I am From by Joseph Morris

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A poem about me and my life for my comp class.

Submitted: October 07, 2012

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Submitted: October 07, 2012




I Am From

I am from a home where I can’t remember mom and dad together, ever. I am from living with family till she got everything straight, sometimes living in a different house every week. I am from seeing my mom bounce from bad guy to worse guy till she found the so called man of her dreams.

I am from the wisdom of my grandparents telling me that mom had problems and I should learn to help myself as much as I can. I knew they were probably right so I listened and knew their advice would help make me a man.

I am from getting tired of listening to the fighting and talking to the cops. Being tired of children’s service’s always in our business asking us what they want us to do to make it stop. They never caught them with anything because they would always lie and hide things, but we were there all the time .We know what we saw so why would two kids always lie. Guess that’s a mystery left unsolved.

I am from liberating myself from the craziness but leaving my sister behind. I felt really bad at the time but I had all I could stand. My dad finally stepped up and started being a man. Her dad was dead since she was a small baby. I would regret my decision someday.

I am from big city living to a small village scene. Rural areas didn’t seem like much fun at the time, but it was better than what I came from so I couldn’t complain. Making new friends was never hard for me; just picking the right types is where I needed work.

I am from where what did he do this time was the normal response. “Out after curfew again”, they would say, “And if I catch him again I’m going to lock him up next time”. Dad would never get mad though. He would just kind of laugh. He said “I did the same stuff back then Joe. Just don’t get caught next time”.

I am from moving out as soon as I hit eighteen. I needed to see the world and experience it all for myself. Didn’t take long to fall on my butt and realize I still needed some help. I was strong willed back then and got back on my feet. I didn’t want to be like my mom, some drunk on the street.

I am from many different relationships I thought would stand the test of time, but I never seemed to meet the one that I could call mine. Some people change after you have been with them for a while. They let the crazy come out and that’s not my style.

I am from being patient enough to know that my true love would come. We had already met online before but I thought she was too good for me. So we didn’t talk for some time then one day I looked her up. She had gotten married so I thought I missed my shot.

I am from finally meeting this woman who I have been with up to this very day. We love each other and are happy in every way. Having a child with the love of my life. Things didn’t exactly go as planned. Most things in my life never do. Our son was born seventeen weeks premature but he is a fighter and very strong.

I am from hearing your son might not make it. You should think about his future. We knew that they were wrong though and continued to fight. We almost lost him twice. He kept fighting so we kept fighting literally for his life.

I am from seeing a little boy go through so much pain but still am always able to smile. He always has the love of his mom and dad which made it all worthwhile.

I am from a new outlook on life. Realizing that God is out there and he listens to our prayers. From knowing that if we pray long enough he will show us that he is there.

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