Contradicted Hate?

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Okay, here's another poem. I wrote it in tune to The Clash's "Hateful". So if you know that song, read it in tune to that song and you'll understand it better. Cheers.

Submitted: February 02, 2010

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Submitted: February 02, 2010



Contradicted Hate?

I am waiting for her (For who?)

For her? A girl to return soon.

It seems I've lost her (Lost who?)

I don't know, I ain't barely noticed

Oh where could she be? (Where's she?)

Somewhere, maybe in another towm

I just don't know (Don't know?)

Well that's not an answer to my problem now is it?

It seems so quiet (It does?)

There's no sound, like a butchered carcas

I've lost my pessimist (A Big Bloke?)

No, my soul, inside the dragons hole

Well horses here and there (Horse where?)

Somewhere, maybe in the stable

Well gonna cut your hair? (My hair?)

Yeah, the one from the upstairs?

Yeah I flunked out again (Repeat?)

No chance, not a glimmer

Where's my baby gone? (I don't know)

Well why you still hangin' around?

Well I killed all the nerves

(Your nerves?) Maybe, the news

You still hangin here? (Yeah man)

Ain't you got some place to be?

Oh I don't really care (You don't?)

No, it's like a fuckin' circus

(Will you find the girl?) What girl?

Oh, the one from the lonely.

I just don't know (how sad?)

Is it? I don't really think so.

It's her decision after all (It is?)

Yeah, she'll decide what's best.

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