Tooth and Claw: Part 1 Hidden Power

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Darius is a young lycanthorpe, a werewolf, who has just turned of age to leave his pack and experiment with his human instinct along with 2 others from his pack, Elijah and Candice. His father is the alpha male of the pack. Darius is much more than just a simple werewolf, he is infact a rare and massivley more powerful werewolf known as a Beserker.
As the first full moon aproaches in which Darius and his friends have to flee to the safety of a barn, they find themselves stuck in the middle of a conflict they know little about.
Slowly, Darius' dad realises that if his son does not realise his full potential as a Beserker his whole species, and possibly many others, could be wiped out by the beasts that only a Beserker can completely destroy.

Submitted: April 13, 2013

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Submitted: April 13, 2013



'No-one could really accept what I am. What we all are. Nor can I expect them to. Which is why we choose not to tell them. It is hard sometimes. Sometimes I think what if we were just accepted. But I know I am only kidding myself. It would be too great a risk to reveal our secret. Life is most certainly not simple for us. We have two contrasting backgrounds. Our human background and instinct is the one we must force ourselves use for if we don't we shall be hunted and slaughtered like rabbits. And our other instinct is our greater instinct. The instinct to hunt; to run; to fight; to protect; to be free. We can never abandon this instinct, but we must be careful as to how we use it. Sometimes it gets the better of us. But we must try to hold it back for the sake of our lives and the sake of the humans we now interact with and call our friends. I am the alpha male of my pack. I have a duty to protect them and to teach and guide my own son how to do this when I am gone. I only want the best for him. He doesn't know of his full potential and the part he will play in the years that now lie in front of him. He has inherited a great gift but also a great deal of responsibility. I only want the best for him, not just as a human or as a mere wolf, but as a beserker as well.'

At last the day had come. The day where I turned old enough to leave the confinements of my pack and realise my potential as a human. I knew why I had to remain in the pack until this day- I had to learn how to control myself and my gift. A group of us would move to the town for two years to live like the humans, to learn how to be a real human and then we would return to our pack and either pledge to remain with them or choose to live life as the human's do. I cannot lie. I have been looking forward to this day for a long time. We leave the pack at the age where we have to attend a human school for a year and then we live and work outside of this school for a year before we return. Many people do not understand that we are not limited to transformation on the eve of a full moon, we can transform whenever we wish however transformation on the eve of a full moon is compulsory. So each month when the moon is at its fullest and brightest we leave the town to the safety of a nearby barn owned by one of our kind where we will be safe and secure for the time when we must transform. Other than that, we are free to learn the ways of the human. I went to the city with Elijah and Candice. My father, the alpha of our pack would come with us for the first few days to make sure we went to the right school and the right home.

The town we lived in was very different to what I was used to. I didn't feel as free as I did in the forrest and in the mountains but this was part of the way the humans lived so it was how we would have to live for the time being. We were left a thing called money. Humans used it to obtain food and other supplies that were alien to me. We would learn of their uses in time. As my dad left to return to the pack we settled in to our new way of life, as humans. For now.

*2 weeks later*

'I should have acted sooner. I hadn't realised they were already here. My elders had told me of their return. I had not acted in time. There is only one who they trully fear and who can trully put an end to them. No-one wanted to believe. Believe they even existed let alone that they would return. We should have known. I should of known. If we can exist so can they. And now the truth has dawned and it has dawned in pain, fire, destruction, war and death. I know the only one they trully fear. The one who can trully put an end to them. They call him Lupus Bellator Mortis, the wolves call him the Beserker, I call him Darius- my son.'

The ball came flying through the air into the firm grip of my hands and I charged forward towards the opposited end of the field. Aidan stood in my way. He was a big guy, I think they called him a prop. He opened his arms wide to catch me and put me to the floor or thats what I think he intended on doing. Instead he found himself lying in a heap as I ran through his temple like body. Roars of awe surrouned the field as I powered towards the end of the field. All that now stood in my way was one guy. I never knew him. I had never seen him before. He was smaller than Aidan- a lot smaller. Not overly muscley or overly tall. I was going to give the crowd something else to cheer about. I was going to knock this guy out of the field. My legs continued to power me towards him and I charged towards him. Slowly he lowered himself and crashed his shoulder into my face. I felt my nose crush under the impact as I crashed into the grassy field and the ball flew out of my hands.
"Darius!" I heard Candice yell as she and Elijah ran to me. I heard a whistle blow and my team ran up to confront the one who had floored me.
"What the fuck are you playing at?"
"Who do you think you are?"
"I'll break your nose, see how you like it. Fucking dick!"
I saw a prop from my team touch his head against this guy who had floored me. I had learned this was the way in which young human males showed that they intended on initating a physical confrontation. I believe some called it a 'square go'. However the man with the whistle got between them and sent them both away. Elijah and Candice helped me off the pitch and the remainder of the game was abandoned.
"Darius, are you ok? You're bleeding." Candice said to me as she sat me down next to a tree
"I will heal in time." I saw Elijah looking at the guy who had done this to me. Elijah sniffed the air. I blew out the congealed blood from my nose and stried to smell also. Strange. It wasn't a familiar scent.
"We better go," Candice spoke once more. "It's a full moon tonight, we best head to the farm quickly."
And with that we walked out of the town, down the dirt track, across the brige, through the corn field, over the hill, along another dirt track and towards the farm house and barn that we had been told to go to.

'I hope I'm not too late. I hope they have gone to the barn. I will find them their and I will have to bring them back to what's left of the pack. I really done't want to interupt their time as humans as this could destroy their future, but I must. Not only for their safety, not only for our pack, but for the entirety of our kind. I need to help Darius realise his full potential as a Beserker now, or there will be no time for any of us to explore our human instinct.'

I opened the door of the farm house. It creaked loudly. It was dark. The curtains were all drawn. There was some broken glass on the floor and holes in the walls.
"Wha...what happened here? What's that smell?" Elijah looked around and spoke. We all sniffed the air. There was a familiar scent, and one not so familiar. I ushered Elijah and Candice to remain silent and follow me. We walked around the dark hallway following the familiar scent. We walked into what looked like the a living room. It was horrific. Two wolves lay across the floor, bloody and battered. I crouched next to them. One had a large tear across its kneck and blood ouzed out of it. The other was in a worse state, almost unidentifiable. I clenched my fist, I could hear Candice crying. Elijah held her close to him. I heard him mutter something soothing to her. I sniffed the air again- the unfamiliar smell. It still lingered.
"We have to go." I said as I stood up and turned to Elijah and Candice.
"You're not going anywhere!" A voice roared from no-where. Five figures dropped from the ceiling and surrounded the three of us. I felt something surge through my veins. Like anger and excitement. One of the figures spoke,
"The one nearest the wolves, he is Lupus Bellator Mortis. Kill the other two but make sure we take him alive."
They began to close in on us. I caught a glimpse of one of their eyes. Perfectly white. I saw the teeth. Perfectly white and supremely sharp. I noticed the nails on their hands, dark-almost black, also extremely sharp. These weren't wolves. I knew that much, but what were they? Suddenly I heard a roar, all the figures turned to look as a wolf crashed through the a window and powered through two of the figures. Blood sprayed over the room as the wolf tore into the figures that now lay on the floor. It turned to us, it was my dad,
"Transform! All of you! Now! Its time to fight!" he growled. I felt a surge go through my body, my muscles grew and my shape altered as I went from human to wolf. We fought. All three of us. We scratched and bit and ripped bits of flesh from these figures that were now trying to flee. One of them began to run through the halls. I followed it closely as it broke out the door and flew into the sky. I let out a howl as it flew off into the now darkening sky. My father, Elijah and Candice emerged from the house all in wolf form. We could not change back now, the moon was full.
"We must go," my father spoke, "Any questions you have I will answer when we get back with the pack, but for now we run. Son you go at the back and I will lead the way. Stay close. Stay quiet. We must be quick." And with that we ran through the trees and over the hills. Leaving behind a trully horrific scene and our human life.

'I didn't want them to have to find out like this. I never wanted any of my pack to experience the return of these creatures. But it has happened and as alpha I must protect them and guide them as much as I can. But I now also need to make sure my son can train to become the elite Beserker that he infact is. I wish I could have spent the time training with him after he had learned of his human instinct, but unfortunately plans sometimes have to change. My only choice is to send him to the Eagles. They will train him to a point where he can utilise his Beserker capabilities. Then, only one of the elders can unlock the remainder of his strengths. I just hope I am still here to take him to the elders. I also hope the elders are still here to unlock the remainder of his strengths. I will need to contact all other packs, all other wolves. We will need to unite until he has become the complete Beserker. We will need to hold back the beasts until Darius can assist us and destroy them for good. Elijah and Candice will go to the Eagles with him. Once this is all over, we can re-establish our pack. That is providing we all still live to see the reminents of what will be a world shattering war.'










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