Now she loves me

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Now she loves me is a short story about a man who becomes so consumed with puzzling thoughts after his girlfriend leaves him, what will make her show her love for him?

Submitted: January 25, 2015

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Submitted: January 25, 2015



Now she loves me

"Now she loves me! why does she choose to love me now?"  whispers Joe as he slips further and further away from her with every breath he inhales and exhales. As he lie's in a bed of mud, cold with arms wrapped around him, Joes eyes begin to feel heavy, his mind starts to wonder through moments in his life from his 1st birthday to the day his father died, until...

Light piercing through the blinds into the eyes of Joe in his bed, he wakes. Just like any normal day he drags himself from his bed in fashion only compareable to a wounded sloth making a slow getaway, he walks down the stairs of his home to be be greeted by a plate of lastnights indian curry and a can of stella. In no great rush he makes his way back to his room to get him work clothes (ofcourse by this time he's already 15 minuets late because he had to watch his mandatory tv shows). once upstairs he begins to transfrom from Joe the the wounded sloth, to..... Joe the unsatisfied barista.

Joe shortly arrives at work after undergoing a productive morning. As he walks through the doors of 'bean stalk' (the coffee house he works at) he is welcomed by his manager Ted. "Do you think you can turn up at this time and still think you have a job? are you some kind of idiot?" said Ted. "I'll make the time up ted, jesus get off my back!" replied Joe in an under enthusiastic tone. After a breif and less than memorible talk between Joe and Ted he walks to the counter to start serving the customers.

Hours pass and just the same old, same old. That is until... the most beautful and godess like looking woman walks in through the Bean Stalk doors, dressed in a formal, ladies suit. "Can i have a Mocha to go please?" said a soft voice " that'll be £2.50" replies Joe (with his head still pointed at his shoe laces). After he raises his head to grab the change from the customer he looks her dead in the eyes entranced by her beauty. "Can i ask what your name is?" Joe says to the woman. "Jackie, my names jackie" she said with a smile on her face. As she rached into her pocket to collect the change needed to pay for her drink she did so whislt holding a small piece of paper in her hand. Jackie handed over the change with the paper and walked off. Joe looked at the paper confused as to why she gave it to him and as he looked he realised it was her phone number. 

On lunch break Joe decided to give Jackie a call. The phone rang for what felt like an eturnety but was only ringing for what was infact seconds. As the calling tone ended Joe began to speak nervously. After a long conversation Joe had agreed to meet Jackie that night for a drink and some food.

When Joe had finished work he sped home in order to get ready for his date with Jackie, he got out his best clothes from his wardrobe (a white shirt and some black trousers) and began to srub up. When he showed up at the pub where he was meeting Jackie He was suprised to see she had alrady arrived even though it was 10 minuets to early! The night passed with minimal fuss and a great night was had by all.

3 months down the line Joe had the courage to ask Jackie to enter a relationship with him which with a exstatic reply she said "yes". Things were going great at first until Jackie began to drink heavly. fights broke out between the two but in the end they always ended up getting back together. Due to the stress caused by Jackie's antics like: drinking heavly, flirting with other men and putting Joe last he felt he had enough, his mind was completely in a state where he was paranoid, angry and was full of self loathing due to the fact that Jackie seemed to love random men more than him.

Jackie crawled home one night after a time of heavy drinking, flirting and cheap hook-up's. Joe had enough he lost his temper, smashed the house up and ordered Jackie to leave the house. With a smug look on her face she left knowing they would be back together shorlty and she had him where she wanted him.

When Jackie left the house was silent. joe sitting in the middle of the floor in a pool of his own tears hated himself he looked at the small puddle on the floor and wished it was his blood. His mind in a confused state he got his coat from the chair and a knife from the draw and got into his car. he drove for hours to find the spot he wanted to be at peace at, where the hurt pain and worry would leave his body in the form of blood. He slammed the breaks on! as his dark eyes fixed on a spot of wet grass overlooking the city the hairs on his arms stood up knowing that this was the end. He exited the car and made his way to his spacious and damp coffin. Joe looked out at the city and he saw the same beauty that he had seen the first time had looked into Jackies eyes. He placed his phone next to him and he dragged the knife up his wrists until the muddy patch of grass turned red! Joes phone begins to ring and in a effort to answer it he does so in great pain. "Joe its Jackie im on my way to you! where are you going? i lost you at the bottom of the country lanes, look im sorry for how ive been can we sort this out?" Joe laughs and lays down on the mud and begins to close his eyes... Until, a beam of light casts over the muddy feild and a figure runs from the source! its Jackie! with tears streaming down her face and blood on her knees from where she fell to ground realising what Joe had done she cries out for help. she looks at joe in the eyes screaming "Im not going to let you go! i love you!" Joe smiles and whispers "Now she loves me! why does she choose to love me now!" His eyes begin to grow heavy and his breath begins to grow weak. With one last look at the love of his lifes face he drifts off as the worry and pain leaves his body.


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