Football:what it means to me

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a story about what happened to me in football

Submitted: December 18, 2013

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Submitted: December 18, 2013



One of the most important things in my life is football.Football is very special to me. Football gives me purpose, It gives me reason. Football is a game that taught me alot of things such as disipline. The game of football requires alot of things like hard work, dedication, will power, honor, respect, and most importantly loyalty to my teamates.

My love for football started when i was little. I used to watch it all the time. The first time i ever played was in 3rd grade. I played on the flag football team. we were pretty good. we didnt really have positions. Flag football was more about fun. Flag football taught us sportsmanship.

After flag football i played my first year of tackle football and i played center, it was a big responsibility. Little league was fun even though i only played one year.

In the beginning of my 5th grade year I moved from monroe county to glasgow. I made freinds in glasgow but something didnt feel right. I lost interest in school and sports. I just didnt feel at home. so a year passed and i still loved watching football but i couldnt find the drive to make myself play. Then i got the news that i would be moving back to monroe county.

Moving back to monroe made me really happy. whenever i went back i met old freinds and it was great. During my first two years of middle school I was having trouble at home. I was struggling with depression, but I didn't want anyone to know because it sucked. Then the beginning of my eighth grade year, my mom left me at my dad's one day, and she didn't come back. I was sad at first, but in time I realized it was for the better. I felt happy again and finally decided to play football again.

Freshman year was exactly that--fresh. I enjoyed being with the team, and even though I didn't see much action on Friday's, it was still fun.

The sophomore year came around and it was a blast. We made it all the way to semi-state in the playoffs. I felt like life was on the rise.

Then during the off-season in january, I lost one of my best friends, Jesse Bowman. He died in a car wreck on his way to a surprise birthday party. His death was really hard on everyone, but we made it through. I still think about him every day.

Then my junior year of high school came and I finally got a starting spot on varsity. I was nervous. Before our first scrimmage I separated my shoulder and had to miss two weeks. Now I'm healthy and playing again.

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