The case of the Wellington brothers

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Submitted: March 04, 2014

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Submitted: March 04, 2014



Max's sister entered the room blazing with anger "God! He is such a creep!" Max got interest from her subject, she was popular and Max a computer geek, he could know the guy. "Who is he?"

"This new kid in my grade"

"Whats his name?"

"Eugene Steven or something like that, do you know him?"

"Nope, I do know that new kid below my grade, he is amazing at Cod"

"What is that?"

"Call of duty"

"You want to help or not?"

"Ok, grumpy, Ill search him"

"Is he Eugene Stephenson?"

"Yeah! Thats it! What do you have on him?"

"He has a hotmail, no social network related to him, and he has something on the news"

"No! Just see if its his mail. No Facebook? What is this guy, a caveman?"

"Ok, mail sent! Meanwhile we wait, what did the guy do to hate him?"

"Its not what he did, its what he does! Ever since he came, he has been following me!"

"Like, up close?"

"No! He is in the distance, always watching me, he does not move at all, it just creeps me out!"

"Has he ever talked to you?"

"No, he is not even on one of my classes! All I see him do is watch me from a distance"

"Do your friends know about this?"

"No, they seem to not care"

"Have you told anyone about this?"

"No, at first I thought he would just bore himself after some days, but an entire week has passed!"

"Did he watch you on the weekend?"

"I don't know anymore, it seems he's everywhere i go, I just feel his presence watching me. I cant take this anymore, so thats why Im telling you"

"That is creepy sis"

"Did he respond the email?"

"Nope, but his icon shows he is online"

"He is such a weirdo!"



"I searched the news about him and it says he is dead, about 30 years ago"

"What! Thats impossible!"

"The cause of death is unknown, he was at his house when he died, no evidence to support murder or suicide"

"Jesus christ! This must be a ghost or something!"

"Hey! He responded the mail!"

"What does it say?"


The police reports say that the cause of death was unknown, no evidence of murder or suicide. This was the case of the Wellington brothers.

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