The Anger I Feel

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic
Poetry is not normally my forte, in fact writing isn't normally my forte, but I thought I'd give it a go and just see what comes out.
A general poem expressing the theme of anger caused by love

Submitted: February 21, 2013

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Submitted: February 21, 2013



An anger, a surge, a push, an urge,
A rising intent, A desire to implement,
Most horrific thoughts rush through my head
As my soul grows cold and eyes go red.
My blood does boil so loudly and inside I cry,
My feelings are visible, I cannot lie,
You have unlocked a beast inside me,
And for your sake I hope someone can help thee,
For I'm sure you know my intent is clear,
And knowing this, you should feel fear.

How could you make her world fall apart?
How could you stand back and break her heart?
How could you say that she shouldn't care?
How could you say this is being fair?

Once again she comes to me about you,
But before she spoke I already knew,
Her crying eyes told a story so true,
One that filled me with rage to direct at you,
The more I listen, the more I think,
The more her words push me towards the brink,
To control my anger I do try,
For if I do not you will certainly die,
I warned you before, but once again
You have proved you are the most feeble of men.

I knew all along how this would end,
That there would be a point when it would not mend,
You took advantage of her and you didn't care,
If her soul did break and her heart did tear,
But let me tell you something for free,
She doesn't need you for she has me,
I could never do to her what you have done,
But if she were you, I'd do it for fun,
Your lack of morality does disgust me,
But I am only glad she has been set free.

Now to my intentions with you,
They fill me with fear and should you too,
For I cannot forgive for what you have done
And for now you should run,
No-one has ever filled me with so much hate,
And now this does determine your fate,
But if I do see you with your new girl,
Another one you love and call your world,
I shall make sure she sees the real you,
As I let out my rage, and break you in two.

I loved her while she loved you,
And really it was obvious you knew, 
Now she is happy and can see what you are,
But in her memory you will never be far,
For her broken heart will take time to heal,
And nothing will change the way I feel,
I only hope she can move on,
And that she will forever more ignore your little con,
But once again I do say,
Stay away from her and stay out of my way.



© Copyright 2020 JonnyA. All rights reserved.

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