Community Corrections Part 7

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The epilogue to the Community Corrections Series.

Submitted: January 11, 2015

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Submitted: January 11, 2015



Community Corrections Part 7


There is an old writing piece called "I Didn't Speak Up" written by a protestant minister during World War II.  It ends by saying "Then they finally came for me.  And when they found me they got me, because there was no one left to speak up for me."  A parody of that can describe my experiences at Halfway House #2.  "First she fired Pat.  Then she fired Ray.  Next she burned Jessica, causing her to quit without giving notice.  Shortly after that she fired Valerie.  Then she burned Kay, causign her to quit without giving notice.  After then she fired Steve.  When she finally came after me she got me, because there was nobody left to speak up for me." 


It had been over four months that I had worked at Halfway House #2.  I was promised a raise in three months, then a raise in another three months, then an annual raise, which would bring me back to about what I was making at Halfway House #1.  It was supposed to be a temporary and manageable pay cut.  I also did not recieve the night differential for working the graves every weekend.  I let it all go, figuring I'd get my raise in three months. 


After four and a half months Ms. M burned the hell out of me on my Performance Appraisal, literally finding something wrong with each and every thing I did.  I bent over backwords at Halfway House #2.  I did BA's and UA's (drug tests.)  I did body, bag and locker searches.  I did housecounts.  I ran the desk by myself.  I administered meds.  I'd attended all staff meetings and training sessions.Upon taking over the graveyard shifts on the weekends I also did the medication audit.  I'd never missed a days' work and was always on time. Yet M found something wrong with everything I did, giving me UNACCEPTABLE  and IMPROVEMENT NEEDED on all criteria.  Her actions jacked me out of my three month raise.  So I did request a follow up review (to be done by Ms. M's supervisor ) then worked the PM shift.  While I was not happy about it I maintained my "Poker Face" and still did my job.  I was scheduled to work the graveyard shift the next two days. 


Intentionally during my sleep cycle to work the graves Ms. M called me and did not leave a message.  I recognized the number and called the security office back.  Ana got on the phone and asked me "Are you coming in today?" when I'd never missed a days' work.  After confirming that I'd be working the graves that weekend Ana told me that next week Mrs. R (the program director and Ms M's boss) would review my Performance Appraisal.  Then Ms. M wanted to speak to me, angered at my request to have the review and also a request to transfer to a different facility.  She started yelling at me on the phone.  I finally lost my temper, yelled back, called her a CUNT, and eventually hung up.  I mean, don't get me wrong.  I can take a lot of guff, including being yelled and screamed at while AT WORK.  Intentionally waking me up when off duty and yelling at me is another thing.  M then called back and I let the answering service pick up.  This time she left a message instructing me not to report for work and to call her boss the next business day.  I did so, left a message and nobody ever got back to me.  I recieved my final check in the mail the next week.  M got me fired, claiming poor performance. 


Because of this I was out of work for about two months, and have been rejected from other Community Corrections jobs.  I was able to mitigate a lot of the damages, still having my B.S. degree, inactive law enforcement certification, clean prints, a clean, UA, my (at the time) cheap apartment, and a reliable car that is paid for.  I was ultimately left with no choice but to go back into Industrial Security.  Although it has been over six years ago the anger and pain still remain. 


Over two years ago I resumed contact with Kay.  She also paid a terrible price for what happened at Halfway House #2.  She was out of work for much longer than I was, ended up losing her car then her apartment, and having to physically move in with one of her sisters and her sisters' children, and for a while was working with her sister at a printing press.  She had just found out and was crying about what happened to a mutual friend and former co-worker at Halfway House #1.  After calming her down as best I could I ended up telling her "There's not much we can do for (our mutual friend and former co-worker) besides keep her in our prayers.  But there IS something we can do about our employment situations.  I think its past time we both cleared our good names about what happened at (Halfway House #2) under Ms. M."I gave Kay a great phone reference, and she was able to get back into Community Corrections and is now a Case Manager.So for her there was an eventual happy ending. 


I later learned that Ms. M ended up having Inmate Terry's child.  So she has an eighteen year plus virtual prison sentence, and that is a worse punishment than anything I could come up with.  She is lucky she wasn't arrested, as it is illegal in this state to have sex with inmates if you work in any corrections, including community corrections.  This is because you are in a position of power over the inmate, having the ability to send them back to prison.  Ms. M ended up resigning, then was investigated.It turned out she had her "claws" in just about every dirty thing going on at Halfway House #2.  As a result of the investigation her boss, Mrs. R, is no longer the program director.  But that is little consolation to not only myself but all the other people who were fired or forced to quit under Ms. M. 


Nearly every work day as I put my uniform on I am reminded of what happened at both Halfway Houses.  The worst part is being rejected from other Community Corrections jobs.  It is like I am literally "Damaged Goods."  Once employers find out that I was fired from Halfway House #2 they just don't want to hire me.  I now have no choice but to work in uniformed Industrial Security for lower wages than I was making at either halfway house.  While greatful to have a full time job I remain angry and bitter at Mr. G and Ms M.  I am afraid that there is no happy ending to this tale.


My name is Joseph Mark, and this is my story. 



© Copyright 2019 Joseph Mark. All rights reserved.

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