Sanctuary and Solitude

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Just exorcising some demons again.

Submitted: September 29, 2008

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Submitted: September 29, 2008



Solace. Such a simple word, a simple thing to ask for. Why is it so hard to find?
Sanctuary. You were mine, but you are gone. Again. Forever, this time. Why?

Who were you, really? I look at your words and I know who you wanted me to think you were. Where you really that person, those people? You always told me, right from the start, that you were two people. A Gemini, locked within one body; two souls and two minds.

There was this myth we used to talk about, how the people of the world were once two heads, one heart, four arms and legs and the Gods, so jealous of us, split us asunder. I thought that you were the other half of my heart, that we had wandered the world in search of each other. You were mine. Was I wrong?

But did you not need another half? Were you whole all the time? Did you not need me as I needed you?
You are gone, and I feel the emptiness again. Promises mean nothing…
My Solitude…I yearn for it, and yet it is what I fear the most. I crave it, and yet when they gave it to me, it killed what I loved. We kill what we love most, don’t we? Didn’t I? Wasn’t I the reason you were there? Did I shove you there, lead you there, lure you there? Are you dead because of me? I left you, hoping to make you see, hoping you would see, and instead you ran from it and they stole you from me. It is as if I were the one that held the gun, isn’t it?

Did you think of us as you left us? Did you wonder what would become of us? Do you hate me? Did you think of me, or just of our son?

Where are you, my Sanctuary, where are you?


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