Hope And Pain

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first you hope that things will get better, but it always hurts when they don't.

Submitted: July 11, 2012

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Submitted: July 11, 2012



All day

All night

Every time in-between

I think of her

It took me a week to look her in the eye

A month to talk to her

And then a second to fall in love

And yet it is cursed to die

My love

As all before it have died

Slowly slipping away

But not quite death

No death is to good

It is to be chained to the one it yearns for

Never to be let alone

Tortured day by day

Until it finally

Brutally passes away

And a new one is born

With a foolish hope that will soon die as well

And yet the sun will still shine

Over my broken heart

Why must the sun rise and the waves never cease?

When I am in so much pain, how can the world not stop for me?

Is it so much to ask?

To stop its ever turning to give me one second of peace?

It is

Everyone will move on

While I linger

They will say forget

And I will

And it will happen all over again

A cycle


Hope and Pain


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