'Calmful' a self-created word, I could not find the right one at the time for myself personally to get my own personal thoughts across so I created this word that I quite liked myself, others haven't but if it was good for Thomas..

This was written when I was around sixteen and is based on an ex-girlfriend which I adored and stupidly let go.


My mind ran on empty,

My body ticked it's last tock,

I have had plenty,

If I go, will they flock?


To see me resting and calmful,

Gazing at you from misty birdsong,

Loving you has been harmful,

I am unable to put right, wrong.


Love, no I adore you,

My life, my own expedition to explore you.

Submitted: October 14, 2015

© Copyright 2023 Joseph Phoenix. All rights reserved.

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