Lobby, Judy, And Grubbleton

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Submitted: June 17, 2009

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Submitted: June 17, 2009



Doodoo Stepper

Oonce apon a time, or was it hour? there was a guy named Tomertezedwasthisfuckersbitch. But people just call him Tom.  Tom got married on grubble, 90, 2090 to Harrywashisbitchtoo, but they just called her Harry.  Tom had a pet Cow named Judy and a pet lobster named Lobby, no wait was it Mr.Lobby? oh well, One day or was it time? well one day Harry and Tom was walking their cow Judy, when Harry saw a pile of dog crap just laying there with a hat, that was purple with maroon pokadots.

"mooom lmmoook sooomoooe pooomooop" Judy said going to lick it. They took it home and named it Diariah. Judy fell in love with Tom, and Tom fell in love with Judy, they got married and had 1 billion babies. I will only name 5. Ma,da,ga,sa,waaaa. one day Ma the oldest son, went to Harry's house.  They fell in love, That night as they went into their honeymoon suite, to play Go Fish, Harry's stomach growled. And since Ma was part human and part cow, she cut him up into 2 giant hamburgers.

She ate one and went to Tom and Judy's house. "Well hello Harry" Judy said smiling a green rotten smile. "Well hello Judy. I bought to many hamburgers so I want to give you one giant one." Judy took it and that night invited Harry over for dinner. She accepted. that night Harry sat next to Diariah and Waaaa. they had sammy the boy next door, the giant hamburger and Hannah Montana. After Harry ate a giant peice of Hannah Montana's head, she told them it was Ma, they all cried exept Harry. When Tom came home that night he didn't see Diariah crying crappy tears, he stepped on it. "AWWW CRAP!" he said not relizing it was diariah.

When Harry saw what he did she told Judy, Judy got a devorce on Tom and Tom married Harry again they ate hamburgers and Hannah Montana for the rest of their exesting.


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