My Eulogy for the World

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Sometimes, it seems as if I am the only one who believes that modern society is taking the place of all the good in the world.

Submitted: August 04, 2007

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Submitted: August 04, 2007



This is my only, my heartfelt apology

For the world broken by the tears and pain

A million children crying

For the ones left who can't be saved

And this is my eulogy

Based on your stupidity

For feeling life can be thrown away

Videotape his last moments, and see them again before your eyes

In a courtroom much less friendly.

And this is my reason for the treason I live in

My cover-up for your screw-up on life.

Maybelline makes it what it may seem

And now he's dead, and so is the dream

He's one in the million of the thousands in plenty

Who's gone because of your foolish pride

And you cry and scream for the one you lost-

But next week, it happens again.

And this is my eulogy for unbroken happiness

Not like the shards of glass that lie on the carpet

This is my farewell to heartfelt tears of sorrow for others

And not joy that it wasn't you.

This is my eulogy for all that is holy

This is my eulogy for the world.

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