The End Of The World Group 1 Part 1

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Each group consists of two people throughout the story their will be more people added to each group. this would be considered as the first in the series, there are 5 groups, I will try to upload them when I get the second part of them complete (as of writing this I have all five stories first parts complete, and this ones second part finished). The first and second groups interact until the end of this chapter (each story will 'restart' at the beginning so basically the end could happen to one group but not the other yet... So basically each story restarts with their POV on the situation. Oh and also i most likely misspelled some words... and used the wrong version of a word (like their there and they're)

Submitted: March 01, 2015

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Submitted: March 01, 2015



Book 1.1
Jackson and Jezzy's Story


One day Jackson was walking home from school, when a Teal like bolt hit him, Jackson fell to the ground... Almost... When he looked up he noticed that he was hovering just above the ground, when he got up he noticed a girl was looking at him with the expression of "oh no, I am so so so so so so sorry!" (I should probably mention that at this point he goes to a School for the Magical Arts...) when she went to apologize she paused... And hesitated when Jackson said "hehe it's ok are you new here?" "Heh yeah, guess that wasn't hard to tell was it..." She responded "'names Jezzy by the way" "my names Jackson" "well, then nice to meet you Jackson" you to"
"I don't mean to be rude or anything... But what's the thing around your head?" " oh that's so I keep my focus while I use my magic" "maybe you could teach a rookie how it's done?" "Heh I'm pretty new here myself but I'll give it a try" Jackson shot a bit of ice at a target and froze the whole area around it "heh see I told you I wasn't that good" Jackson said "maybe we should be getting home then?" Jezzy said hesitantly helping Jackson pick up his things "yeah... My parents will start to wonder where I've gone to" "ok well... Seeya tomorrow then" Jezzy said "yeah see ya" Jackson replied.

(The next day) (Brake)

Jackson went outside and saw his friend so he ran over to him "Hey Jacob house it been?" Jackson asked to his friend " "pretty good my friend, I saw you talking to that girl..." "Oh umm..." "Dude..." "What?" "Do like her?" "No... Maybe... Okay... Yea kinda sorta maybe" "dude it's ok... I like one of her friends it's perfectly normal and if I say so myself I think she likes you back" "oh really who? And you do?" "The one with the wolf on her shoulder, and yeah I do think so didn't you see how she kinda stutters when you got back up?" "Huh... Guess I never thought about it that way..." "Yeah I bet you didn't" "hey what's that supposed to mean?!" "Nothin'" *BEEEP suddenly the bell rang for class and everyone went inside to class.

(After School)

Jackson went outside to see Jacob and Zoe talking... He wasn't sure what about but thought it best not to interrupt, he spotted Jezzy and ran over to her, "hey Jezzy" "hey Jackson" she said "I wonder what Zoe's doing..." Jezzy said "she's the one with the wolf right?" "Yeah... How do you know her?" "I don't... But my friend one other hand..." "Wait... What? Are they dating?" "mmmm not sure possible but I don't think that are but I'll tell ya' one thing I do know as fact" "oh? And what would that be?" "Jacob likes Zoe" "oh really?" "Yeah really look at them their just over there" Jackson points to Jacob who then reaches in and kisses Zoe "well... Didn't see that coming" Jackson and Jezzy said almost at the exact same time... They ran up to Jackson and Zoe with a "what just happened" expression
"So, I take it you saw that..." Jacob said "yeah we saw that" Jackson replied... "I....I don't... Qui?" Zoe said confused off the events that just took place "it's ok Zoe Jacob just...'likes' you that's all..." Jezzy said patting her on the back "I...I think you broke her" Jezzy said still patting her "dude... What did you do?" Just as he was about to answer Jacksons question Zoe got up pushed Jezzy and Jackson aside and kissed Jackob... This went on for about 27sec when Jezzy got back up she froze in place with a confused look when she looked at Jackson he was just above the ground (hovering) with his head 7mm from the ground when he got up and saw the two he froze in place to... Afterwords Jacob said jokingly "so I take it you two are dating now?"

The Next Day (Break... Again)

Jackson saw Jacob next to Zoe with his arm around her standing in front of the couple was Jezzy when Jackson walked up they IMMEDIATELY changed their conversation "what were you talking about?" "You... And Jezzy" Zoe replied meanwhile Jezzy was frozen in place with a "what..." Expression "what did you two say?" "We told her that you love her" "you WHAT?!" Then Jezzy looked at Jackson and said "screw it" then she went in for a kiss Jackson was shocked at first but got over it and kissed back... Then IT happened a meteor went hurtling towards the earth when it hit all the volcanoes erupted... It was the end of the world

Storie Continues In The Series "The End Of The World. Book 2.1


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