Cold War Thriller (Work in Progress)

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A cold war thriller I was fooling around with, I have the general plot line all filled out, but I haven't gotten around to writing it yet.

Submitted: December 09, 2011

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Submitted: December 09, 2011



Plot: June 9th, 1961. The United States and the Soviet Union have both been in a state of Cold War for ten years now. Germany has been split in two by the unforgiving Soviet Army. Intellectuals trapped in the East have sought many means to be extracted from this hostile zone. This is the story of James Cooper, a young and upcoming CIA Field Agent; Dr. Fredrick Vanshtien, a German professor of Newton Physics, who has sought the CIA's help in relocating him AND his family; Mark Gilford, James Intelligence gatherer; and KGB Agent Nikolai Vitanya.



James Cooper – (Description) Physically fit ; light brown wavy hair ; tall and wiry ; dresses like a banker | (Personality) Duty driven ; ruthless in his job but has pity ; strong emotions [sometimes blinds him] ; paranoid ; intelligent ; brave ; [Animal] Wolf |


Mark Gilford – (Description) Out of shape ; sleek black hair ; average build ; short ; wears plain things ; glasses | (Personality) Selfish ; cunning ; intelligent ; greedy ; vengeful ; cowardly ; [Animal] Fox |


Fredrick Vanshtien – (Description) Average build ; brown scraggly hair ; average height ; glasses | (Personality) Strong willed and determined ; Paranoid ; fearful ; highly intelligent ; [Animal] Grey Hound |


Nikolai Vitanya – (Description) Strong ; Large Build ; shaved head ; six foot ; always dressed in proper military attire | (Personality) Duty Driven ; Ruthless ; Everything is black or white, no in between ; average intelligence ; fearless ; cunning ; brave ; [Animal] German Shepard |























  • ACT I


    • Scene i

[Scenery] Stage darkens. Spotlight on solitary table with two men standing on either side. One man standing back from the light, other man is James Cooper standing with hands on the table.


(Mysterious Man) - We have a new assignment for you Coop


(James) - I hope its not another South Africa. The sun down there is unbearable.


(Mysterious Man) - Not this time. This time its different, an easy in and out. Its all here in the file.


(Internal Monologue: James) - I remember that day, when the Director called me into the briefing room and told me about the assignment. It had been June 9th, 1961, a few days before the erection of the Berlin Wall. I was supposed to sneak into East Berlin, find some doctor scientist or whatnot, and get him and his family out of there. He made an agreement with the CIA ; his freedom from Soviet Oppression, in exchange for his assistance in making bombs. I don't know why, but every time I stepped into that dark room, I felt nervous. Kinda like when



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