1-17-13. Father deserves to be put away.

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My father needs to be put away, in my opinion.

Submitted: January 18, 2013

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Submitted: January 18, 2013



This happend 01-17-13 mid afternoon, i dont know how it may of started, but i want to know the ending to my story. This is actually all True from my POV.

On the phone with my girlfriend after a nap, I hear
screaming, I walk into the kitchen, my brothers back
slammed into the bathroom doorway, my brother clasping my
father into a chokehold, unaware of what happend, I
standthere, my father pretends he is talking on the phone
with the Police Dept. He gives them the address and
names, I ask for the phone, he gives to me, (lie #1) I
hit redial, its some 367~ number. I put the phone across
the kitchen on its charger. I exploit his lie making it
clear that he was not being honest, 2 mins later, finally
my brother releases him, making it clear he was not going
to kill him, my brother walks away. Father walks up to
him, i slide the chair in the doorway, my father runs his
mouth " this is my house, I leave if I want to, dont tell
me what to do" brother throws cup of fresh water on
father, telling him irratateley, to get out and stop
talking shit, my father walks over to the phone, me and
my brother, calmly stand in the kitchen. My dad (lie #2
incoming) he dials the numbers ( 9 1 ) and its just
streaming, wasting talk-time, as my brother and tell him
calmly he needs to leave the house, he repeats himself
over and over of how "fucking retarded" and
dysfunctional" we both are.[i'm not into the fight scene
yet] He holds his fist up to my brothers face, and tells
him he'd better shut the fuck up or.... I get in between
and yell just get the fuck out of the house,(no punches
were thrown), I snatch the phone and see only 91 was
being called I ask him why did you only called 91 and not
911, he says he would of if Michael (brother) didnt punch
him or had him in the head lock, (i begin to get mad)
telling him to shut the fuck up, reacknowledging him I
put the phone on the charger, and he did not punch him at
all after. He hesitates knowing Im catching him in lie
after lie, He's in my room door way now, I step closer,
and closer me and him on the back porch, i say (after he
is telling him how much of a complete dumbass I am) to
stop yelling and getting silava all over my face and my
pajamas , so I cover his mouth with my hand, He visously
shoves me back, my brother stands at the door
withnessing, with Dylan (our friend) I get my self back
together, I take a step down and before I could say get
the efff.. I see his face turn red, he aqueezes his fist
tight, screaches at the top of his lungs "SHUT THE FUCK
UP" while He swings for my temple, he misses by just a
hair, hitting me in the bone in my face behind my right
eye brow, lust in his eyes, his mind at the level of
insanity, all that build up, released on me. he runs out
about 8ft into the grass, taunting me, ready to kill me,
unfornunently for him, I was not unconsious, I was
letting my temper flow, now standing there, I see
neighboors come into our yard, I see my brother run out
with a broom, my dad, sprints towards the magic room
(shed like home where my dad sleeps/office/does crap in)
where I chase after him,putting my left leg in the
doorway, He screams "what the fuck are you doing". I flip
off his light switch, He turns them on, grabbing on to my
arm, twisting it around the door and trying to snap it
while twisting it up side down, my brother stampedes the
door, kicking it, braking a panel of wood from the bottom
left, self subconsiously wanting in the back of my mind
for him to place a real call to the Police, while in a
arm lock, I slowly lose all blood sirculation in my leg.
I look on his countertop and shelf, seeing razor blades,
lighters, lighter fluid, and what looked to be CO2 or
nitrogen cartriges, I know him entapping me in the door
will give him just enough time to light something up, i
look back up not seeing one of the razor blades, my arm
(one being twisted, left) I feel the cold rust of
something griding down my arm, sharp,(may have been the
razor blade, i could not tell) He enraged again (#2/4) I
look down and try to pull out my leg, I see what looks to
be the handle of an Axe, or a Hammer, jabbing me
constantley over and over at my foot, knowing while i
tried to break away, he saw I was trying to break free,
almost loose, He slams his body against the door, I hold
in a squeal, in my head begging God for mercy, by then my
main goal was to just get away, Michael trying to get
through the hole in the door he made, my father kicks him
rapidly, my brother, not going in for a kill but just to
help me get out of this misery my father is putting me
through, Dylan says come out here and fight me,im 18 and
if you are going to hit your own son (a minor) then why
dont u fight me you pussy!!! my father says, get off my
property, and get out of my business ( neighboors,
cousin/mom on the way ) ( everyone knew what was
happening, saying get out of my business knowing nearly
10+ people were watching him abuse my leg, and
emotionally scar my inner will, Helpless I start pushing
shit off his shelfs thinking to myself how i could get
him to walk away for a quarter of a second, he yelled
your breaking 500$ worth of my shit, at that time i had
nearly a second to get away, I try but the skin on my leg
is sagging down, skin was cold, barely any blood flow,i
knew id need assisstance getting out, he quickly (enrage
#3 begins now) Slams the door nearly closing it all the
way while my leg was still wedged in there, crushing me,
He knew we were defenseless, still screaming scrambled
Anger, saying how he hates us, wishing kids were never
born, praying we'd burn in Hell, that he could not wait
for that day to come, Tears uncontrollabley drenched my
cheeks, I say in a calm voice, " Dad, I loved you, i just
wanted to prevent drama, why are you doing this,?" he
screams SHUT THE FUCK UP!!! (see his eyes move right to
left) (enrage #4) I turn my head seeing my mom rushing
over to me in her work uniform, i see my cousin glancing
from over the pool, my brother backs off the door,my
father (while enraged) is slamming his body countless
times against the door, my father(still enraged) is
slamming his body countless times against the door
saying" this is all your fucking fault" my mom screams
STOP!!!, he peaks out at her, my mom tugging on me,
crying, she notices my leg caught and said something like
let go, or release the door or..something? he finally
after one last slam, pulled just a centimmeter towards
himself, i collaspe, dylan catches me, he helped lay me
down to a outdoor nearby table, I ignore all the
screaming, feeling each heartbeat stimulate though out my
left side of my body. I encounter a brutal anziexty
attack, only hearing dylan say take deep breathes, and
that its going to be ok, limping I walk to the house,
Dylan and Mike escorted me with sad yet, terrifed faces.
I lay down on the bed, my mom is walking to the house
when you hear my father scream i want a divorse and this
is how you raised your children ( after he said divorce-
she respond- before he told her what kind of mother she
is) even though she went back to work 4 years ago so we
wouldnt lose the house, i lovee my mom and without her,
Id commite suicide living with my father, in my room,
laying there, cooling down, mom gets me an ice pack, and
said get dressed, you are going with Jimmy(cousin that
showed up) to his house, he's taking you to school
tomarrow, they get out of the room, I grab some clothes,
a bag and before changing I call Shannon( most amazing
girlfriend in the world, I <3 her) i tried to tell her
(while still in the anziexty attack, " theres no time to
explain [talking in a whimper/sad voice, very dry] I dont
know how this will turn out, I just wanted tell you that
I love you, and I want you to always know that" i knew
she couldn't understand me but I had to get those words
off my chest. I change my shirt only to see a red like
rashy textures strip on both my shoulders. I showed my
mom in the kitchen, she looks at me, and says we need to
get you away from him (him = father, implied) as we turn
to see him speed off in his van. After changing and
drinking water, the anziexty fades out, I have all my
stuff and exam review packets for school, the following
day. I look into my moms eyes and told her I loved her,
meanwhile giving her a hug. Jimmy and I are driving away when
a concerned neighboor walks up to the window, saying he
saw the after math of the situation, and advising us to
tell my mom she should fill out a report,and get a
restraining order or she can be charged with child
neglect, he looks over at me, tells me no minor should
have to go through that, and that he feels sorry for me.
i silently thank him as we continue driving, I look back
at my house knowing that after what had happend today,
there will only be Peace in the future.

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