So Rarely We Are Contradicted

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I believe hypocrisy is a disease.

Submitted: August 03, 2007

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Submitted: August 03, 2007



this is the moment that has been

singing inside your skin,

it has pulled you in with its

punch-drunk filled desires

laced with lovely words and

brimming with false hopes for real things

this is the moment that has been

happening for years, a constant shift

towards grace and beauty, or so we all supposed

before the fall of all these things like

truth and happenstance and faith

after all, it is simply an opening

of old eyes to new lies

"a cultural let-down,"

or so you said as you

stirred your starbucks coffee in your trendy sweater

pursed your lovely lips and really

all i could do was agree

"we are losing ourselves,"

you told me while we

sat in the dimly-lit bar

tossing your hair with a hint of arrogance

i thought quietly-- maybe it is only you

who is losing anything at all

since that implies that there is something

left for us to find, besides

you cannot miss a thing

you never really had

but i did not voice these things because

the light was red and looked so lovely

with the color of your hair

and i was distraced by the neon sign

that hung above our heads, flashing


whenever we tried to speak.

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