The Psycho Type

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I guess sometimes trees do fall...

Submitted: March 07, 2014

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Submitted: March 07, 2014



The Psycho Type


Flickering under closed eyes trying not to catch the light, he laid there helpless and unconscious. The crowd had drawn in like a swam of bees around honey, never did I know my own strength and today had proved I was strong enough to punch down a tree. He had finally gained consciousness, It was my first time meeting the boy and I had knocked him out senseless, hopefully he wouldn’t hate me for it, because in his vulnerable state his kind of cute.

Finally opening his eyes looking around him trying to figure out his whereabouts and what the hell happened, our trainer Troy reached out his hand to help him up. Wanting to show some form of support I place my hand on his back so he has some stability. ‘Sebastian, are you okay?’ Troy asked. He looked straight at me with disappointing eyes. ‘Go to the medical desk and get an ice pack fast’. I left his side and made my way through the crowd, I couldn’t help but go over what just happened in my head; I knew I was a good boxer and stuff, but I didn’t know I was that good, but to be honest the boy provoked me. He kept saying I was too prissy and dainty to be in a boxing class; kept mocking me saying girls can’t box and aren’t nearly as strong as male boxers. So I did the only thing I could do and knock the narcissism out of him.

Handing the boy the finger numbing ice pack, he took it from my hand putting it on his now black and lifeless eye, wincing in pain and relief. He placed his good eye on me running it up and down my body, eventually setting his gaze with mine; smirking like he had just seen his next prey.  

Class was cut short; in a way I was happy I wouldn’t have been able to concentrate knowing I had given someone a black eye. Walking my regular path and arriving at the bus stop there he sat, with an eye patch on, he looked absolutely ridiculous. ‘How am I going to explain to my friends I got a black eye from a girl?’ laughing with a sense of relief he wasn’t mad at me. ‘I don’t know, but next time that should teach you not to be so disrespectful.’

‘Well I’m going to be okay if it’s any concern to you. Hopefully it will heal in a week or two, so I don’t have to go around with this thing.’

‘I am really sorry…’ I couldn’t remember his name at all.


‘Sebastian! Yes. I’m so sorry for punching you so hard, but to be fair, you should have had your arms up protecting your face.’ He stood up hovering over me like a tall skyscraper, stealing the sunlight from the sky.

‘I didn’t think I needed to, considering who I was up against.’

I had run out of words to say and couldn’t be asked to continue this battle; walking away from him I stood closer to the bus post. Coming up behind me, ‘I’m sorry okay, with all the weak girl jokes. I’m just still a little bit shocked that’s all, you’re really good and girl boxers are very. Very rare.’ He said smiling.

‘My bus is coming in three minutes so could you go, before both your eyes are inactive.’ I was being dead serious and all he could do is laugh at my threat.

‘Give me your number first and I’ll go, otherwise I will make sure you miss that bus.’

Turning around I looked at him in his one good eye, and gave him the middle finger, ‘can you piss off, and I don’t give my number to strangers.’ Shooting back.

‘Give me your number and I won’t be a stranger.’

He put up a good fight, my bus was coming in one minute and this guy had moved from standing behind me to in-front of me within a matter of seconds. He was really going to make me miss my bus and the next one wasn’t coming for another twenty minutes. ‘Fine, but you better not be some psycho who doesn’t stop calling.’

He handed me his phone and I typed in my number, the bus was due but caught by the traffic light. ‘How am I yet to have your name?’ the bus was in front, I allowed people to go ahead I smiled good-bye. ‘Elyse.’

Getting on the bus looking outside to see if he was still there, to my luck he wasn’t. My name whispered in my ear ‘Elyse… how do you spell that?’ the stupid mug took the same bus as me, continuing my walk up the stairs I didn’t answer, finding a seat I sit down and like a sheep he follows sitting right beside me.

‘Ahh… so you are the psycho type.’ Laughing at my remark ‘it just happens that I also get this bus home so don’t flatter yourself Elyse. Very nice name haven’t heard that around, where you from?’

I stare out the window trying to create as much distance as possible within this bound up space. ‘Are you going to continue ignoring me or are you going to answer my question?’ I thought long and hard not taking my eyes off the outside, sighing and regretting ever giving this boy my number I answer.

‘Half Nigerian and half Bajan.’ Wearing the face of shock as most people do when I tell them where I’m from, he groans touching his face.

‘Got to get used to not moving my face and eye so much, since you’ve scarred me.’

‘I haven’t scarred you I bruised you. And I said I was sorry about that.’ Looking down he played with his fingers mumbling ‘I know, you’re forgiven.’

We continued the journey with a few laughs, which secretly made me like him a bit more. ‘I’m the next stop, and please don’t trick me again.’ He laughs moving his leg aside to allow me to pass ‘No. Unfortunately my stop is still quite far down.’  Nodding ‘Okay then Bubye. Sorry once again.’

‘It was nice meeting you...’ He shouted.  Outside looking up, him looking down my phone rings, ‘Unknown’ but the familiar voice.

‘I guess I am the psycho type.’

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