dancers on the wall

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Dancing with the rhythm of the fire

Submitted: January 04, 2012

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Submitted: January 04, 2012





The two silohouttes roll back and forth against the wall. The shadows of the lovers are joined in the darkness with which they lay against the wall. Their movements are fluid, almost so perfect that the shape takes on a motion similar to that of gentle rolling waves. As the passion fills the air, and the wine takes hold, the dance becomes exotic and tantric. They are moving, slowly, caressing each other. Their eyes have been locked, staring into each others souls. The stare that they share can melt steel, and the fire that is felt between them is so strong that they seem to have molded into one being. The dance that they have lasts for hours. Their motions become so intertwined that they seem to be two separate flames now joined into one. They move all night long, until the sun rises, and the fire that was casting their shadows dies down. Their motions have not slowed though. they are holding each other, just swaying now. There unclothed bodies dont allow them to be any closer than they are at this point. He takes her hand, and they walk to the window overlooking the mountains. The Sun slowly turns the sky from gray to blue, and as it rises over the Mountains, they realize they havent slept or even though about letting go.



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