Heart of Valour - Part 1

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

The first instalment of a multi-part series of stories about a young man named Valour.

Heart of Valour - Part One

By Joseph Bridge


The Sound surrounding the cliff-side was the definition of peaceful. Not a single sound but the occasional cry of an over-head Blade Hawk and the gentle seaside breeze. The only person around to absorb this unique atmosphere, a late-teen boy, had both of his legs hanging over the edge of the cliffs, his arms back supporting him as his was head looking up at the large avian beasts. He was wearing a raggedy cloth tunic with trousers to match and lying next to him was a belted scabbard with a sword rested inside. He was moderately attractive, fairly skinny and with messy hair that had gone white before his time. As the boy had his eyes closed as if he in deep meditation.

“Valour! What are you doing?” A young, High pitched voice cried as a young girl dressed in a patched-up dress with the edges worn away as she trampled her way through the up the hill towards the cliff. The Boy, Valour, simply leaned his body backwards and put his hands behind his head, until he was just lying down and looking at his young sister, who was now upside down.

“I’m just taking a break, Sar, Relax,” He Reached into his pocket and pulled out a Gold coin and flicked it to her. She catches it playfully and giggles. “Now go get yourself something to eat, you haven’t eaten all day,”

“Thanks Val, I’ll see you in a little while,” She Smiles at him and runs off back towards their village. Valour smiles back and watched her leave.

Sometime later, he sat up back into an upright position and looked down the edge of the cliff to see what he had been waiting for, the smuggler ship. He knew he would have to time this exactly right or he was going to have a bad time. He put on his belt and held on to the hilt of his sword.

He let out a calm sigh and pushed himself off.

As he fell, Valour couldn’t help but think “Gods, I hope these things don’t give up on me now,” The boots his late-father had left him had proven useful before, but he had never used them at this height before. His eyes closed and breath held, holding on to his sword so that it wouldn’t just float out of its scabbard, He heard nothing but wind as he fell. Until the Thunderous crash of impact and splintering wood.

Valour opened his eyes to find that he was in the lower decks of the ship, in front of a group of Grubby looking men covered in tattoos and wearing bandanas, all crowded around a large table with a map of Trageria with crossed of areas along the coast. These where obviously, pirates.

But Valour didn’t give them any notice. He was too busy exhaling deeply out of sheer relief. He then let out a loud laugh.

“Oh Hells, I am not doing that again,” He then noticed the pirates that were still stunned and speechless. “Oh good, You in. I’ve been meaning to talk to you, gentlemen,” The pirates don’t say anything and keep their wide-eyed expression. “You see, you guys have been bringing in drugs and weapons to the Crime syndicate, making my job very difficult. So, if you guys can stop your operations and leave forever, that would be much appreciated.”

The Central Pirate snaps himself out of his confusion and says “Wait, do you think a little man like you can stop all of us? I don’t care if you dropped from the sky, you’re not stopping us without a fight.” He draws his sword and the others followed suit.

Valour gave a sarcastic sigh and then a cocky grin, “Yeah,” He said, “I was thinking that too.”

Submitted: October 24, 2016

© Copyright 2021 Joseph Bridge. All rights reserved.

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