With Waste

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
Awakened from comatose with amnesia a destroyer remembers what he is to do. A bit Lovecraftian in it's content

Submitted: January 27, 2012

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Submitted: January 27, 2012




Sometimes I worry away the concern

Forgetting where or why I was losing my turn

Wandering adrift

Over land in a mist

With no recollection if Id ever been born

Emotion was all that remained of the one

The empty and sorrowful thing Ive become

How many long years

The cause of these tears

Sadness has no right to mourn whats undone

Vastness itself paralyzes with awe

An emptiness black void of a waste near and far

To be as divine

Is to live without time

Endlessly searching the planets and stars

Searching in in vain for the old ones called gods

Concealed in the darkness under the stars

These ones I know

From a time long ago

Can teach ways to separate from all of your scars

With knowledge comes Wisdoms indifferent glance

Joyfully on top of the dead you can dance

In anger they wait

At the head of the gate

Vengeance the poison thats pointing the lance

And dont forget discord and chaos my friend

The endless disaster creates till the end

The old ones will chant

While the lunatics rant

And finally the cosmic will starts to bend

Out of the dark sterile cold place they come

Unmasking creation igniting the sum

For only a fires

Pure funeral pyre

Can undo the damage that humans have done

Its becoming so clear that I start to see

Thought after thought murderous decree

In darkness entombed

In the goats fertile womb

Confused by realities nightmares and dreams

And suddenly knowing the things I must do

Awakening carcass rises out of the blue

Ascend to the light

From the deep of the night

To feed the men madness and cannibal stew

Come children come rise ye all from your graves

All you whos spirit the Christ wouldnt save

The solstice moon shines

And the stars are aligned

And titans imprisoned escape from their cage

With fury and vengeance earth vibrates with force

Cascadian rupture brings thunderbird forth

Old terrible thing

Takes a merciless wing

Intent on resuming a fight from before

The undead and cast out assemble in droves

Ripping to pieces the flesh and the souls

No chance of escape and

You writhe as you wait

For the judgment of Jesus such ignorant fools

Time stretches out so seconds are days

Mind becomes twisted and anxious and frayed

Screaming in vain

But death wont stop the pain

Destiny calls you to ever decay

The hordes of my faithful show disciplined skill

Brilliant and gracefully chasing the thrill

To snatch the last breath

As a soul screams for rest

The trophy for those sparking new ways to kill


© Copyright 2020 Joseph Pizzarella. All rights reserved.

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