Happy Jack's (part 1)

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A group of teens head out on a camping trip and things go terribly wrong.

Submitted: November 05, 2011

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Submitted: November 05, 2011





Bobby (very naive) has been miscellaneously tipped on whom to get ‘coke’ from.  Being desperate and new to the drug scene he decides to contact this dealer.  Him and the dealer (unnamed) set up a time and place in which the deal will occur.  It is currently night time.


  • Dealer, Bobby, Brian


Dealer:  Happy Jack’s Campground, this Saturday.


Bobby:  I may be new to this but aren’t there better places to do this than a campground?  I mean…… I don’t even know where that is.


Dealer:  The place has been closed down for years, it’s where I tell all my customers to go and I don’t plan on changing anything for you.


Bobby:  Fine.  Can you at least give me directions or something?  I’m a bit lost here if you haven’t noticed.


Dealer:  If you want the stuff I’m sure you’ll find out.


*short pause*


Dealer:  You’ll get a call Saturday with more details.


*dealer hangs up first*


There is a short dial tone and Bobby momentarily hangs up.


*Dials Brian’s number.  Brian answers*


Brian:  What’s up?


Bobby:  Have you ever heard of a campground called Happy Jack’s?


Scene 1

It is currently Thursday evening.  During this scene Brian and Erica, a young couple, talk about the weekend camping trip they will be partaking in.  They are both friends of Bobby who has arranged this camping because he thought they could make some fun out of the situation.  Bobby has informed Brian of his intentions but Erica is oblivious. 


  • Brian, Erica


Brian:  Does your mom still think you’re going to a ‘sleepover party’ for Elena’s birthday tomorrow?


Erica:  Affirmative. She might be a little suspicious when I don’t come home until Sunday morning though.


Brian:  Yeah I guess…. But you have all weekend to think of an excuse.  Your mom is one of the most gullible people I’ve ever met, things will turn out fine.


Erica:  Hopefully………


*short pause*


Brian:  So how goes the packing?


Erica:  Just finished.  I can’t find the tent though; it must be buried in the garage somewhere.


Brian:  Well I was thinking we could share mine, if you catch my drift.


Erica:  Brian.  You know I’m not ready for that.


*Brian lets out a deep sigh*


Brian:  I never would have guessed.  (Hint of sarcasm in his voice)


Brian:  Well, if you can’t find yours my tent is built for two for a reason. 


Erica:  Thanks, I guess.

Brian:  Sorry, I’ll stop pressuring you.  When you’re ready I’m ready.  And until then we’ll leave it at that.


Erica:  Ok, good.


Brian:  So Bobbys got the beer situation under control.  He’s picking it up on the way over tomorrow.


Erica:  I see.  Just make sure you remember the smores.


Brian:  Of course.  What’s a camping trip without smores?


Erica:  That’s what I like to hear.


Brian:  Well I’m going to head out to the store to get the food supply for the weekend, any last requests?  Now is the time to speak up.


Erica:  No, I’m sure you’ll make out fine.  I’ll see you tomorrow.


Bobby:  Love you, bye.


*Erica hangs up.  Bobby makes a sarcastic face into the phone and hangs up as well*


Scene 2

It is Friday afternoon and everyone is meeting at Brian’s house to depart on their trip.  Bobby and Brian are currently the only ones who know their actual destination and the drug situation.  Erica is still displaying a snarky attitude towards Brian.  The girls are the first to arrive, followed by Kenny, whose arrival is an unpleasant surprise to everyone except for Jen because she is the one that invited him.  Bobby arrives late.


  • Brian, Elena, Jen, Erica, Bobby, Kenny


*doorbell rings.  Brian answers it.  In walk Elena and Jen*


Brian:  Great timing, come on in.  Where’s Erica?


Jen:  She’s just getting her stuff from the car.


Brian:  Alright.  I just talked to Bobby; he said he’s going to be a little while.


Elena:  What a surprise, Bobbys late again.  It’d be such a shame if one day he decided to break his perfect streak and show up on time for once.


Brian:  Cut him some slack, at least he’s picking up the beer for us.


*Erica enters and plops two full bags on the ground*


Brain:  Hey you.  I wasn’t aware we were bringing our whole wardrobes with us.


Erica:  Well if the bags bother you I could always leave them and just wear these all weekend.


Brian:  Yeah….. Probably not a good plan.


Erica:  That’s what I thought.  Let’s check out the food supply shall we?


*Erica walks towards kitchen*


Brian: What’s going on with her, she’s been a total bitch lately.  (Quietly)

Elena:  Yah I know what you mean, we had to deal with her shit during the car ride here and I’m already fed up.  I’m pretty sure Mother Nature decided to drop off her monthly gift a bit early this time.


*Erica yells from the kitchen*


Erica:  Really Brian, milk chocolate?!  You know I only like white, how am I supposed to make smores with this shit?!


Jen:  Yup, It’s going to be a long trip.


*With Jen leading the way everyone heads towards the kitchen*


Elena:  Chill out Erica.  We can pick up your precious white chocolate on our way out of town.


*Elena looks through groceries*


Brian:  Does anyone else feel the need to criticise my grocery shopping skills?


Elena:  Nope, I think we’re going to make out just fine with what we’ve got.  Thanks for picking them up by the way.


Brian:  Thank you!  At least someone is showing some appreciation around here.  Who puts white chocolate on smores anyways?


Erica:  Well clearly I do.  You don’t have to be so rude about it.


Brian:  Erica can we talk for a sec?


*Brian begins walking towards the door and motions her to follow him with his hand*


Erica: Yah, sure.


*Brian and Erica enter the secluded room and shut the door*


Brian:  What’s been going on with you lately?


Erica:  What do you mean?


Brian:  I think you know quite well what I mean.  What’s with the attitude?  Is it because of what I said on the phone last night?  I apologized, life goes on.


Erica:  No, no, it isn’t anything you said.  It’s my time of the month.  I didn’t realize I was acting like a bitch.


Brian:  Alright, I was just worried you were mad about something.


Erica:  Nope we’re good.


*Erica kisses Brian on the cheek and gives a faint smile*


Brian:  Well in that case could you try to keep your raging hormones under control.  You know I have a short temper and the last thing I want is to take it all out on you.


Erica:  I’ll try.


Brian:  Thanks.


*Brian smiles back at Erica.  He opens the door for her and they return to the kitchen*


*Elena is still searching through groceries*


Elena:  Wow, I didn’t want to kick him while he was down but this is all crap.


*Brian and Erica appear behind Elena, but didn’t hear what she had just said*


Brian:  Any sign of Bobby yet?


Jen:  Nope, not that I’m surprised.


Brian:  He’s probably just late picking up the beer, give him a few minutes, he’ll be here.

Elena:  He better be. 


Brian:  Calm your tits Elena.


*doorbell rings*


Brian:  See, there he is now.


*Everyone goes to the door and Brian opens it to find Kenny standing on the porch*


Kenny:  Hey guys.  (Huge grin on his face)


*Bobby shuts the door on him*


Brian:  Alright, who invited the nerd?  I’m in no mood for games.


Elena:  Well it wasn’t any of us!


Erica:  Damn right it wasn’t


Jen:  Yah…..


Brian:  Jen, do you have anything you’d like to share with us?


Jen:  Uhhh, I may have told him he could come along.


Brian:  What the hell made you want to go and do that?


Jen:  Maybe I think he’s cute.


Elena:  Seriously Jen?


*Brian opens the door again.  Kenny is still standing there with the same huge grin plastered on his face.  He shuts it*


Brian:  Are you sure you don’t want to reconsider?


Jen:  Shut up, he’s a nice guy.


Erica:  Well someone has got to go out there and tell him to go home.


Jen:  Please don’t…..You’ll hurt his feelings.


Elena:  Well I don’t want to do it.  He’d probably cry.  Then what would I do?


Erica:  You’d turn around and march right back inside.


Brian:  You seem pretty confident Erica.  Why don’t you go out and get it over with?


Erica:  I’m not going out there!


Jen:  Or you could just let him in, it’s only one weekend.


Brian:  Fine, whatever.  But if I’m sober enough to notice his presence at any point during this weekend, may I be struck by lightning, so help me God.


*Brian opens the door and signals for Kenny to come in, but says nothing*


Jen:  Hey Kenny.  (Very quietly)


*As if he didn’t hear her, and maybe he didn’t, Kenny walks past Jen and goes straight to Elena*


Kenny:  Elena, how’s it going?


Elena:  I’m alright but I think Jen just said hi to you.


Kenny:  Oh, hi Jen.


Brian:  Where’s all your shit?


Kenny:  What exactly do you mean?


Brian:  You are aware we’re going camping right……?


Kenny:  I don’t need anything.  This weekend, the great outdoors and I are going to become one.


Bobby:  Not even some spare clothes?


Kenny:  Nope, just the clothes on my back.


Erica:  Damn it Jen!  The guys going to smell like shit all weekend, I hope you’re happy.


Kenny:  Excuse me, I’m standing right here.


*Erica gives Kenny a look of disgust*


Erica:  Yah, I can see that.


Brian:  Chill out guys, I’m gonna give Bobby a call.


*Brian dials and just as he puts the phone up to his ear the doorbell rings*


*Brian hangs up and opens the door*


Bobby:  Hey guys, sorry I’m late, I just ran into some……….What the hell is he doing here?


Erica:  Why don’t you ask Jen?


Kenny:  Once again, I’m right here.


Bobby:  Jen……?


Elena:  Alright, enough.  Give the guy a break.  Are we ready to go or what?


Brian:  Let’s move out.


Bobby:  Guys in my car, unless you girls wanted to make some room for Dr. Dipshit in yours.  What do you say Elena?


Elena:  Well if you ask me, I think it’s only fair that we stick to the original plan.

Bobby:  Fair Enough.


*Everyone funnels out the front door, bags in hand and begin to load up the vehicles*


Elena:  We should probably hurry up if we want to get out there by sundown.


Bobby:  Just follow my lead and we’ll be there in no time.


*Everyone gets in the cars and they drive off.  Bobby has loud rock music blasting out of his open windows*



Scene 3

During this scene we shift between the two cars as the guys and girls have their separate conversations on the way to the campsite.


  • Brian, Bobby, Kenny, Jen, Erica, Elena


*Scene begins in Bobby’s car*


Brian:  So you gonna put the moves on Elena tonight?


*Bobby and Kenny answer simultaneously*


Bobby:  That’s the plan.


Kenny:  Hell yeah bro!


Brian:  I wasn’t talking to you.


*Bobby turns around to face Kenny, who is sitting in the back seat*


Bobby:  Elenas mine.


Kenny:  Not if I get to her first.


Bobby:  I swear to god Kenny.  If you even glance at her….


Kenny:  You’ll do what?


Bobby:  We’re heading an hour out of town and nobody knows where.  Fill in the blanks bud.


Kenny:  My mom knows where we’re going, I tell her everything.


Brian:  Did you really just say that?


Bobby:  Neither you or your mom have any idea where we are going.


Kenny:  Oh really, then how come Spider Rock is the only campground anywhere close to here?

Bobby:  We’re not going to Spider Rock.


*We now switch over to Elena’s car*


Jen:  Why doesn’t he notice me!?


Erica:  The real question is why do you notice him?


Jen:  I’m the one invited him.  If it wasn’t for me he’d probably be spending the weekend sitting at home by himself counting his leg hairs.


Erica:  I’m sure that wouldn’t take him too long.


*Jen’s tone becomes fierce*


Jen:  That’s beside the point.  He didn’t even respond to me when I said “Hi” to him.  He just went straight to you Elena, didn’t he!


Elena:  Hey! Don’t make me out to be the bad guy here; I wouldn’t be caught dead flirting with that loser.


Jen:  Oh really.  How do I know you haven’t been flirting with him behind my back?


Elena:  Honestly Jen?  I’d rather listen to John Mayer than flirt with him.


Erica:  Well she has me convinced, John Mayer sucks!


Jen:  Alright I guess I believe you, but could you at least try to look a little less attractive.  I’m sure it would help the cause.


Elena:  No can do, that’s not my style.


Jen:  Can’t you just tone it down a little bit.  Really Elena, who are you trying to impress?


Elena:  His name starts with a B and no Erica, I’m not hitting on your boyfriend.


Erica:  Yah you better not be unless you want a boot up your ass.

Jen:  Bobby?  I didn’t see that one coming.


Elena:  Brian says he’s been slowly pushing the idea into Bobby’s head for me.


Erica:  That’s my Brian, always so considerate.


Elena:  Mhm *hint of sarcasm* But really Jen you have nothing to worry about.  Once I get some vodka in me I’ll be wrapped up so tight with Bobby that Kenny will have no one to turn to but you.


Erica:  What, we have vodka?


Jen:  Well at least that should at least get me some alone time with him.  Then I’ll make my move.


Erica:  Jen, the best move you could make on that dork is to walk away.


Jen:  Shut up!


Scene 4

The party arrives at the campgrounds and file out of their cars.  They walk into the forest and find their ‘camp site’, which happens to be a small random clearing in the forest as there have been no actual lots for years.  Suspicion rises in the minds of everyone except for Bobby and Brian who know exactly what they are doing.  Erica seems to be the most bothered.


  • Bobby, Kenny, Brian, Elena, Erica, Jen


Bobby:  Alright boys were here.


*Guys file out of car*


*Girls file out and walk over*


Bobby:  Welcome To Happy Jack’s


Elena:  Where are all of the cars?


Brian:  Its still spring, probably just a slow weekend.


Jen:  More importantly, where are the campgrounds?


Erica:  Yah, All I see is a forest.  You’d think they would at least have a sign or two, no wonder we’re the only ones here.


Bobby:  Come on it’s getting dark, we can’t just stand here and talk all night, let’s get a move on.


*Bobby walks towards forest*


Elena:  Can’t we just drive to our campsite?  I don’t want to carry all this stuff.


Brian:  Look.  That’s not exactly how things work around here.  But I’m sure that Kenny would be honoured to carry your bags for you. 


*Everyone leaves to catch up to Bobby.  Cars lock.  Kenny picks up the girls bags and slowly tries to catch up to the others*

*They are now walking through the forest*


Bobby:  Who do you think would win in a fight between Kenny and my little brother?


Brian:  Joel, hands down!


Erica:  Yah, no question.


Jen:  Bobby isn’t your brother going into grade five?


Bobby:  Don’t underestimate him, he’s a tough kid.


Kenny:  Is the whole weekend going to be like this because I’ve had enough!


Jen:  Yah right, remember that time I punched him in the arm a few months ago and he cried?


Bobby:  That’s different.  This time it’s between him and Kenny.


Kenny:  Does anyone every listen to me?  If I wanted to be ignored I would have just stayed at home.


Jen:  Well I’m listening to you and I’m sure you could easily beat the shit out of Bobby, let alone his brother!


Bobby:  Are you volunteering him because I’d sure love to find out if he could.


Elena:  Everyone calm down.  Do we even know where we’re going?  We’ve been walking for at least 20 minutes.


Brian:  Yah, sorry about the hike it’s just a little bit further.


Elena:  Thank god!  I just want to lie down and relax.


Brian:  Same here.  We called in to rent out our lot yesterday so we can just go straight there.


Erica:  This place is a little too sketchy for my taste.  Someone had to say it; I know we’re all thinking it.


Kenny:  Good, I’m not the only one.


Jen:  Yah guys, I’m going to have to side with Erica on this one.


Elena:  I don’t even care; I just want to sit beside a fire a knock down a couple of beers.  Hell; I could even go for a few white chocolate smores just about now.


Bobby:  Well at least someone’s trying to have a good time.


Erica:  I’m not trying to ruin it for everyone.  Can you just show me where the owner of the park lives?  I would feel a whole lot safer.


*A small clearing can be seen in the distance*


Bobby:  Hey there’s our lot, just up there!


Jen:  Finally!


Erica:  Bobby, did you hear me?


Bobby:  Well I can see you’re not going to let this one go.  Alright, we’ll go first thing tomorrow morning.


Erica:  Ok, I guess I can survive one night.


*Everyone drops heir bags on the lot*


Brian:  Let’s set up the tents before it’s too dark.


Elena:  Let me know when you’re done, I’m going to take a nap.


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