The Man who's Wealth was not of Gold

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This here is a short story I have been working on, and plan to return to.

Submitted: December 09, 2011

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Submitted: December 09, 2011



Lawrence Albee Riverton sat one Sunday afternoon in his flat above the hustle and bustle of 22nd Street in San Diego. Although to call this particular Sunday anything but rainy would be a short lived comment indeed, for the weather outside Lawrence Albee Riverton's house resembled more of a monsoon. He was uncertain if God simply wished to ruin such a beautiful day, or if it was a personal attack on himself for bettering the busy bee's of his office floor, particularly his supervisor; one Albert Lyons Sr. The miserable twit was less than pleasurable on his best days, and on those rare occasions he arrived at the office in a miserable mood, Riverton would have his eardrums popped by the grumbling old gizzard for the smallest of things; correcting the spelling of his co-workers, improving the grammar of the business letters sent frequently around the office. If if wasn't for Riverton the entire company would be falling into disrepair, till it finally caved under the pressures of big business. As a secretarial supervisor, it was Riverton's duty to better the workplace. If only Lyons would realize that. Each morning, with only a single grunt, Riverton would make his way out of bed, into his work clothes, onto the bus for his daily commute and finally to the office by eight o'clock.


Today however was a different day, with the rain pouring down atop his head, he noticed that the bus was nowhere to be seen, and the rain poured from the sky with such tenacity that the droplets of rain hitting Albert's coat stung his arm. Fearing pneumonia Albert sought shelter inside the vestibule used by passengers waiting for the bus.

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