My Mirror view of life V2

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This is da verse2 stil for da Sai usual da words written in capital letters are the rhymes - Josephicated

Submitted: December 31, 2014

A A A | A A A

Submitted: December 31, 2014



If SMILE was OXYGEN by now I PROBADLY DID be DEAD AND FORGOTTEN/ I TRY not to let the WORST BEGIN but the results be WEIRD AND DISGUISTING/ I dont wanna be here when da WARS BEGIN even if Im SCARED OF NOTHING/ I KEEP HUNTING for THE TRUTH though I cant AIM PROPERLY/ so when I CREEP through THE BUSH I stay under the HATE GRASS and TAKE A GLANCE at the HIDDEN CAREFULLY/ and START SCHEMIN to ATTRACT CHILDREN,ATTACK VILLAINS WITH THICK DARK FEELINGS/ then I BRING IN a SMART REASON with a HARD MEANING THAT I AINT REVEALING nd I be CONQUERING/ If you can SEPERATE da TRUTH FROM THE LIES/ If you dont EAT THE FRUIT AND YOUR WISE/ If can be badder than OZZAI but like Aang you wont let you FOES DIE and serves da MOST HIGH/ then yur seeing through my EYES and we've gat the same SHOE SIZE/ then you did like the RULE'S I FOLLOW/and see the SORROWS HIDDEN IN TOMORROW/ forget the JEWELS COZ I KNOW if I CHOOSE to AIM for FAME I did hit the BULLS-EYES/ in this world da dead screamin we FEEL SO ALIVE/ come see through my MIRROR VIEW OF LIFE.

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