Three Lights

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i had two friends. One who was slowly falling victim to drugs and darkness, while the other was on his high horse and refused to have anything to do with her.

Submitted: July 11, 2012

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Submitted: July 11, 2012



Tile’s on the walls,

Tiles on the ceiling,

I’m trapped inside this room,

Lost without a feeling


I look into the dark,

And black is all I see,

But when I close my eyes,

I see what’s next to me


A shine of just pure white,

It shows a golden ray

But try’s to cover up,

The light now turns to gray,


I say “no don’t, please stop!”

But it just turns away


Another light appears,

It stumbles from the dark,

An even brighter light,

It gives a strange remark


“Too late” it says

“That light is dim,

It doesn’t have a chance”


I shield my eyes and yell at him

“Just wait give it a glance!

You must be blind if you can’t help

A light from white to gray”


“just look again” it says to me,

I look and turn away

The light is now not gray but black,

“Just stop and help!” I yell,

To the light next to me


“I can not help!” it roars now loud

“For am blind you see,

I only look on what is pure,

Cuz’ I don’t set thing’s free


I look in shock and run away,

I find the light put on display,

Its light turned now black from gray


“why don’t you change?” I implore

It looks at me and say one thing

“why would I change?

I feel not wore,

My soul is lost forevermore”


With that it goes,

It walks away

And as I ponder and convey


I have seen the black so dark

And I have seen the white so high,

But then I wonder and I think….


For what color am I?


© Copyright 2018 Jonathen Baker. All rights reserved.

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