Lady Tuna In Love (Continued)

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Continuation of "Lady Tuna In Love".

Submitted: March 03, 2015

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Submitted: March 03, 2015



Mr.Beaner & 2T2 started shooting at Hubba Dula,but it
didn't phase him.Hubba Dula knocked 2T2 out of the way as he grabbed
Mr.Beaner by the neck with both hands,shaking him violently...

"AAAAAAAAH!!!You leave Mr.Beaner alone,you Fat Fucker!"

FiFi screamed,as she jumped on Hubba Dula's back,trying
to pull him off Mr.Beaner...

"Get off me,you skinny bitch!"

He smacked FiFi off himself,and continued to shake Mr.
Beaner until he passed out.


"Lady Tuna,we have received a transmission from the
Booty Hunters.They've captured Mr.Beaner,and his companions."

Her commander informed her...

"Excellent!Tell them to take Mr.Beaner to Tunakian Space!
I shall rendezvous with them shortly!Tee,hee,hee!"

Lady Tuna turns towards Chaknee...

"Chaknee,have restraints installed in my bed for Mr.Beaner's

"What about Captain Flablicker?" Chaknee reminded her...

"Oh,right!I forgot about that Bitch!Tee,hee,hee!Open a
"Ah,Captain Flablicker.It appears our altercation is now
over.We have Mr.Beaner in our custody,and he is now in Tunakian Space.
He is no longer any concern of yours.Any attempt to enter our territory
to retrieve him would be considered an act of war.I strongly suggest that
you return to Coo Coo Space with your tail between your legs,or in your
case,your imaginary penis!Tee,hee,hee!

"Why you rotten ass slut!I'll get you,Honey!"

An angry Captain Flablicker threatened...

"Perhaps another time & place,Captain.Until then,have a
nice day.Tee,hee,hee!"

Lady Tuna flashed her tits,and winked at her before ending
her transmission.The Tunatra turned away from the Meata Balla,and headed
towards Tunakian Space.


Lady Tuna was rolling around in her bed,kicking her legs up
in the air with excitement when Chaknee walked in...

"We have arrived at the rendezvous point,Your Naughtiness."

"Oh,goody!Me can't believe it!Mr.Beaner is mine!He's all
mine to lick,to love,and to squeeze,Chaknee!TO SQUEEZE!!!"

A thrilled Lady Tuna gleefully shouted,as she grabbed
Chaknee by the arms,and squeezed him hard...

"Ouch!You're hurting me!" Chaknee cried out...

"Oh,come on,Chaknee!Let's go see my love,Mr.Beaner!Tee,hee,hee!"

Lady Tuna skipped out of her room like a little girl.


When Lady Tuna & Chaknee arrived at the landing hub,they
could hear the echoes of FiFi's screaming,and Mr.Beaner yelling all over
the place.The Booty Hunters came in dragging Mr.Beaner,2T2,FiFi,and
Herbert by the arm.Downey Dula Chipmunkia was holding a platter full of
FiFi's meatball & mashed potato mixture...

"Eh,let go of me,you fat Dookyheads!" Mr.Beaner shouted...

"Ooh,look Chaknee? Mr.Beaner came for a visit.Isn't that
sweet of him?Tee,hee,hee!"

The Booty Hunters let go of their arms,and stood behind
Lady Tuna,and Chaknee.Lady Tuna casually walks up to Herbert Hinzburgh...

"Chaknee,who is this?"

Lady Tuna asked,pointing at Herbert...

"Uh,I really don't know.They found him on the ship."

"HI!" Herbert loudly shouted at her.Lady Tuna jumped back,
and did a double take.She then walked towards 2T2...

"What's this trash can doing here,Chaknee?"

"It's not a trash can,Your Filthiness.It's Mr.Beaner's
Clausin droid."

"Who are you calling a trash can,you Organi Bitch?!"

2T2 snapped at her...

"I'm calling you one,and don't take that tone with me!
You just might end up as scrap metal!"

Lady Tuna pushed 2T2 with her finger.She walks over to
FiFi,and gloats at her.FiFi gives her a dirty glare...

"So,Mr.Beaner,this is your new girlfriend? Ooh,how nice!
Tee,hee,hee!And what nice perky round titties she has!"

The Booty Hunters giggle in the background...

"Eh,you leave my darling FiFi alone,you nasty,dirty space
slut!" Mr.Beaner barked...

"Tisk,tisk,Mr.Beaner.Is that anyway to speak to your
"Old flame?!What is she talking about Mr.Beaner?"

FiFi was befuddled...

"Oh,you didn't know,FiFi? Oh,that's right!You were thrown
out of Mr.Beaner's divorce proceedings for disrupting the court.So,I
guess you didn't hear my testimony about me,and Mr.Beaner being OLD LOVERS!"

"Lovers?!Oh,Mr.Beaner how could you?!"

"Eh,you filthy fookin' liar!You forced yourself on me that
one night at the palace,like you did to Wilhelmina!"

"Wilhelmina was mine,until you two ran off together,and
stabbed me in the back!Now I plan to proceed with what I wanted to do
the night I became ruler of Tunakia,by marrying you,and making you my
"Eh,no!No I won't do it!"

"Me had a feeling that you would resist my proposal,
perhaps a little persuasion will change your mind!...GUARDS!"

Two guards entered the room...

"Take FiFi,and the other two rejects away!I want them
to be executed,and their bodies thrown into the fuckin' shit disposal,
right now!"
"Eh,NO!!!Not my precious FiFi!Eh,I'll do it!I'LL DO IT!"

Mr.Beaner pleaded to Lady Tuna...

"Do what? Me want to hear it from your very own thin lips,
Mr.Beaner? Tee,hee,hee!" Lady Tuna teased him...

"Eh,I'll...I'll marry you.Please spare FiFi's life!"

Mr.Beaner hesitated,and gave into Lady Tuna...

"Oh,that's a good Mr.Beaner.I accept your marriage proposal!
"NO,MR.BEANER!NO!!!" FiFi screamed out...

"Eh,FiFi I have no choice!This is all my fault!I made a
big boo boo when I bought that stupid ship!"

"Don't blame yourself,Mr.Beaner!It's that ugly whore's
fault!" FiFi pointed her finger at Lady Tuna...

"Tee,hee,hee!My fault?" Lady Tuna was amused...

"Yes,you horrible slut!I hate you!HATE YOU!I hope your
pussy rots off,and a rat runs off with it!"

FiFi screamed at her.Lady Tuna relished FiFi's anger...

"Oh,goody!Give into your hate FiFi,and let it fester!
Lady Tuna turned her attention to the platter of mashed
potatoes with meatballs embedded in it...

"Chaknee,what the fuck is that shit on that platter?"

Chaknee walked over to Lady Tuna for a better look...

"I really don't know what that is? You have to ask one
of the Booty Hunters,your Highness."

"We found that crap floating around inside Mr.Beaner's
ship,so we collected it for your amusement,Lady Tuna."

Hubba Dula told her...

"Me not amused,but rather confused by it,Fat Ass!"

Lady Tuna growled...

"Why don't you ask Mr.Beaner what it is?"

Chaknee interjected...

"Oh,good idea!What's that pile of shit on that platter?"

Lady Tuna asked Mr.Beaner...

"Eh,for your information,FiFi made it for my din din!"

"Oh,she cooks things? Maybe she'll be useful to us after

2T2 turned around sharply to reveal a round hole on his
lower back side,when something that looked like a TURD popped out of it,
and landed on the floor.A look of surprise came over her face...

"I say Chaknee? Did that robot just took a shit on me
"I believe he did?"

The turd exploded into a thick heavy brown cloud that
smelled like strong concentrated shit.It engulfed the entire room.
Everyone was coughing,gagging,and blinded by the pungent cloud.Mr.Beaner
grabbed Lady Tuna,and slammed her into the pile of mashed potatoes.He
and the others then made a run for the Pelican...


Workers in the observation deck stopped what they were
doing when they heard FiFi screaming.They looked down below on the platform
to find her,Mr.Beaner,Herbert,and 2T2 running to the Pelican.They ran up
the ramp,and closed the door...

"Keep in mind that we don't have any gravity,or weapons,
but there are ways we can tear their asses up." 2T2 told them...

"Eh,gotcha!FiFi,and Herbert strap yourselves in.We're
gonna teach Lady Tuna a lesson!"

Mr.Beaner told them as he fired up the engines.When the
brown smoke cleared.Lady Tuna,and the Booty Hunters headed for the
landing hub to find her guards running away from something.A few of them
were on fire...
"What the fuck is going on?!"

Lady Tuna shouted when she heard explosions,and the sound
of things being smashed to pieces.Lady Tuna ran in closer to find the
Pelican crashing into things,and destroying the Booty Hunters'ships.It
also damaged the interior structure of the hub itself.Sparks,and fires
were everywhere from exposed wire cables.Lady Tuna began to worry...

"What the fuck is that crazy old bastard doing?!"

Lady Tuna shouted out.Mr.Beaner could see her,Chaknee,
and the Booty Hunters standing in front of the Pelican yelling at them.
He wasn't finished with them yet...

"Eh,2T2? Let's take this ship,and ram it up their hinnies!
I hope we hit that bitch!"

"Sounds like a great idea."

2T2 agreed.Lady Tuna jumped back against the Booty Hunters
when the Pelican came flying at them,busting through some pipes...


Lady Tuna screamed.She,and the Booty Hunters ran down
the platform screaming with the Pelican fast on their heels...


"I'm running as fast as I can!"

Everyone moved to the side when the Pelican stopped at
the end of the platform...

"Eh,I think we made our point!Back the Pelican up 2T2,
and let's try to get out of here!"

Mr.Beaner ordered...

"Reversing propulsion engines."

The Pelican backed up causing some metal beams & light
fixtures to come crashing down,blocking the doorway.Lady Tuna,Chaknee,
and the Booty Hunters were trapped...


Lady Tuna jumped up & down,having a shit fit tantrum to
the point of being in tears.


Mr.Beaner & 2T2 were trying to find a way out of the
"Look up there,Mr.Beaner?"

Mr.Beaner looked up to see a huge skylight on the landing
hub ceiling...
"Eh,you think the Pelican can crash through there?"

"If we use the full thrust of the Hyper Coo Coo engines
we can."
"Eh,ooh!Oh,yes do it,2T2!Get us the fook out of here,and
away from that nasty Lady Tuna!"

The Pelican lifted up in a vertical position.With full
thrusts of it's engines,the Pelican launched itself like a rocket,
crashing through the shattered clear panels.Everything in the landing
hub was sucked out into space.The debris blocking Lady Tuna was also
sucked out,and the emergency door slammed shut to protect her,and the
"Well,it looks like we're stuck here for awhile."

Chaknee commented...

"Well,goody!Now you can't run & hide when I slap the shit
out of you!"
Lady Tuna started slapping Chaknee around.The Booty Hunters
stood by,and laughed at them...

"Ouch!Stop it!That hurts,you rotten Bitch!"

"Bitch?!That does it,Chaknee!You're gonna get it!"

The Pelican arrived at the border of Tunakian Space,and
were heading home...

"You do realize that you have to turn yourself in?"

2T2 reminded Mr.Beaner...

"Eh,yes,but I rather deal with Captain Flablicker than
that awful Lady Tuna."

"FiFi,and Herbert sat in the background with stiff blank
expressions on their faces.Their hair was puffed out,because of no
gravity on the ship.


Lady Tuna moped around her bedroom.She was still upset
over the fact that she had Mr.Beaner in her grasp,and lost him just as
easily.Everything fell apart for her afterwards.Suddenly,she jumped up
from a loud "GONG"...

"Enter!" She shouted.Sammymede came in with a smile on
his face...
"What is it,Sammymede?"

"Come with me,my Mistress.I have something to show you
outside that I think you will like."

Without a word,Lady Tuna followed him out to the balcony
of the royal courtyard...

"Well,what is it that you wanted to show me? Are you
gonna catapult some Bee Bees to skeet shoot?"

"Oh,no.Nothing simple like that.Just keep your eye on
the horizon."

Lady Tuna watched the skies,when she noticed something
big,and round rising from the surface of the skyline...

"What's that?"

She wondered.When the moonlike object ascended in the
sky,she could see a face on it that resembled her own.From space two
massive bumpy spheres with glowing centers of concentrated Eroshina
energy emerged on each side of the object,attaching themselves to
look like her hair puffs,and to create a Tri-Boo Boo Matrix to allow
it to travel through Coo Coo Space.Lady Tuna's slanted eyes widened,
and her frown had turned upside down to form a smile...

"It's your new space station.So powerful,no one in the
Funkoo Galaxy will fuck with you!This is the last stage of your plans
of supreme domination called PROJECT TUNA STAR.Do you like,my Mistress?
Do you like?"
"TEE,HEE,HEE!YES,I LIKE!" Lady Tuna was ecstatic...

"Can we go there now,Sammymede?"

"Yes,of course!It's all yours!You can do anything you
want there,even piss on the floors to mark your territory."

"Excellent!Go fetch Chaknee,and have him pack my bags!
I'm gonna take a tour of that monstrosity!Tee,hee,hee!"

All charges against Mr.Beaner were dropped when 2T2
provided the Coo Coo,Cumbus,Clausin Council with data on the Tunakians
that he collected when he was on board the Tunatra,including their



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