The Rake: First Encounter

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So this series is based on a true experience that my friend Jacob and I had, and what we think was possibly the Rake that we had encountered.

Submitted: July 09, 2017

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Submitted: July 09, 2017



I always heard my friends talking about this… creature. This thing that was out in the woods, I used to tell them that they were crazy for believing in that sort of stuff… But it wasn’t until two days ago, me and my best friend went camping… out in those very woods that our friends believed IT lived..


The night before i stayed at my best friend Jacob’s house, so we could pack and get everything ready to go to the woods. It wasn’t until we started packing I had realized that Jacob hadn’t mentioned anything about the creature in the woods. We just carried on a normal conversation just like two normal teenagers would. I didn’t question it at all, because of course I didn’t want to hear anything about it. After we got done packing Jacob turns to me and says, “We’re going to be okay out there tonight, right?” I find this question to be a little creepy, so all I manage to say is, “Don’t worry Jake, everything is going to be fine.”


Since Jake’s house is right in front of the forest, we just walk down the dirt road to our private campsite. Jacob is riding his bike, so he’s just a few yards in front of me, when all of a sudden, I hear footsteps behind me…. But they didn’t sound human…. Nor did they sound like an animal… I look back. Only to see nothing is there. Jake, immediately stops his bike when he doesn’t hear me following him. He turns back at me, the expression on his face told me that he wanted to tell me, ‘Come on dude, why are you just standing there? Let’s go.’ But obviously he says nothing, and I say nothing and we both carry on.


It’s now around 9 PM, just two hours after we got to the campsite. I’m fishing to get our dinner, while Jake is starting the campfire. Everything was normal until I heard… Jake. He was screaming. I quickly run over to make sure Jake is okay. But what I came to was something worse… I see Jake. Pointing at this tree… I look up, and I see… this, this creature.. Staring down at us, with its piercing white glowing eyes. It was nowhere near a human. This thing looked like slenderman, it’s arms abnormally long, its legs skinny and bony… But it was inverted. It’s was in what looked like a bridge position…


This creature was what all my friends were talking about. Jake looks at me and silently mouths, “We run on 3. 1. 2. 3.!” At this point we leave everything we had brought with us, except for a flashlight. Jake is in front of me.. I have the flashlight in my hand, trying to keep the light steady so Jake can see. I start to become curious, so I turn the flashlight behind me, look back and see the creature, still chasing us.


At this point we ran past the house, so I yell to Jake, who is about 30 feet in front of me, “Jake Go left, we gotta get back to your house!” I see Jake nod, and he goes left. We are running through this field, coming up to Jake’s house, we’re both hoping that Jake’s mom did what we told her to and left the back door unlocked, just in case we decided to come back home early.


We finally made it to the house. Jake and I run to the back door, hoping it's unlocked. We make it to the door, Jake turns the knob. He looks back at me. “It’s locked.” I stare at Jake for about 30 seconds, then look back at the field. IT isn’t following us anymore. It’s about 12AM now, we stayed at the back door, for about 3 hours, surveying the area, making sure it still wasn’t following us. I look at Jake and tell him, “Why don’t we go to the front of the house and ring the doorbell, your mom might still be awake to let us inside.” Jake just nods, still too terrified to talk.


We make it to the front of the house. I ring the doorbell, and to my surprise Jake’s mom opens the door, she’s still wide awake. She asks us why we came back before daybreak. I simply say, “We couldn’t catch any fish for our dinner.” We continue the conversation a little bit after that, revealing nothing, about what we had witnessed, less than an hour before. Since Jake was still aghast at what he saw, he slept in his mom’s room. I slept in Jake’s room. It’s around 4AM, and I still can’t sleep. So I went over to Jake’s computer and logged on. After about half an hour of research, I find out that this creature is…. The Rake


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