What if

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

its something i would love to ask all of you out there.
its also something everyone can relate to!

what if there is only one way out
but its one that makes u wanna scream and shout

what if the only path u can follow
leaves u feeling empty and hollow

what if u find your hands are tied
but your just going to have to let it slide

what if the puzzle is so damn complex
trying to put it together leaves you perplexed

what if u cant even go to bed
because there are too many voices in your head

what if they whisper too damn loudly
and the only thing u do is cry too softly

what if u want to let out a scream
and just turn life into one big dream

what if your feeling cold, and shivering
but all your doing is staring at the wall and screaming

what if u find it hard to think
and all the tears dont let u blink

what if u just want someone to listen
and hold u close enough to see your tears glisten

what if u want to become a stone
because every thought chills your bones

what if u cud pay a fortune and forget
lose the memories and never regret

what if each memory was like a knife
slowly stabbing you, and taking away your life

what if u still really dont mind
cause all the darkness is making u blind

what if u smile throughout your whole life
never revealing the hidden pain and strife

what if there are so many thing u want to say
at the tip of your tongue, so close, yet so far away

what if u scream at everything u had to let go
and as u scream, u hear the silence grow

what if u beg everyone to stay
and the more u beg, the more they turn away

what if theres no way u can reach out and shout
to all the people who wanted out

what if u could look into your future
and make lifes meaning a little clearer

what if gods angels tell you to beware
cause there isnt really a god up there

what if u believe what the angels say
that would explain the darkness during the day

what if ur actually "stuck in reverse"
and ur life is like a coldplay song verse

what if u think ur becoming insane
cuz theres just nothing u can do to avoid the rain

what if your afraid that you'll die tomorrow
but what really scares u is that no one'll feel any sorrow

Submitted: February 18, 2010

© Copyright 2021 jonty15cfc. All rights reserved.

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This is really really good. I love it

Mon, February 22nd, 2010 5:54pm

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