, Utapah, and Mustafar works of creativity, plus needing the skills of professionals


Gym = Training clones to be stormtroopers and imperial officers


Structures = Witness of early Death Star construction and fallen Jedi temple. 


Freshman Year: 


Biology = Dubacts and severed arm of crook 


English = “The Odyssey” and “Romeo and Juliet”—two direct inspirations to “Star Wars” saga!


Algebra = General Dodonna’s tactics and targeting computers 


World History = Tatooine and Old Ben telling past war stories 


Drama I = Dodonna presenting in front of all rebel pilots 


Lifelong Fitness = Running and team or parter workouts, equivalent of rebels teaming up in missions, including the trench runs


Learning Strategies = Jawas/ Piglety characters 


Sophomore Year: 


Geometry = Bespin Lobot working on computers 


Physics = The Force


Drama II = Yoda creating image of Luke slaying Vader or himself and Lando Calrissian acting out Vader’s plan


US History = Stories of Anakin Skywalker 


LEC (Literary Exploration Composition) = Reading “I am the Cheese,” a private assignment given only to me; Luke receiving his private Dagobah path


Learning Strategies = “The Diary of Anne Frank/ a Young Girl”—another big inspiration and Anne’s Angel guidance throughout (with Gloria Frances Stuart) 


Junior Year: 


Geoscience = The green environments of Dagobah and Endor, iciness of Hoth, and gas plus city of Bespin


Economics = Keeping Cloud City finances and reputation secured


Government = Palpatine’s twisted reign and Lando’s Bespin royalty 


Health and Wellness = Luke and Anakin becoming Jedi and Darth Sidious evil forever


Drama Production = C-3PO’s storytelling to Winnies/ Ewoks 


Advanced Algebra = The tactics and computers planning out Death Star II destruction and  imperial bunker/ shield generator 


Learning Strategies = Full preparation for an ultimate task (ACT)


CLL (Current Language and Literature) = “Winterdance,” “Antigone” (another Greek inspiration),   “On Writing,” “Lord of the Flies”/ swampy story, and “A Lesson Before Dying,” plus “Pay it Foward”


Senior Year: 


Accounting = Background soldiers doing bookkeeping and computer works


Computer Tech I and II = Computers for targeting or shield bunker


Student Leadership = Rebel and Empire Leaders, most notably Luke and Anakin Skywalker 


Senior English = “Macbeth”—huge secret inspiration—and “1984,” (basically Earth empire; plus secretly shows an original ending to VI)


Learning Strategies = Luke having unlimited time to study and perfect his Jedi teachings 


Psychology = Observing a Jedi’s and Lord Vader’s minds


Paperbacks = “Einstein Autobiography” (said to have Asperger’s syndrome and Yoda-like) and “I Just Kept Hoping,” Gloria Stuart wrote herself and starred throughout. 


Delta College (and Saginaw Valley State University) Classes: 


Element of Grammar = Rey completing her first step to Jedihood 


Introduction to Hispanic Culture = Maz Katana


English Composition I and II = General Leia or General Hux knowing what to say and write for Resistance or First Order speeches


Applied Psychology = Learning the deep aspects of the Force 


Environmental Science = Ahch-To and ocean on Cantonica


Interpersonal Communications = Fine social skills with physical and ghost Luke Skywalker, plus ghosts Yoda and Obi-Wan


General Psychology = Tapping into the mind of Kylo Ren/ Ben Solo while maintaining a powerful mind


Spreadsheet Concepts = Private tactics on attacking and avoiding the First Order and calculating where to go and what abilities to use


Oakland Community College Courses: 


Electronic Media = Citizens of Cantonica, D’Qar, and Crait accessing digital pads and generators


Personal Computer Product Tools = Computers used on Home One capital ship and head First Order dreadnought 


Systems Analysis and Design = Master Codebreaker (both real and decoy)


Introduction to Business = Keeping Cantonica’s wealthy casino and town going...




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