Rape, Point of View.

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Please just read my profile summary to get a better understanding of why i wrote this.

Submitted: January 03, 2013

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Submitted: January 03, 2013




This story is about something thats been on my mind for a while, I Swear its not a Plan or a Fantasy, just something i had the terminology to write and its Very Graphic, please im not trying to hurt anyones feeling if uve been in the situation, im just expressing my writing abilities, and im 16 years of age.



As midnight awaits us, I burrow in these bushes of waiting for your presense, I see you seperated from the one you love, streaming down the sidewalk, chill in the air, I sense in security in your movement. I seek you, walking around distractions, getting closer, I see fear lusting through your eyes, Your smooth gentle, invulnerable body, pacing across these uncontrollable streets of depression, as sadness lurks through the air, I see you pulling out your cellphone, despritly wanting someone to save you. I embrace,enarage, I cover your mouth, pulling your will, tugging your throat, together between buildings, I grab your body, pulling you through a steel rusted door. Closing the door, you're squeal sounds like the rust scraping together, knowing I was home. 
Struck, by your attempt to break away from my unforgivable sin, I slam the door behind us, tossing out the last bit of hope you have on my bed. Tearing through your clothes with my finger nails, I grab your arms, hearing you screach for help, there was no one out there, you are a hopeless cause. Reviling what lies underneath my pants, I use force, injecting you with something I knew you could not handle. Visously thrusting your body I sacrificing my own innocense, to ruin yours. Your heart racing, mind begging God for mercy, Knowing you wouldn't live another day being yourself. Blood drizzles down your vagina for filling the sheets. Leaving traces of an unforgetable memory that would follow you rest of everyday you may live.
Tears stream down your cheeks, relizing what I did way before I started, was wrong, there was no way of going back now, holding you in arms as your anzixty stuck you, you're hand accidentially striking me, I Enrage. My childhood memories of my father leaving me un consous on the floor, feeling as I did those days, I open my eyes, taking myself out of you. I go to the closet. Futuristickly thinking of myself in prison, I scream at you, asking you if you want me to go through that shit !!? You don't say anything. I pull from a shoebox, a gun. Adrenaline rushing though my inner will, my finger on the trigger, seperating you from Life or Death. I take one last look at you, pulling the trigger, sharp bullet scworming through my brain, I see my life pass by me, dropping dead. Myself confidence told me to whats right. Knowing as I lay here dead, you have a chance to breakaway, I was the only person stopping you from having Hope in your life. You passionatley look through the window at the night skys knowing, somewhere on this Earth... There is Hope.
Im sorry for not being the best speller in the world, but most words should be easy to figure out.

Ive just read the Terms and Conditions, and if Booksie.com feels the need to takedown my short story, Please feel free, im not fighting :) .

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