Happy Jack's (part 2)

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A group of teens go on a camping trip and things begin to go terribly wrong.

Submitted: November 05, 2011

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Submitted: November 05, 2011




Scene 5

During this scene Bobby calls the dealer and informs him of the new circumstances.  He asks him to pose as the owner of the campground and the dealer agrees, but for a price.


  • Bobby, Dealer


Bobby:  Hey, It’s Bobby.


Dealer:  You still good for tomorrow?


Bobby:  Yeah, just a little change in plans.


Dealer:  Go on.


Bobby:  Well first off, if it’s possible I’m gonna have to meet you at eleven tomorrow morning.


Dealer:  I don’t know man; I’ve got a busy schedule.


Bobby:  I’ll pay extra.


Dealer:  Now I’m listening.


Bobby:  I took some friends up here camping with me to make some fun out of this and they aren’t convinced this place is legit.  Long story short, I figure the only way to convince them is by getting you to pose as the owner of the campground.  Can you do that for me?


Dealer:  How much extra?


Bobby:  I’ll make it worth your while.


Dealer:  Double.


Bobby:  (Deep sigh) Alright.


Dealer:  There’s an old cabin deep in the woods.  Once you come up on a clearing you’ll know you’re there.  Eleven don’t keep me waiting.

*Dealer hangs up*


*Bobby Hangs up, begins jogging back to the campsite*


Scene 6

Bobby arrives back from his conversation to the now completely set up campsite.  They shoot the bull beside the campfire for a bit and eventually Kenny gets fed up with the constant insults and goes to his tent, Jen follows.  Meanwhile, Bobby and Brian are still trying to keep their secret although Elena and Erica are making it a challenge.  When Jen leaves Kenny’s tent to return to her own she is disgusted to realize they are all ‘occupied’.


  • Bobby, Brian, Kenny, Elena, Erica, Jen


*Bobby quietly approaches campsite as everyone is sitting around the fire talking and drinking.  As bobby gets closer the camera zooms on Kenny.  Bobby slaps Kenny in the side of the face grabs a beer and sits down.*


Bobby:  Sup bitch, miss me?


Kenny:  Frig off Bobby.


Elena:  That was the longest piss of all time.


Bobby:  I had to drop the Cosby kids off at the pool, get off my back.  Hey Kenny, why don’t you grab a beer?


Kenny:  No can do, I happen to be underage Bobby.


Erica:  Well aren’t you just the life of the party.


Kenny:  Even if I was old enough cadets wouldn’t allow me to drink such vile fluid.  We have to stay in peak physical condition!


Brian:  Aye, Aye captain, if you say so.


 Kenny:  I’m a cadet not a God damn sailor!


Brian:  Chill out there Popeye.


Jen:  He does have a point.  Were only seventeen, what if we get caught?


Elena:  If you haven’t noticed, we seem to be the only ones here.

Kenny:  I’m gonna go to sleep…


*Kenny gets up and begins walking to his tent*


Erica:  Don’t let the bed bugs bite!  Or whatever other bugs crawl into your tent…


*Kenny is now in tent, out of scene*


Jen:  Well, I hope you guys are proud of yourselves!


Elena:  What, I didn’t even say anything.


*Jen walks over to Kenny’s tent and enters*


Erica:  She’s the one who invited him; she should have seen this coming.


Bobby:  I can’t help but make fun of him, it’s so easy and the guy’s just so depressing…


Elena:  So what’s on for tomorrow?


Bobby:  Oh, we have something interesting in mind.


Elena:  Could you be a bit more specific?


Brian:  No can do, it’s a surprise.


Erica:  Brian, you know I don’t like surprises!  Maybe we can come to an agreement.


*Erica winks at Bobby*


Brian:  Oh yah?


*Erica gets u, runs to her tent and disappears inside*


Brian:  Well guys, I guess I better get going.


Bobby:  Well I guess it’s just us.

Elena:  That being the case did you want to tell me the surprise now?  If you don’t I’ll just get Erica to fill me in anyways.


Bobby:  What’s in it for me?


Elena:  It’s a surprise.


Bobby:  What kid of surprise?


*Elena sits on Bobby’s lap and kisses him*


*We now relocate to inside of Kenny’s tent*


Jen:  I’m really sorry about all this, they’re being assholes.  I thought they were better than that.


Kenny:  It’s alright, I’m used to it.


Jen:  Well you shouldn’t be, nobody should be!


Kenny:  I’ve had to deal with this stuff ever since I can remember; me and my dad don’t exactly get along.


Jen:  What could your dad possibly have against you?  You’re the sweetest guy I know.


Kenny:  That’s exactly the problem!  Do you think that joining cadets was my choice?  My dad served in the army for years.


Jen:  Just because he supports war and violence doesn’t mean you have to.


Kenny:  Why don’t you try telling him that?


*Kenny rolls over, his face now muffled by a pillow*


Jen:  Well if it makes you feel any better I don’t exactly have the greatest of dads either.


Kenny:  And how’s that?


Jen:  Well, my dad has a serious drinking problem.


Kenny:  Mhm.


Jen:  It’s not only that.  When he drinks he gets angry and when he gets angry he gets physical.  Who do you think’s at home for him to take it out on when he finally arrives home in the early hours of the morning? Me and my mom.  I tell her to leave that asshole every day but there’s something in her that still loves him, something all of the bruises in the world won’t be able to change.  Next time your dads asks you to toughen up a little just remember, it could be worse….


*Short silence*


Jen:  Kenny?


*Jen shifts over to look at his face.  He is asleep, drooling slightly*


Jen:  Thanks for listening.


*Jen exits Kenny’s tent and sees that both of the other tents are rocking back and forth.  A disgusted expression appears on her face and she returns to Kenny’s tent*


Scene 7

It is now Saturday morning and gradually everyone is waking up and emerging from their tents.  Once everybody except for Kenny has awoken they decide it’s about time to meet up with the so called campsite owner.  All except for Bobby and Brian remain oblivious.


  • Brian, Bobby, Jen, Erica, Elena



*Bobby and Elena emerge from their tent.  Jen is sitting in a chair by the fire pit*


Elena:  Well you’re up bright and early.


Jen:  Yeah, I haven’t been sleeping too well lately.


Elena:  Oh, why’s that?


Jen:  I have no idea.


Elena:  Wait a minute, where did you end up sleeping?  Our tent was kind of occupied if you know what I mean.


Jen:  I slept in Kenny’s tent, and no, nothing happened, he was passed out the whole time.


Bobby:  Well that’s quite the surprise.


Elena:  Sorry about that Jen.


*Brian and Erica emerge from their tent*


Jen:  I take it you two had a busy night as well?


Brian:  You know it!


*Brian and Bobby high five*


Elena:  How mature are you guys?


Bobby:  Apparently we’re mature enough for you two.


Erica:  I can’t believe you Brian.  Even after last night you still won’t tell me the secret.


Brian:  Hey! There were no guarantees.  I don’t recall ever saying I would tell you.


Elena:  Why would you trust them in the first place, you should have known that you weren’t going to find out.


Bobby:  You’ve got the idea Elena, fast learner. I like it.


Erica:  Still, I’m not impressed


Brian:  Chill out, you’ll find out soon enough now anyways.


Erica:  Damn it Brian, just tell me!


Bobby:  What do you say we go meet up with the manager of this place now Erica?


Erica:  Fine, but one of you is going to tell me what’s going on, and I’ll make sure of it.


Bobby:  Sure you will, lets get going.


Jen:  What about Kenny, should we wake him up?


Elena:  Doesn’t matter to me, what do you think?


Jen:  You know what, screw him, let’s go.


Bobby:  I’m starting to like your attitude Jen.



Scene 8

They come up on the cabin of the pervious manager and meet up with the dealer who does a good job posing as the current owner of the campgrounds.  The cabin is in awful condition but everyone is convinced that the campgrounds are legitimate.  The dealer asks the two boys to help him figure out what’s wrong with his plumbing as an excuse to get some privacy and make the exchange.  Once it is made the group begins heading back to their site.


  • Bobby, Brian, Erica, Jen, Elena, Dealer


(Walking up the steps and into the cabin)


Erica:  This cabin is gross, are you sure the manager lives here?


Bobby:  Yup, this is the place.


*Bobby knocks on door*


Dealer:  Hey, what can I do for yah?


Bobby:  Well my friends here aren’t fully convinced that this is a legitimate campsite.  They just wanted to meet you to make sure they weren’t sleeping in the middle of some forest.


Dealer:  Well I can assure you that this is definitely a real campsite. 


Erica:  Than where is everyone else?


Dealer:  Most of our campers come out in the summer.  It’s a beautiful weekend though; I’m surprised you’re the only ones.


Erica:  Is this where you live?


Dealer:  Yup.  I know, not exactly the Buckingham palace but I get by.


Elena:  Where’s all the furniture?


Dealer:  Jesus, I didn’t invite you guys in here to play twenty questions!

Erica:  Alright I guess we’ll get going.  Thanks for clarifying things.


Dealer:  It was my pleasure.  But before you go does either of you two boys know anything about plumbing?  The John hasn’t been cooperating.


Brian:  Not much but I guess we can give it a shot.


Dealer:  Thanks I appreciate it.  It’s just upstairs.


*Dealer, Bobby and Brian walk upstairs*


Brian:  Be back in a minute.


*Disappear into bathroom on upper level of cabin and close door*


Dealer:  Let’s be quick this place is gross.  You got the money?


*Bobby hands him a few bills (looking nervous all the while).  Dealer pockets them, takes the coke out of his pocket and passes it to Bobby*


Dealer:  Let’s get going. 


*They head back downstairs*


Dealer:  Thanks a lot guys, I have no idea what I would have done if you didn’t show up.


Erica:  Probably would have called a plumber…..


Dealer:  I’m a little short on cash right now. As you can see the spring is a pretty slow season for me.


Bobby:  Well, I guess we’ll get going now.


Dealer:  Alright, have a nice stay.


Bobby:  Thanks.


*Everyone leaves, Bobby closes the door behind him*


Erica:  I don’t like that guy, there’s something strange about him.


Elena:  Yah I agree.  And why does he live in such a shit hole?


Brian:  Well if he’s alright with it than so am I.  There’s no need to judge.


Elena:  I’m not judging, just confused.


Jen:  Jesus!  Let the guy do what he wants!


Elena:  Chill out Elena.  What’s up with you, you’ve been quiet today.


Jen:  Nothing, I’m fine.


Elena:  If you say so.


*The group is engulfed by the forest as they enter the clearing*



Scene 9

During this scene a plot twist is introduced.  We discover that the Dealer is actually playing an important role in a conspiracy involving abduction.  Pat, another member of his party is introduced.  We realize that Kenny has already been caught and Pat is out for the others.


  • Dealer, Pat, Kenny


*Dealer watches from the window as the group of kids fade*


Dealer:  I hate it when they come in groups; it makes everything so much more challenging!


*Dealer turns around and Pat is present*


Pat:  Things may not be as challenging as they seem.


Dealer:  How so?


Pat:  Come, I’ll show you.


*Walk to a separate room, Kenny is tied at the legs and arms with tape over his mouth*


Pat:  He should be waking up any minute now.


Dealer:  Who is that?


Pat:  He’s one of them.  When you told me how early they were coming I decided that it wouldn’t hurt to check for stragglers.  Sure enough……..here he is.


Dealer:  Great thinking that should buy us some time.  I’m sure they won’t leave without looking for their buddy here.


*At this time Kenny wakes up blinking violently, muffled noises are made but Kenny cannot speak*


Pat:  Tranquilizers, work perfectly every time.


Dealer:  One down, five to go.  You better get going, Dixon is getting hungry.


*Pat puts on his mask*


Pat:  Well it’s been some time since he’s had fresh meat.  The animals in this forest just aren’t cutting it any more.


Dealer:  Good luck my brother, we’re counting on you.


Pat:  Thank you.


Dealer:  I’ll keep an eye on our friend over here.  Don’t draw too much attention.


*Pat leaves the cabin*



Scene 10

Back at the campsite Bobby reveals the drugs to the girls.  Elena and Erica seem excited by the idea but Jen is a different story.  Jen goes to awaken Kenny and discovers that he is missing.  They try calling him but fail to get service.  Bobby and Jen go off on a search for reception while the others remain at the site.


  • Bobby, Brian, Erica, Elena, Jen


*Bobby’s head poking out of tent*


Bobby:  You guys ready to see what I got?


Elena:  Oh my god, just tell us already.


*Steps out and pulls out bag*


Bobby:  Check it out; bet you haven’t tried this shit before.


Erica:  Oh shit.


Jen:  What the hell put that away!


Brian:  We told you girls you’d be surprised.


Elena:  What are we waiting for? Let’s do this shit.


Jen:  No, that’s disgusting!  Don’t you two remember the pictures from health last year?


Erica:  Come on, really Jen?  Those were addicts; they’ve been doing it for years.  If we do it this one time we’ll be fine.


Jen:  Who’s to say you guys won’t get addicted?


Brian:  Who’s to say we will?  Why don’t you go wake up sleeping beauty so you two can bitch about it together?


Jen:  Fine, I will!

*Jen walks over to Kenny’s tent and looks inside*


Brian:  What a downer.


*Jens turns around*


Jen:  Kenny is gone.


Bobby:  He probably just went for a leak.  We just got back, give it a few minutes.


Jen:  Can you call him?  I left my phone at home.


Bobby:  If I do will you promise to sop complaining about everything?


Jen:  Fine.


*Bobby puts phone up to ear for a few seconds, hangs up*


Bobby:  I’m not getting any service out here.


Jen:  Well can we go find some?


*Bobby lets out a deep breath*


Bobby:  Damn it Jen, you better appreciate this!  By the way I’m bringing this with me; I don’t trust any of you guys with it for a second!


*Pockets the drugs, Bobby and Jen walk away*


Erica:  I can’t believe this, he’s probably going to come walking back any minute now.


Elena:  Whatever, I’m going to take a nap, wake me up when they get back.


*Elena walks over to tent and enters*


Brian:  What do you say we go find somewhere were we won’t bother Elena?


Erica:  But Bobby will probably be back with the stuff any minute.


Brian:  Whatever, we’ll be quick, he can wait.


Erica:  Alright let’s go.


*Erica and Brian disappear into the forest*



Scene 11

Bobby and Jen set out to fid cell phone reception and finally do.  Jen is sitting down, her back to Bobby, when he makes the call.  Pat comes from out of nowhere injects Bobby in the neck with a tranquilizer and takes him away.  Jen sees only the phone on the ground and she runs back to the campsite.


  • Bobby, Jen, Pat


Bobby:  Finally, I’m getting some bars.


*Bobby holding phone up in the air*


Jen:  Great (sarcastically), give him a call.


Bobby:  No need to be so sassy.


Jen:  I’m just a little flustered right now.


Bobby:  I’m sure he’s back at the site by now anyways but whatever; we came all the way out here anyways.


Jen:  Would you hurry up and call?


Bobby:  Alright, alright.


*Jen sits down on a log facing away from Bobby.  Bobby dials and puts the phone to his ear.  Pat appears behind Bobby gives him a tranquilizer shot to the neck and carries him away.  Phone is dropped, answering machine starts up.  “Hi you’ve reached……beep”*


Jen:  No luck? ..........Bobby?


*Jen turns around and sees Bobby’s phone on the ground where Bobby previously stood*


Jen:  Oh shit!


*Runs towards campsite*

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