A Circle With a Start and Finish

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This piece is very abstract, but to me it has its gems. It's a reflection, however vaguely, of my thoughts concerning the circle that life and its events seem to take.

Submitted: August 04, 2007

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Submitted: August 04, 2007



.In The Beginning

These forsaken words in time

Still spinning in the silence of our shattered hearts

And this bitter taste of beauty is foul in my mouth

Unwanted, unrequited to the depths of this own Hell

I will always Be.

Shallow breaths indication of this state of mind

A conflict of mine

Swirl, twirl, whirl in this expanse of time.

Reason is abandoned in the hearts of the loyal

Insanity is for those blind enough to see

Love was a river in the East

Poison, blood, tears.

This is who we have become.

A sketch

Of a masterpiece forgotten

And in conclusion, we are forsaken

In The End.

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