snow in sunlight

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not so much a story....

Submitted: September 29, 2014

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Submitted: September 29, 2014



The storm that raged outside looked like a warm breeze compared to the torment that blazed like a bush fire through his sweating mind. His eyes glinted through the shadowy light that enveloped his cold and limp body that slumbered in silent remorse ...thoughts of better days of love and laughter of sweet music and kind and gentle words of friendship..of carefree fun and of blissfull ignorance of life's own mortal dangers.


The space around him seemed solid his hand reached to touch a face that sat before him smiling and bristling with anticipation of pleasant engagement ....then vanished like snow in sunlight. Slowly he moved ...carefully he turned to face a caressing wall ...Staring back.. silently forbidding further movement blocking his progress yet keeping him warm..... safe. The room kept him from himself and protected him from  the world that hated him ...he was a prisoner that loved incarceration a lover that loved love but hated freedom. And outside the storm still raged and inside the room fell silent and darkness came ...the cold turned to warmth the face returned beckoning him forward towards the beautiful and blissful world of non-existence. 


He stretched and grasped the hand that led him eagerly, desperately ...... And the room disappeared like snow in sunlight slowly and calmly fading and sweetly singing as it went. 

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