School Subjects and Star Wars

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Submitted: August 18, 2019

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Submitted: August 18, 2019



Art = Paintings and drawings seen on republic gunships along with other vessels.

Band, Orchestra, and Choir = Every single piece of the number one film score in history!

Computer Tech = Targeting  computers, plus tools for Death Star cannon and separatist, clones, imperial, rebellion, first order, and resistance headquarters 

Drama = Old Ben telling past adventures and C-3PO acting out stories for the Winnies/ Ewoks 

English = Library in Coruscant and ancient Sith and Jedi writings throughout the galaxy 

Gym = Physical training facilities for all groups (eg. Kamino clones)

Math = Calculating the exact ranges and distances for when or where to defeat foes, most notably two Death Stars, along with General Dodonna’s teachings

Science = Midichlorians, knowing the speed/ velocity of all vehicles used and full power of all weapons, strategies on how to last right by 200 F lava or volcanoes and in - 30 C weather, specific color designs on all vehicles and tools, and crusts, water, land layouts, and any geological feature on every planet. 

Social Studies = Anakin and Luke learning the history and locations of many to all of the galaxy’s planets/ moons, wars, and Jedi and Sith.

Spanish, French, German, and other Languages = Shyriiwook/ Wookie language, droidspeak of R2 units, Huttese of Jabba or any hutt, ancient written Aurebesh, Ewokese of the Winnies, Jawaese and Jawa trade language for piglety Jawas, Mando’a for Mandolorians, Sith language, Tusken Raiders language, and Ubese by bounty hunters/ sketch of a language (C-3PO knows 6,000,000 languages)

Welding and Structures = Separatist, republic, imperial, rebel, first order, and resistance construction yards

Wood shop = Wookie and Winnie/ Ewok tanks and other tools and vehicles. 

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