I am not writing this essay for a school assignment of any kind but because I am frantically concerned with the American education I am receiving as a high-school student. Throughout this report, I will provide a few statistics, explanations, and suggestions on American education in general.

Rectifying American Education

In this time of great recession, Americans are constantly trying to find weak points in the system in order to better understand the cause of American failures. These failures are simply due to the lack of education most of the time. But how could students in America get a great education if some teachers are not educated in areas that they themselves teach? On average, 37.9% of Jr. High to high school math teachers do not major in math. 34.5% of all middle school English teachers do not have a major or minor in English; and 27.6% of science teachers don’t have a major or minor in science. I was shocked to discover this. How could our school system be so broken to allow for this to slip by?

Poor education in America is a two-way street. The teachers aren’t to blame. It is the administration of schools that hire teachers not capable of teaching, which is only a minority compared to all the superb and smart educators. Some teachers, even some college professors, don’t get the respect and kindness they deserve, no matter how hard-working and great they are. This is due to the fact that if certain instructors believe that they are not getting the respect they deserve, then they have the full mind to leave. Why shouldn’t they?  After all, 7.1% of teachers that leave their jobs in the U.S. say it is due to the attitudes and actions of the students and the administration itself. This is true because many students and even administrations are racist, ungrateful, and abusive towards splendid teachers. I have witnessed the behavior of some students that dislike or even hate their teachers all because they set high standards and are tough with their students. Such ridiculous students are only lazy and not education-bound. They waste precious class time and give American schooling an abysmal name. They should be dealt with instantaneously by administrations.

Some American students are just not capable of continuing their education. This could be due to laziness, lack of inspiration, or the lack of ability to pay for a university education. 1.3% of Americans have not finished elementary school and are considered illiterate. Once passing this stage, 12.2% of Americans drop out of high school. At the end, only three out of every ten Americans earn a bachelor’s degree or higher at a college or university. These numbers are frightening. Another shame is that some students cannot go to college simply because they cannot afford it. Why is college education so costly? Is it fair that some families pay all of their life savings just to send a son or daughter to college? Of course not! The American government can’t let this go on forever. Failure to educate students means failure to keep America as a world power. In Fareed Zakaria’s The Post-American World, he wrote “Americans speak few languages, know little about foreign cultures, and remain unconvinced that they need to rectify this. Americans rarely benchmark to global standards because they are sure that their way must be the best and most advanced. The result is that they are increasingly suspicious of this emerging global era. There is a growing gap between America’s worldly business elite and cosmopolitan class, on the one hand, and the majority of the American people, on the other. Without real efforts to bridge it, this divide could destroy America’s competitive edge and its political future.” Fareed Zakaria (Ph.D.) is absolutely right.

In comparison to the American education system, China has 41 more days of school. The most impressing part of the Chinese school system is the great discipline of the students. A well-known fact is that China has more honors students than America has students. It will soon become the number one English speaking country in the world, having more Chinese speak English than there are Americans. Therefore, it’s economic and world-leadership growth is rapid. China is not the only country the United States is competing with. In fact, half of the Doctorate degrees earned in America go to foreign students from all around the world, mostly Europe and Asia. These trends will continue if education reform to increase discipline and the urge to learn does not occur soon in the United States of America.


By Joseph Mandwee








All underlined information is taken from Education-Meeting America’s Needs? by Sandra M. Alters; published in 2010 by Gale, Gengage Learning. 


Submitted: July 04, 2013

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Criss Sole

The statistics shocked me. When you mentioned how expensive post secondary education is, even though I live in Canada, this really hit a nerve. I sunk into thousands and thousands of dollars in debt all because I wanted to attend university. I strongly feel that individuals who want to pursue a higher education should be encouraged and not punished. I feel like I was punished because I wanted to learn.
I am very happy that you are brining people's attention to this issue.

Sun, July 7th, 2013 11:32am

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