The last embers...

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The campfire

Submitted: January 04, 2012

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Submitted: January 04, 2012




The last embers from the fire went out as the sun rose over the lake around 4:45 in the morning. The sun was probably about 10 minutes from rising and the sky was turning orange and pink. The smells in the air were so mixed. The smell of the cold spring lake smelled like the muddy dirty water that filled it. The fire was letting off some steam that had the faintest of hints of the beer that must have most recently been poured out on top of it. The shirt I was wearing... It smelled like her. Now, for the first time, he realized she was gone. That smell was the only thing that made him realize last night was not a dream. She was real, and what they had was just as real.

He stood up. Barefoot, he searches the blanket for his sandals. The last time he remembered wearing them, he was dancing with her. All he could remember was the sand getting in his toes and trying not to be so uncomfortable that it ruined their rythym. He looked to the side of the fire where the music was coming from. Last night it was playing soft love songs, but now it sat quiet. Sitting equally quiet right next to that Ipod were his sandals. He scratched his head, sighed, and walked over to them. He smacked them together to get the sand out of them, and place on each foot. He started walking towards the main house, all the lights were out, except the kitchen light. He could see her leaning against the counter.

The door was open on the side of the house, and the old aluminum screen door didnt latch. He gently pulled the handle and the door opened without making a sound. She saw his shadow enter the room before he actually did, and she turned, with a worried smile on her face. He was confused. What had happened in the two hours that they slept next to each other on that lakeside beach? Something was very wrong. She was crying at some point. She had obviously not been sleeping.

He slowly walked over to her. Her perfume smelled so much better coming from her warm skin. She wore it so naturally that it seemed to just be her smell. She turned and put her lower back to the edge of the counter. She was tall, Her lips would fall on his neck in 3,2,1.... And they embraced. She loved his smell. Loved his masculinity. Loved his hair.

How did they feel this strongly for each other. They only met 19 hours ago. The day had begun as a weekend getaway. Everyone had arrived at the house around 9 am, and there were two groups of friends merged at this party. He was 32, she was almost 30. She was a friend of the to bride, he the friend of the would be husband. The party began as people walked in the house for everyone else, but the party didnt matter to us. We were the only people left in the world. We fell in love within seconds of meeting, and we both knew it. He was ripped back to reality when she asked him if it was real. Could they really be soul mates. Neither had believed in that garbage. They had never believed in love at first sight.


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