One of Katelyn and Allen's Walks

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

Two girls go on a walk in their nice Michigan neighborhood.



(It’s a beautiful day in Midland and Katelyn and Allen are out on an afternoon walk.)


Katelyn: “Zip-a-dee-do-du Zip-a-dee-day! My, oh, my! What a dreary day!”


Allen: Indeed. Who do think lives around here?


Katelyn: The sign says Washington Street. I’d guess some people do.


Allen: Yeah! Like who?


Katelyn: No idea. You tell me.


Allen: Some possibilities would include Pennye, Beach, Stein, and Perry.


Katelyn: A penny? Is Abe Lincoln a ghost here?


Allen: NO! Pennye the Pooh.


Katelyn: He’s on a coin now?


Allen: Pennye Padgett, Katie!


Katelyn: Oh! No surprise Midland is a town most would love to be in. Hence why Albert’s great nephew lives here now.


Allen: What? No he doesn’t.


Katelyn: You just said he does.


Allen: Well, I—


Katelyn: HUHHH! Oh, my!


Allen: What?


Katelyn: It’s Frankenstein’s evil brother, Ernest Stein!


Allen: … What?...


(Peacefully ignores her alarm and both move on walking.)


Allen: One definite friend living around here is Waters.


Katelyn: Not thirsty.


Allen: I don’t have any drinks, Katelyn. You know that.


Katelyn: Then is it clean or sparkling to the eye?


Allen: David or Liz?


Katelyn: Your water.


Allen: They are the Waters!


Katelyn: Celebrities on drinks. How about that?


Allen: David Hasslehoff and Lizzie McGuire!... You know there oldest is named after you?


Katelyn: REALLY? Oh, Katie Perry, perhaps?


Allen: (puts hand on face in disbelief) Katie Perry lives about half a mile away.


Katelyn: What? I know no other celeb Katies in the world. Who’s this imposter?!


Allen: Someone related to Midland Waters family!


Katelyn: They come in many flavors.


Allen: They do, but not people!


Katelyn: After we settle this faker, we should see any front or backyard rehearsals.


Allen: For pom-pom?


Katelyn: Her next concert.


Allen: (puts hand on face in disbelief) They have two completely different hair colors!


Katelyn: Really? Is that her twin?


Allen: No! Katy Perry who’s younger than us!


Katelyn: I should see her house on Honeysuckle Road. She must have many honey trees!


Allen: No honey on that street, you little bear.


Katelyn: Then why is it called that?


Allen: No idea. Anyways, Katie “the drink” is someone from Dow High, luckily not one of the snooty weirdos.


Katelyn: What a relief. Why no Chemic?


Allen: Low autism, though she is really thanks to siblings.


Katelyn: Sibling…?.... Oh, now I remember! David and Liz Waters from our class!


Allen: Bingo! Now, let’s walk pass Moore’s house and head home.


Katelyn: Where is the stuff?


Allen: Excuse me?


Katelyn: You said more homes and so there must be more places to see friends.


Allen: Perhaps, yet there shouldn’t be that many left. Emma is more excited about people and drama than anything.


Katelyn: You mean Clayton?


Allen: Emma Moore! Clayton lives two miles away!


Katelyn: Oh! She does have a nice Chemic sign. Same for me, all blue and lollipop shaped! Wish I could eat it! (rubs her tummy happily.)


Allen: Let’s go before you ruin anything, buddy!


Katelyn; Thanks, Renee, good old buddy, old pal!



Submitted: January 08, 2019

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