Americas Most Dead.

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An Imagining of the Assault on Osamas house in Pakistan

Submitted: May 04, 2011

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Submitted: May 04, 2011



I like to think the night Osama Bin Laden was killed it went down something like this......

A gecko scampers across a gravel covered roof and suddenly stops, twisting its brown head left and right listening for prey. Suddenly, out of the black sky a size 10 black combat boot crunches onto the gecko and it explodes in a burst of red and brown.

The owner of the of the boot scrapes the mess away and begins to quickly and silently fold his parachute canopy as 7 more Navy SEALs land around him in a tight circle and do the same. Seconds later the men are squared away and form into two 4-man teams and split up in different directions, gliding noiselessly across the 100m roof to set up their abseiling rigs. At the edge of the building the noises of music and laughter ripple up from the windows below. The four men begin their decent in unison, face first down the side of the building their MP5s with silencers trained on the two hefty guards below them, as they get closer, two SEALs stop short and cover the other two as they approach the laughing guards. Mere inches from the cigarette smoking Camel Jockeys, the two men replace their MP5s with knives and with a curt nod from one they both grab the guards by their mouths and plunge the razor sharp knives into the far side of their throats and quickly work their way through flesh until the windpipes of both men have be opened. Meanwhile the first two SEALs have made their way down and take the two guards in their arms and drag them in behind a nearby Generator.

As the two knife wielding soldiers clean and put away their blades the other 4-man team slipped around the corner, one carrying and large dog with its neck opened much like the two guards. As both teams formed up at the wooden door in the middle of the building they stack up in straight lines, one behind the other. The first man reaches to his chest and unclips a flashbang and nods toward the first man on the other side. As soon as the message had been received the black clad figure reaches behind him and produces a Benelli M4 shotgun, steps out and blows away the two hinges holding the door on the frame and gives it an almighty kick, as this happens, the Flashbang holding SEAL pulls the pin and rolls it through the space where the door used to be. Seconds later a blinding flash and a deafening bang explodes from the room and the eight men enter with weapons raised in preparation.

The SEALS barrelled into the room, sure in their intelligence that their target lay inside, but only silence met them. 8 red lasers searched the room, scanning though the dust for something that posed a threat. As the Dust clears, a leather chair begins to appear. The lasers darted toward the chair but nothing stirred. As the dust finally settled a figure sat facing them. The figure they had expected to see, Americas most wanted, Osama Bin Laden. He was exactly as they had seen him in the INT pictures, only this time he was holding and stroking a white fluffy cat, with careless red eyes. “America!, you have finally found me” Osama calmly proclaimed. “Give it up Osama, the games over” replied Master Sergeant Don Huertas. Osama cackled with laughter placed his cat on the ground and rubbed his hands with Glee, “That is where you are wrong America, the game has just begun”, Suddenly the door behind Bin Laden burst open, shards of wood flying through the room, the 8 lasers shot toward it in shock. What came from the door, nobody but Bin Laden expected. A huge grizzly Bear emerged, head covered with a shining steel helmet, and shuffled towards them. Bells hung from around its hands and feet which caused it to jingle and jangle as it made its way past its owner. “Have fun with my friend America, ha ha ha” bellowed Osama as he made a break for the door from which the bear had just emerged. The bear, now in the middle of the room, stopped, sniffed the air and with a shattering roar stood up onto its two hind legs to show the SEALS its crowning glory, silver steel covered the bear like a knight’s armour. From head to toe the bear was protected. The highly polished steel even had its owners faced shaped into his belly, The image of Osama Bin laden laughed at them as Master Sergeant Huerta gave the order to open up. 9mm rounds pinged and bounced off the steel surface, as the SEALs rolled into cover looking for a weakness in the armour. Petty Officer Mason Pfeiffer Launched himself under a rickety table as the great bear swiped at him, as he went under he knocked over a 3 stick candelabra that lay atop it, the candles fell along with a bottle of whisky and as the two hit the ground an explosion of flame erupted, the bear roared and turned as the flames engulfed it. Pfeiffer knew he only had seconds to act and launched himself on the front of the bear, burrowed his hands underneath the bears shining helmet and ripped it off, the great bear howled as the connecting screws holding it to its head came away. Blood shot across Pfeiffer’s face as he reached to his thigh for his berretta pistol and put it underneath the bears head, for a split second time appeared to stop and as he looked into the bears sad brown eyes he felt things should’ve been different for the magnificent creature, then he said “Bye bye teddy bear” removed the safety and sent the 9mm bullet through the back of the grizzly’s head. The bears eyes rolled into the back of its massive skull and it fell silently backwards to the floor. Dust erupted around Mason as he climbed off the beast and put his pistol away. The 8 men quickly composed themselves and they made their way through the door from which Osama had left.

As they came through the door they realised they were out in the open. “Find Him” ordered Don Huertas, but before the men had time to move bullets started to whizz passed them into the brickwork of the building, the rounds were being fired by Osama himself from what appeared to be a golden AK47. “You may have defeated my furry friend America but you will never defeat me”, spat Osama as he launched another tirade of 7.62mm rounds towards the Navy SEALs. As the soldiers replied with their own rounds the dust in the courtyard suddenly whipped up all around them as a HUEY chopper came in from above to land, “he’s got a chopper” cried Jarrett Larson, the newest member of SEAL team 6, as they watched the chopper come in to land 50m from Osama he began to make a run for it, ducking a dodging the incoming rounds from the SEALs, “ha ha America, you cannot hit me, Fools” he sang. Getting closer to the chopper Osama knew he had made it and thought nothing of turning and unleashing one final burst of gunfire toward the helpless SEALs, “Bye Bye America, I dodged you again”, turning back towards the chopper he froze as the barrel of a Desert eagle pressed against his temple, the figure holding it wasn’t wearing a pilots uniform as would be expected from someone who came from the cockpit of the chopper but instead he wore and Dark blue suit, white shirt and a red tie, pinned to his chest was a small American flag.

Barack Obama new this day would finally come, and as he removed the stub of a cigar from his mouth he uttered the last words Americas most wanted would hear. “Dodge this” he calmly delivered as the .50cal round exploded from the weapon and opened a hole in Osama Bin Laden’s head large enough to put a fist through. As the body of Osama fell to the ground, President Obama stood over him and emptied the rest of the magazine into his lifeless body whilst chanting “USA, USA, USA, USA, USA, USA”

The End!

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