The Forest By Jordan Hughes

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A Hunters Travles through the forrest

Submitted: March 15, 2013

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Submitted: March 15, 2013



The Forest

By Jordan Hughes


He stood on top of a hill, looking for miles through the scope of his rifle, seeing the mountains and forests that surrounded the area. Beauty at its fullest form, the snow on the mountains peak looked like shimmering pieces of diamonds as it reflected off the sun radiance. The forests stood tall with each tree as big as the last. The strong vibrant colour of green filled the land with its presence.

The man was tall like one of the trees in the gentle forest, standing on high looking for miles. He began his decent from the hill to the great forest. Walking from tree to tree, until he reached a clearing. The suns light shined bright through the trees, the man placed his bag and rifle against a tree then sat near a small stream of water. As he looked closer at the water he noticed a small frog or toad, he didn’t know what it was. It jumped through and out of the water careless and free. The current of the water pushed up against the creatures back and the bumps on its back moved with it like a strange rhythmical pattern. The man reached out to pick the frog up and grabbed him, stroking its back and staring into its eyes. The frog seemed unafraid it jumped from the man’s hand and landed on the man’s shoulder, it stayed there for a while.

The man stood from the stream then walked to where his bag and gun was placed. The frog was still peering over the man’s shoulder, motionless and humble. As the man leaned down to pick up his equipment a large crack came from the distance, the frog jumped off of the man and hoped back to the stream.

Then it emerged from the tall trees and stared at the man, it stood high on its back legs and let out a massive roar. Its teeth were blood stained, as sharp and deadly as its bite. The man’s heart was pounding, like his chest was going to burst. He quickly grabbed his rifle then aimed, but the mighty creature disappeared. He slowly moved forward, placing his back to each tree he walked passed till he found a paw print in the mud and dirt. It was a bear, an adult male and a big one at that. The man followed the tracks left from this massive creature till they stopped at the entrance of a cave. The cave was dark and wide, he knew that going inside would be suicide so he waited near a tree for the bear to leave the cave.

The sun soon descended and the night arouse, the darkness spread across the forest making it very hard for the man to see. He waited for the bear for a couple of hours now and then the bear appeared. Growling and moaning through the trees, the man sat looking at it making sure not to make a sound. The bear was big with a strong black coat and claws which could shred through men in one powerful swing. He slowly picked up his rifle and aimed it at the bear, looking through the scope fixing the crosshair on the bears head. Moments passed, the shot from the rifle echoed through the forest and a flock of birds that nested in the nearby trees flew violently in the darkened sky. The bear’s gigantic body crashed to the floor, the man walked over to the body of this majestic creature. A small sigh was released from the man’s presence; the bear’s eyes were now as empty as the man’s heart. He knelt down on one knee and grabbed his knife then cut the bear’s paw off. The man now waited till dawn, the sun soon arouse from the bottom of the world and shined in the sky, a light so bright. He walked back to the clearing and sat at the stream, looking at the water which sparkled off the suns light. The frog soon joined the man again, it jumped on the man’s shoulder ounce more and the man turned his neck to the side to see the brightly coloured amphibian. Then he walked out of the forest brushing his hands on the old oak trees that passed him, but before leaving he carved an engraving into the last tree he passed.

A bear paw print…

© Copyright 2018 Jordan Hughes. All rights reserved.

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