Happy Jack's (part 3)

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A group of teens go on a camping trip and things begin to go terribly wrong.

Submitted: November 05, 2011

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Submitted: November 05, 2011




Scene 12

Jen returns to the campsite in a panic and wakes up Elena.  She tells Elena that Bobby is missing too and neither of them knows where Erica of Brian are.  The two girls flee the campsite to search for the manager’s cabin; neither remembers its exact location.


  • Jen, Elena


*Jen runs onto the scene and looks into empty tents until she locates Elena*


Jen:  Where is everyone?!


Elena:  Huh (waking up) did you find Kenny?


Jen:  No but Bobby’s gone now too!


Elena:  (Now fully awake) what?  Could you run this by me again?


Jen:  I turned my back on him for two seconds and when I turned back around his phone was the only thing left!


Elena:  Ok, calm down.  Let’s tell Brian and see what he thinks we should do.


Jen:  Where is he?


Elena:  Isn’t he outside the tent with Erica?


Jen:  Elena, we’re the only ones here.


Elena:  They’re probably just in their tent.


Jen:  They aren’t, I checked.


Elena:  Shit!


Jen:  Do you think that whoever took Bobby and Kenny took them too?


Elena:  Jen, think about it.  First Kenny makes a strange disappearance then Bobby goes missing and now Brian and Erica are gone too.  Considering we’re the only people camping here I can’t help but be a bit suspicious.


Jen:  What exactly are you saying?


Elena:  I always thought there was something strange about that Kenny guy but I didn’t think he was capable of this.


Jen:  What incentive could Kenny possibly have to do this?  Just because he was the first to disappear you’re blaming him, is that how it is?


Elena:  I’m just weighing out the possibilities.


Jen:  Sure


*Jen gets out of tent followed by Elena*


Elena:  Well we should probably get some help.  Do you remember how to get to the manager’s place?


Jen:  No idea.


Elena:  Great.  Well anything’s better than waiting around here.


Jen:  I think it was that way.  (Points right)  Let’s get out of here. 


*they both leave the site*


Scene 13

The scene begins with Brian and Erica making out on the ground beside a log.  They hear a gunshot; Brian becomes frightened and runs into the line of fire.  He is shot in the shoulder.  Gus realizes his mistake and agrees to stop the bleeding.


  • Erica, Brian, Gus


*Brian and Erica making out behind a log.  They hear a gunshot*


Brian:  What the hell was that?


*A second gunshot*


Erica:  I don’t know.  Just be quiet and don’t move.


*Third shot*


Brian:  I’m out of here!


*Brian makes a run for it but a fourth shot nails him in the shoulder, he falls*


Gus:  (From distance) Booyah!


Erica:  Brian!


*Gus and Erica come running towards Brian from different angles, Erica arrives first*


Erica:  Brian, are you ok?  Talk to me Brian!


*Gus finally makes it over*


Gus:  Oh shit.  I didn’t know there were other people here in the forest.


Erica:  You asshole, you killed him!


Gus:  He took a shot to the shoulder; he’s going to be fine.  It got him pretty good though.


Erica:  How do you know he won’t bleed to death before we can get him help?!


Gus:  Don’t worry, my place is just over there (point up hill), I’ll fix him up good.


*Gus picks up Brian and throws him over his shoulder*


Erica:  That’s not good enough!  We need to get him to a hospital!


Gus:  Let’s patch him up first so he doesn’t loose any more blood, then we’ll worry about getting him to a hospital.


*They walk away from scene towards Gus’ home*


Scene 14

Back at the ‘manager’s’ cabin Bobby is reunited with Kenny.  Bobby, now feeling more or less defeated, tells Kenny his whole incentive for coming to this “campsite” and realizes how stupid he was for not catching any of the signs.  This leaves them pondering on how they will untie themselves and escape from their imprisonment.


  • Kenny, Bobby


*Scene starts off with Kenny tied at the arms and legs alone in a small room.  Bobby is suddenly tossed in.  He is tied as well*


Bobby:  Dude, what’s going on?!


Kenny:  I don’t know any more than you do.  I went to sleep last night and woke up here.


Bobby:  I’m such an idiot!


*slight pause*


Bobby:  I knew there was something strange about that guy.  Why the hell would he tell us to come all the way up here to some abandoned campsite just for one deal?  I should have known something was off.


Kenny:  Abandoned!?  Please tell me you’re joking!


Bobby:  Kenny, I wish I was.


Kenny:  So you brought us all the way up here on some ‘camping trip!’ to a place you knew was abandoned just because you were afraid to come up by yourself.  Am I getting this right?


Bobby:  Yup


Kenny:  You bastard!  I would punch you square in the face if I wasn’t tied up right now.


Bobby:  I know, I’m an idiot, but can this wait?  What’s important right now is finding a way out of this place.


Kenny:  Any plans, douchebag?


Bobby:  Help!!!  (Screams)


Kenny:  Shut up, or they’ll come up here and do it themselves!  Yelling is the last thing we want to do.


Bobby:  Well what do you suggest?


Kenny:  Well finding a way to untie ourselves really is the only option. 


Bobby:  You make it sound a lot easier than it is.


Scene 15

In this scene Jen and Elena come to the realization that they are lost.  They notice a rustling in a nearby bush and stop to investigate.  They are relieved when a rabbit hops out but when they turn back around Pat hops out of the bush and tranquilizes Jen.  Elena makes a run for it and Pat goes after her leaving Jen passed out.


  • Elena, Jen, Pat


Jen:  Just admit it, we’re lost.


Elena:  Calm down Jen, I know exactly where we are.


Jen:  Oh yah?  Enlighten me.


Elena:  I’m going to go with somewhere between the campsite and the manager’s place.


Jen:  Well that’s just great. 


Elena:  Would it kill you to be optimistic once in a while.  Your attitude isn’t exactly helping the situation.


Jen:  Shhhhh….


Elena:  Don’t shush me!


Jen:  Shut up I hear something.


*moment of silence*


Jen:  It’s coming from over there; I think there’s something in the bushes.


*The girls slowly approach the bush.  As they get closer it begins to rustle.  Once they are standing beside it a rabbit jumps out and hops away*


Elena:  Wow Jen, you had me pretty freaked out for a second there!


*Midway through Elena’s sentence Pat jumps out of the bush and tranquilizes Jen.  Elena screams and makes a break for it.  Pat goes off chasing her leaving Jen’s body to drop to the ground unconscious*


*Chase Scene through forest*


Scene 16

The scene is now at Gus’ cabin.  Brian has been fixed up and is lying on a couch.  Brian wakes up in a daze and is reminded of what happened.  He passes out again and there is a pounding on the door.  Elena enters in a panicky state claiming that Jen and Bobby have both been taken.  They decide to go back to the manager’s cabin in order to call in medical help for Bobby as none of them have their cell phones. 


  • Erica, Brian, Elena, Gus


*Brian sits up slightly*

Brian:  Where am I?


Gus:  He lives!  You were out for a while there.


*Brian feels his shoulder*


Brian:  What happened?


Erica:  You got shot, how is your shoulder feeling?


Brian:  How do you thinking I’m feeling!?


Gus:  You’re lucky it only got you in the shoulder.


Erica:  What do you mean lucky?!  If it wasn’t for you he’d be fine and we would both be sitting back relaxing by the fire just about now!


Brian:  It was you?


*Brian passes out subtly*


Gus:  Rather than playing the blame game we should be more concerned about getting your buddy here to the hospital.  I patched him up for now but he clearly needs medical attention.


Erica:  Yah and you’re going to take us to get that ‘medical attention’ right now, that is, if you don’t want to be sued.

*pounding on the door*


Gus:  Who the hell is that?


*Gus goes to open the door and Elena enters (extremely panicky)*


Elena:  Shut the door!  He’s coming!  He’s coming!


Erica:  Elena, who is coming?


Elena:  He got Jen and Bobby and now he wants me!


Erica:  Deep breaths girl, what happened?


*Elena takes a moment to collect herself*


Elena:  The same guy that got everyone else, he wants us now.  We need to get out of here now.


Erica:  What did he do to them?


Elena:  I didn’t see what happened to Bobby but he gave Jen some kind of shot.


Gus:  You’re crazy!  Nothing like that has ever happened in these woods and it sure as hell isn’t happening now!


Elena:  Why would I lie?


Erica:  Wait, so you’re saying whoever this guy is gave Jen a shot?


Elena:  Yes


Erica:  So they might still be alive, correct?


Elena:  Yeah, I guess.


Erica:  So let’s go looking for them!


Elena:  They could be anywhere!

Gus:  I say we deal with him before we go looking for anyone else.


*nudges at Brian*


Erica:  Good call.


Elena:  What happened to Brian?


Erica:  This idiot mistook him for a deer and shot a hole through his shoulder.


Gus:  This has been established!  It was an accident!


Erica:  Where’s your phone?  We need to call an ambulance.


Gus:  I don’t have a phone.  I thought all you teenagers had phones nowadays.


Erica:  Damn it!


Gus:  Calm down!  My brother owns this place and his cabin is only a ten minute walk away.  He has a phone.  We’ll get an ambulance over here and then go searching for your lost friends.


Elena:  You’re his brother?  We were over at his place earlier today!


Gus:  Nobody knows this place better than him.  I’m sure if you’re buddies are out there he’ll be able to find them and if there really is someone going around kidnapping people I’ll have my shotgun ready.


Elena:  Alright, that makes me feel a bit safer.


Erica:  Looks like Brian’s passed out again.


Gus:  I got him, let’s get going.


*Gus throws Brian over his shoulder and picks up his shotgun with his spare hand*


Elena:  You sure you can handle all that?


Gus:  I think I’m going to be just fine.


*The party exits and Gus closes the door behind him



Scene 17

The scene starts with Dixon pounding on the trap door of the “manager’s cabin” and the dealer assuring and calming him.  Pat enters with Jen and they two decide they must feed her to Dixon.  Pat puts her aside and as they are about to open the trap door there is a knocking.  Gus and the others enter and promptly ask where the phone is located.  Elena sees Pat and freaks out.  The two conscious girls make a break for the door but Gus and his shotgun are blocking it off.  Bobby and Kenny, who have escaped their confinement, sneak onto the scene through the kitchen unnoticed.  Bobby smashes the dealer in the back of the head with a frying pan leaving him unconscious.  Instantly Gus reacts by shooting straight through Bobby and Kenny.  The trap door is finally opened.  Bobby and Kenny are thrown to Dixon, leaving the two conscious girls in a state of shock.  Pat decides to spare them and they make a deal.  He will spare their friends if they bring back more hostages.  On that note the two girls run out the door.  The scene ends with a short dialogue between Gus and Pat.


  • Dealer, Pat, Gus, Jen, Elena, Erica, Bobby, Brian, Kenny


*The scene begins with the dealer.  There is pounding on the trap door generated by Dixon*


Dealer:  Dixon, be patient!


*Dixon begins to growl and the pounding gets louder*


Dealer:  I know you’re hungry, it won’t be long now.


*Pat enters the scene carrying a still unconscious Jen*


Pat:  I almost got two of em’ but the other one got away.


Dealer:  He can’t wait any longer, he needs human blood.  Open up the hatch we’re throwing her in.


*There is a knock and they both look in the direction of the door.  The dealer answers it and in comes Elena, Erica and Gus holding Brian*


Dealer:  Back so soon?

Erica:  Where’s you’re phone we need to call an ambulance!


*The girls walk past the Dealer.  He nods at Gus and Gus returns the favour*


Dealer:  It’s just over here, follow me.


*The three enter the room and are accompanied by Pat, who is smiling*


Elena:  It’s him; he’s the one who kidnapped everyone!  Where are they!?


Pat:  Don’t worry you’ll all be together soon enough.


*The girls see Jen (they think she is dead) and run for the door but Gus is blocking the exit.  The two flail at him.  They demand that he let them out but Gus nudges them back with his gun*


Dealer:  You two won’t be going anywhere.


*More rattling comes from the trap door*


Pat:  I think we’re ready.


Dealer:  You hear that Dixon, the wait’s over!


*The rattling gets louder.  Bobby and Kenny appear from the kitchen behind the Dealer.  Bobby clubs him over the head with a frying pan and he falls unconscious*


Pat:  How is this possible!?


*Gus shoots straight through Bobby and Kenny.  The two collapse motionless*


Gus:  Now, open it!


*Gus grabs hold of the two girls as pat opens the hatch.  The growling gets considerably louder*


Elena:  You bastard!

*Elena continues to pound at Gus.  Erica drops to the floor defeated and begins to sob.  Pat picks up the two dead boys and tosses them in the hatch*


Pat:  Get in there!


*Repulsive noises as Dixon consumes his victims.  At this point both of the girls are sitting and crying*


Pat:  Who’s next?


*short pause*


Pat:  This guy’s almost dead anyways!


*Pat picks up Brian and is about to throw him into the trap door*


Erica:  Please…..No!  (Through sobs)


Pat:  And why not?


Erica:  I love him!


Gus:  Awe, you hear that?  She loves him.  (Sarcastically)


*Pat drops Brian near but not into the trap door*


Pat:  You know what; I’m going to give you two a chance to save him and your friend over there.


Elena:  I’ll do anything!


Pat:  I’m going to let you go and you will bring me back no less than four people.  Either that or you can say goodbye to your precious friends.  You have one week or they’re gone.


Gus:  What are you talking about?  Kill them now!


Pat:  No, let them go.


*Gus moves out of the way.  Erica and Elena, still sobbing run out of the house*


Pat:  One week, or they’re dead.  (Shouts after them)


Gus:  Why the hell did you do that?


Pat:  Oh you’ll see.




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